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Celtics Aren’t Guaranteed A Ring Just Yet July 31, 2007

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With the recent acquisition of Kevin Garnett, the Celtics have finally started moving in the right direction.  Attendance, wins, and overall team morale will definately be up next season.  It’s a very safe bet that the Celts will make the playoffs next season.  However, there are pros and cons to every situation:


  • The Celts now have a very deadly offensive squad with Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett. With Garnett getting double and sometimes trippled team in the post (hopefully, he’ll be in the post), Allen and Pierce will have some great looks, especially from three point range. Allen and Pierce both get points in bunches and have the ability go for forty any given night.

  • After years of losing, these three guys are very hungry to win.  Pierce and Garnett were kind of in the same situation, being that they had no help around them.  Allen’s great performances in the playoffs were last seen when he was with the Bucks.  With this situation right now, you have three great players that are anxious to prove to the critics that they can win.    

  • Garnett, Pierce, and Allen compliment each others games very well.  Garnett, who struggles in clutch situations at times, will be helped out by Pierce and Allen.  Pierce, who sometimes hasn’t shown much leadership in the past, will be helped out by KG.  Allen’s weakness in penetration will be forgotten due to Pierce’s ability to drive to the basket.   

  • In the past, players would’ve rather played overseas than to play for Boston.  Now, with the addition of KG and Allen, more players might consider coming to Boston. (more…)

M.I.A. Quarterback Tim Couch Signs with Jaguars July 31, 2007

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tim-couch.jpgTim Couch, the former #1 draft pick in the 1999 NFL draft recently signed a two year deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Couch has the opportunity to be a back up behind Brian Leftwich.

Couch, who was drafted number one overall by the Cleveland Browns, is one of the biggest busts in NFL history.  In five seasons with the Browns, he threw 64 touchdowns and 67 interceptions.  He last played in the NFL in 2004, with the Greenbay Packers, but was cut  before the start of the season.

I hope this guy is able to somewhat resurrect his career.  He has had one of the worst careers in NFL history. He never looked comfortable running the offense in Cleveland and lacked leadership skills. You may remember way back when he was with the Browns, Couch cried during an interview because the home crowd was booing him after a game.  That alone should have had him banned from the league. 

Professional Sports: What about Those that Never Make It? July 30, 2007

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Every year, the NFL and NBA drafts are televised on ESPN.  Each year, a very small percentage of athletes hear their name called and get to shake the commisioner’s hand in front of family, friends, and millions of fans. Once you step foot on that stage, your life is changed forever. Fame and fortune become synonymous with your name.  The people who have helped the athletes get to this point are taken care of for life. It’s a dream come true.

But what about the athletes that have their dreams put on hold?  What about the athletes that don’t hear their name called?  Instead of relief and joy, they’re filled with grief, embarrassment, and uncertainty about the future. The athlete feels like he has let everyone down, especially those who have helped him get to this point.

Now, comes the road that is not as glorified.  The road that’s not talked about as much. It’s not covered on ESPN, or written about in Sports Illustrated, or hardly ever talked about on radio.  The road that’s seldom talked about is the NBA Development League or the training camps for undrafted players in the NFL.  Your name no longer carries any weight. No one cares about your awards, accolades, and highlights in college.  You’ve become just another number now.

While some of your peers are shooting commercials and signing endorsment deals, you’re playing in small basketball arenas in places like Des Moines, Iowa or busting your butt in a traning camp as a free agent for a coach that doesn’t even know your name.  (more…)

Shaun Livingston’s Road to Recovery July 29, 2007

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Shaun LivingstonIn today’s edition of The Los Angeles Times,  there is an article on the Clippers point guard Shaun Livingston and his tough road to recovery.

Livingston, who’s only 21, suffered the worst knee injury in NBA history 5 months ago, tearing the ACL, MCL, and PCL in his left knee.  The injury which can be seen here, is definately one of the worst injuries I have ever seen, and makes you wince each and every time you view it.

It was surprising to read that Livingston thought it was only a dislocated knee when the injury first occured, thinking he would be back in 4 weeks. The injury was worse than he thought however, when doctors told him that he might have to have part of his left leg amputated.

The test for nerve damage came back negative luckily, and Livingston was able to resume rehab after the surgery was completed.  Now, five months after the injury occured, there is still no jumping or sprinting incorporated in his workouts.  As of right now, he’s just riding a stationary bike and doing lunges from side to side.  Livingston is ahead of schedule however.

livingstons-injured-knee.jpgLivingston is very determined to get back on the court stating, “Not playing again is a scenario that I guess could happen.  Instead of thinking that way though, I’m thinking more about taking my game to new heights.”

I really hope Livingston can fully recover from this injury. This was a horrible situation to endure for a young athlete in the beginning stages of his career. If the injury does slow him down a bit, I don’t think that it will drastically affect Livingston’s game.  He’s a very smart player and a true point guard that doesn’t have to rely on athleticism.  I just hope he gets a chance to prove himself before an organization like the Clippers gives up on him.


Eddie Curry Robbed at Gunpoint in Chicago Home July 28, 2007

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ESPN reports Knicks center Eddie Curry was robbed at gunpoint early Saturday morning in his Chicago surburban home.  The robbers tied up Curry, his family, and an employee in the home and left with cash and jewelry.  No one was injured in the incident.

This is the second case of a NBA player getting robbed in his home by gunpoint.  Miami Heat forward Antoine Walker was robbed at his Chicago home earlier this month.  Walker and a relative were also tied up.  The robbers got away with a car, cash, and jewelry.

