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Mayweather is Still #1 July 12, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Boxing, Sports.

floyd-mayweather-jr.jpgESPN writer Dan Rafael released his top ten pound for pound fighters today, and it’s no surprise that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is at the top.  Mayweather remains undefeated with his most recent victory being against De La Hoya.  De La Hoya didn’t make the top ten but came in at #12. 

Reports have surfaced that Mayweather is coming out of retirement to fight Ricky Hatton after Hatton has been talking a lot of trash about the welterweight champ these days.  Many think this will be a fight that will end with Mayweather winning hands down, but will be a fight that many will pay to see.

Many have also wondered why Mayweather hasn’t shown any interests in fighting Sugar Shane Mosley, who is another fighter that has had some bad things to say about Mayweather.  This seems to be the fight the fans would want to see more and would probably give Mayweather a bigger payday.

Whoever Mayweather fights in the upcoming months, I see Mayweather being unchallenged by both Hattan and Mosely, and once again proving that he just can’t be beat.



1. otoy - September 3, 2007

a very tactical and boring fighter hehehe manny pacquiao should be #1 because he excites people and even people who doesnt like boxing will be glued once they saw pacquiao fights

2. Marquis Chapman - September 4, 2007

Pacquiao is a great fighter. I would love to see him go against Mayweather.

3. sabrina - January 27, 2009

HOT pics n nice abs

4. Susi - May 18, 2009

personally, i love mayweather. i’ve seen all of his fights plus he is so cute.!

5. SHELL-SHELL - September 29, 2009


6. lito bernardo - December 14, 2009

you’re such a loser123123

7. what are you on about: - February 7, 2010

may weather isnt boring hes a tactition he slowly picks away at his opponents with that great accuracy he posses mixed with his speed, obviously you dont understand a great deal about boxing because if you did you would see that he is a great boxer and not at all boring and would understand what he does (40 wins 0 loses 25 KO)
paciquio is a good fighter but is a brawler mayweather is a true boxer!!! he knows how to move around the ring defend an when to throw his punches whilst, and is also able to keep on the outside which takes huge dedication. You can’t call mayweather rubbish if so id like to see you do better.

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