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Is Michael Vick Worth the Trouble? July 19, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in NFL, Sports.

vick.jpgAfter another incident with the law due to his involvment in a dog fighting, I started to wonder if it was actually worth it to keep Micheal Vick. Vick isn’t a proven winner and refuses to work on his passing game (If he really worked on it, it would show by now).  In his seven years in the league, the only thing Michael Vick can say he has accomplished is having hundreds of highlights. Vick isn’t in a postion where he can continue to have legal trouble. Every since he became a starter in 2001, every year fans hope to see some type of improvement, but every year it’s just the same old Vick.  Running around breaking rushing records instead of being a quarterback and leading his team to victory.  In addition to the problems on the field, Vick stays in the trouble with the law, as you can see below.  With Vick, you get an exciting quarterback who has no desire to improve and stays in trouble with the law. The Facons should trade him now while he still has value and get a player commited to winning.

Some of Vick’s other career highlights:

  • (2005) Woman sues Vick stating that he knowling gave her Herpes.  The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court.

  • (2006) Vick flips the bird to fans in the crowd after a loss to the Saints.  He was fined $10,000 by the NFL

  • (2007) Security at Miami International Airport retrieve a water bottle belonging to Vick that had a secret compartment. In the compartment was a substance beleived to be marijuana.

  • (2007) Vick misses flight for a scheduled appearance on Capitol Hill, in an effort to persuade lawmakers to increase funding for after school programs.  Vick failed to make an appearance.

  • (2007) Vick has recently been indicted for conspiracy to aid and sponsor dog fighting. If convicted, Vick can face up to six years in prison.  Due to court hearings, Vick will miss the first team practice under new coach Bobby Petrino.



1. Andy - July 20, 2007

It looks like Mike Vick isn’t exactly on the glidepath to winning Sportsman of the Year.

There is a pattern to his mayhem. Specifically, I wonder if the animal care facility has tested Mike Vick’s dogs for herpes.

2. daddy morrison - September 4, 2008

the hell wit that shit man let vick out cause dogs ant shit 2 humans anyway aight pce out.

3. against dog fighting - September 17, 2008

he deserves the punishment.

4. Mimi - December 30, 2008

Man I love Mike! no matter what! Let him out!

5. me bitch - April 23, 2009

i say mr vick needs to do some counsaling and get his shit in line.
hes just a dumb ass, cock sucking excuse for a nfl player… a big duch bag……… fuck mike vick.

6. michaelvickisasadist - July 29, 2009

michael vick being reinstated to play football makes a particularly appropriate statement about what athletes in the US get away with due to their money and fame. vick is a dangerous sadist who lacks the ability for compassion. He needs to be euthanized like his dogs were after he got thru abusing them.

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