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Dante’s Inferno July 18, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in NFL, Sports.

dante-culpepper.jpgThe Miami Dolphins officialy released Dante Culpepper allowing Culpepper to once again try to resurrect his career.

Culpepper coming to Miami was a coming home party for the Florida native, having played College Football for Central Florida.  After suffering a severe knee injury in Minnesota, Culpepper worked extremely hard to rehab his knee in an effort to be ready for his debut season with the dolphins.

He returned in time, but everyone could tell  that he wasn’t ready. You could tell that the knee bothered him.  He ran differently, and noticeably favored his other knee when he decided to scramble.  He was extra careful when he did take hits, trying to take the minimum amount of contact from defenders.

The knee continued to get worse.  The Dolphins as well as the fans could tell that he came back too fast.  The Dolphins decided to shut him down for the rest of the season, hoping for a better season next year, when he would be at full strength.

Then in the beginning of training camp, The Dolphins decided to not let Culpepper practice with the team, which would start an ongoing dispute between Culpepper and the organziation.  They used Culpepper as a bargaining chip, in an effort to see what they could get in return if they traded Culpepper today.

The fiasco ended yesterday when Culpepper was offically released.  Now, the question is where will he go to try to resurrect a career that was once so promising.  Where will he go? Will he get playing time?  Will his knee ever be the same?  These are questions that can only be answered when he finds a team and takes the field.  Having been freed from the living hell of the business side of football, one can only hope that Culpepper can become a football god in the eyes of his fans again.




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