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Durant Needs to Hit the Weights July 11, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Basketball, NBA, Sports.

kevin-durant.jpgKevin Durant has struggled in his first two summer league games with the Sonics.  He’s shooting a horrible shooting percentage, not grabbing boards, and hasn’t recorded a single assist. 

The reason Durant is struggling is due to his most obvious weakness.  He has no strength.  Standing 6-9 and only weighing a very slender 225, Durant couldn’t even benchpress the standard 185 pounds in the league strength test.

In the Summer league games, this weakness is being exposed.  He’s settling for shots due to the physical play, and not creating like he did with Texas.  To make matters worse, Durant does not have the amazing athletic ability like we’ve seen many high draft picks rely on as a second option.  His jump shot and handle along with the height is what makes him dangerous.  Durant’s athletic ability doesn’t really stand out. 

For Durant to be the force he’s expected to be, he has to get stronger and develop a NBA ready body.  The problem can easily be corrected.  Durant is fundamentally sound, which is a rarity in today’s NBA.  If I were a coach I’d rather have a rookie that lacks strength than have a rookie that lacks the desire to box out.



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