This is some crazy news.  Two NBA players robbed at their homes in the same month!  Players are going to have to start watching their backs and hire 24 hour security. These players go out to clubs, bars, and rough neighborhoods all the time.  Yet, they end up getting robbed in their homes?!  You’d think the one place the players would be safe is their own home. Man, these guys in Chicago are ruthless.  MJ better watch out.


Back in the Day: Shawn Kemp July 28, 2007

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Back in the Day, Shawn Kemp was a 6’10”, 225 pound walking highlight reel.  He was one of the premier dunkers in the nineties and arguably one of the best dunkers of all time.  Drafted by the Seattle Supersonics in 1989, Kemp quickly went to work earning the nickname the “Reign Man”.  On any given night, you would see Kemp catch an alley-oop from Gary Payton or posterize someone with one of his signature dunks. 

Sadly, Kemp would go on to get really fat ballooning to 340 pounds and get hooked on cocaine for a brief moment, failing to become the great player everyone thought he would be.  I prefer however, to remember Shawn Kemp how he was Back in the Day.




Your Call: Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu July 27, 2007

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Even though Ed Reed plays Free Safety and Troy Polamalu plays Strong Safety, both are capable of playing either position.  Both Reed and Polamalu are defensive playmakers, they’re both  hard hitters, and both are key components to their teams.  Between the two of them, who would you pick to be your starting Safety?  


Must See: The Best Dunker You’ve Never Heard of July 26, 2007

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This is a highlight video of  European Kadour Ziani.  Standing only 5’11”, Ziani has a 56′ vertical leap.  He’s a professional dunker and part of an European dunking tour group called Slam Nation.  This guy is amazing.

Click here if you want to see more highlights of Kadour Ziani.

Pro Athletes: How to Ruin Your Career in 10 Easy Steps July 25, 2007

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With all the pro athletes constantly getting into trouble these days, it’s almost as if these guys want to throw their careers away.  Well, their prayers have been answered.  All they have to do is just follow these 10 easy steps and their careers are sure to be ruined. These steps are fail proof.  Users of the steps include Terrell Owens, Latrell Sprewell, Stephen Jackson, Pacman Jones, Michael Vick, the Cincinnati Bengals, and Ron Artest.

  1. An Entourage is a Must-Not only does this ensure that more trouble will come your way, but it almost guarantees that someone in your inner circle will not have your best interest in mind.  Your entourage should not only include some of your best friends but also people you really don’t know that well.  An entourage will be one of the biggest reasons why your name will be synonymous with trouble. 

  2. Put the “I” in Team– A personal favorite of Terrell Owens, this will definitely create distractions for the team that you’re on.  All you have to do is put yourself before the team.  It’s that simple.  Feel free to talk bad about your teammates to the media and keep reminding everyone who’s team it is. It’s perfectly fine to tell the coach you don’t feel like practicing and you can even take some plays off in games.  Always remember that your individual stats are more important than the overall success of the team.

  3. In da Club– Being that you’re a well known pro athlete, the best possible place to hang out and relax would be the club.  This also includes bars and the ever popular strip club.  At these type of places, your bound to find money hungry women, drunk guys determined to start a fight, and an occasional shootout. Hang out at these places often, and you’re bound to be on the front page of the local paper.

  4. Carry a Weapon– When you go out, it is important to have a gun on you at all times.  A routine traffic stop for speeding could quickly turn into a pending court date.  If a fight does break out at the club that you always go to, you can then fire the gun in the air alas Steven Jackson. Firing a gun in the air in a large crowd could have heavy consequences seeing as how the bullets come down. Having a weapon at the wrong place at the wrong time will definately hurt your future as a pro athlete.

  5. Banned Substances are O.K.- This is a step that many pro athletes like to follow.  Following this step is sure to cause you a lot of trouble as a pro athlete. Steroids, cocaine, and marijuana are some of the norms but feel free to experiment with others. This will also put your life in jeopardy as well.  Some of the consequences of using controlled substances are suspension, heavy fines, and if you’re really lucky a lifetime ban. (more…)

The Most Devastating Injury in Football: The Torn ACL July 24, 2007

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Tearing the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is definately the most devastating injury in the sport of football.  Tearing an ACL almost  always puts an end to a player’s season and can possibly end their careers.  Some of the most gifted athletes have had their careers put in jeopardy because of this injury.  The injury is more prevelent in the sport of football because players are constantly receiving a lot of contact to their legs. Victims of the injury include Willis McGahee (seen in the video below), Donovan McNabb, and Dante Culpepper.

The ACL is the most important stabilizing ligament in the knee. It’s located in the center of the knee, and it’s main function is to prevent the shin bone sliding forward on the thigh bone.

Tearing of the ACL usually occurs when a player receives a hard hit to the knee while the leg is planted or when a player tries to change direction suddenly. Having a cleat get stuck in the field is also common. There can be a partial or a complete tear to the the ligament.

The treatment and rehab process of the injury is usually long, lasting six to twelve months. Surgey is required and involves replacing the ACL with healthy tissue from another part of the knee.  In some cases, tissue from your hamstring can be used.  After surgery, rehab is needed to get the knee back to full strength.  If rehab is done properly, the injured knee becomes noticeably stronger than it was before. A brace is needed once the player is able to resume play. The brace ensures that the knee will be stabilized during play.

When returning from a knee injury like this, athletes noticeably favor the other knee.  This is due to the fact that they fear hurting the knee again, or there is still some pain and discomfort in the knee. Returning from an injury like this can really test an athlete mentally. Some athletes are never able to return to full strength.  There are a select few however, that come back better than ever.