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Your Call: Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu July 27, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports, Your Call.

Even though Ed Reed plays Free Safety and Troy Polamalu plays Strong Safety, both are capable of playing either position.  Both Reed and Polamalu are defensive playmakers, they’re both  hard hitters, and both are key components to their teams.  Between the two of them, who would you pick to be your starting Safety?  



1. twelfthman - July 27, 2007

It’s tough but…

Ed Reed.

I’m not saying Polamalu DOESN’T make plays, but Reed (in my mind) is more dangerous. I feel offenses go away from Reed more than they do Troy.

But, I’d settle for both.

Tristan - June 4, 2011

i would go for ed cus he got more experience and mor interceptions.

2. thegridirongoddess - July 27, 2007

Troy for sure. I always have to go for my fellow Trojan alums.

3. Troy - July 28, 2007

Despite being a fellow Troy, I have to go with Reed here. I’m just talking right off the top of my head, but there have been too many times where I’ve seen Polamalu take a boneheaded angle and get beat by a little above average receivers.

4. The Mixtape Monster - July 31, 2007

agree with Troy, I’m taking Reed, more power to the punch and less clowning.

5. K.C. - August 11, 2007

Ed Reed Defensive M.V.P. for a safety says it all. smart,tough,team guy and a leader wow. Ed Reed was never a rookie if you know what I mean came in making plays kind of like his teammate Ray Lewis uummm both are from The U go figure. Troy is good but he is no Ed Reed

6. AK - December 3, 2008

Ed Reed is the best coverage Safety EVER. If D.Sanders wasn’t scared to tackle, you get Ed Reed. Troy is great but no Reed.

7. G man - December 11, 2008

Troy is the best SS and Ed Reed is the best FS. Troy Polamalu can do everything Ed Reed can ( centerfield pass coverage) while Ed Reed CANT do what Troy Polamalu does. (run support, one and one with tight ends, gain grounds from behind,blitz, one and one with wideouts, and sometime centerfield) Ed reed (4.5 on his 40)is no where close to the closing speed of Troy(4.32 on his 40). Ed Reed tackling (who gets runned over way to much i.e. Jacobs, Lewis, Ward,so on…….)Troy is a better tackler.. Troy polamalus vision is no where close to the return vision of Ed Reed. Well we are looking for the best safety, the last time i check safety is on the defensive side of the ball. Im going with troy. Ed reed makes a good receiver though.

8. Tony - December 17, 2008

yea, reed is inhuman when returning picks/fumbles, but i do think he gets beat deep too often. troy’s the better tackler and helps out more on the run in my mind.

i’d take troy.

9. claridad43 - January 22, 2009

troy is the best safety in the NFL… polamalu is a complete safety while ed reed is 1/2 the safety… Troy rules and hes playing in the super bowl and ed reed is soft and hes watching the super bowl at homes

10. lj - January 31, 2009

G man are you fucking serious? first of all ed doesn’t run a 4.5.. where the hell you get that from? he runs a 4.37, and if you talking about that combine he did in 07 its sadly mistaken. you said jacobs, jamal lewis and ward ran him over, okay who dont lewis and jacobs dont run over? what about troy getting his helmet knocked off by cedric benson? cedric benson? oh, you talking bout that texas longhorn bust? yea him… ed done laid wayyy more dudes out than troy and troy suppose to be the hardhitting safety.. peep the list, steve smith, donald driver, koren robinson, steve heiden< TE, dallas calrk< TE, tj houshmandz< fracture his jaw left it busted wide open, willie parker, a colts db and its a few more.. and if you dont believe go to youtube to view it! ed is more athletic bottom line, i mean he changed the game, you aint gon run into another safety like ed naw, but you will and did run into a safety like troy, not to take anything away from troy but this is reed we’re talking bout here! and he do play one on one with TE’s and receivers, i dont know what games you be watching

11. Corey - April 25, 2009

This ISNT EVEN CLOSE. Ed Reed is BY FAR THE BEST SAFETY IN THE LEAGUE. Here’s a little known fact, Reed played SS his first three seasons in the league….The Results: Reed’s averages per season were better than Polamalu’s IN EVERY SINGLE STATISTICAL CATEGORY!!! (TACKLES, SACKS, FF, FR, about 2.5 x as many INTs, about 10 x as many TDs). This comparison is a JOKE, and this goes out to all the idiots that say Reed can’t run support…he doesn’t have to as a FS, but as an SS, why would he have more tackles? Oh, and youtube Ed Reed, he hits WAY harder than Polamalu..I challenge anyone to find ONE just ONE hard Polamalu hit (not counting the time he got absolutely RUN OVER by CEDRIC F-ING BENSON)…or you can save your time and not look because I promise you won’t be able to find ONE. Youtube Reed and you will easily find at least ten huge hits. Polamalu hitting hard is the biggest myth in the league. And to the idiot saying Reed gets run over….you have never watched him play and don’t know what you’re talking about. Jacobs? Are you referring to the time he simply missed a tackle? Troy Polamalu literally MISSES MORE TACKLES THAN ANY PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE (I’m not kidding, I’m absolutely certain he does). Did anyone watch the super bowl here? Inarguably the most pathetic performance by a supposedly good safety that I’ve ever seen (that includes Roy Williams, though he isn’t good, people still think he is).

12. AJ - May 27, 2009

Dude ALL of you fools are seriously trippin man. Yes, Ed Reed is dope but how can you deny Troy man? yes Ed returned the most INT for TDs but he definitely is not a hard hitter, more of a dangerous cover guy. Dude your talking about Ed Reed laying the wood what about those times he got LAID THE EFF OUT by Hines Ward. Dude seriously I will take Troy any day he shows up in Big Games. Who sealed the dealfor the steelers with an INT for a touchdown against REED and the Ravens to go to the Super Bowl? Who has 2 super bowl rings and who has none? Individual Statistics dont mean crap in this league REED is just like Iverson good individual talent but you want someone who is a team player and can make the TEAM BETTER AS A WHOLE> This is Troy you guys are crazy

13. M.A. - September 29, 2009

Look everyone a lot of people say Polamalu is better some say Reed is better. Look they both are some of the best Safeties in the NFL today. I wouldn’t mind either but if I had to pick one I would go with Reed because he is better with the ball in his hands. All I am doing is looking at the stats Ed Reed’s are better.us Polamalo= 2 returned TD’S, Reed= 11 Returned TD’S, and their only one year apart from each. Just look at their stats the better player has usually the better stats. I’m not saying that Troy is not one of the best safeties in the league, I’m just saying Ed Reed’s stats are much better. Reed has 26 more int. 6× more returning yards and he broke his own interception record, plus he is the only player in NFL history to return a punt, kickoff, int., fumble, and block a couple punts for the touchdown. Both are amazing players. Anyone that says that either of them aren’t great players is just crazy.

14. Chad - December 15, 2009

Ya, with MA. These guys are great, both with outstanding instincts. Polamalu does play the run more yes, thats his job. Schematically the Ravens realized the constant fear Reed was putting in qb’s heads and moved him to free.. cuz well, they were great against the run with or without him. Troy I think has a great understanding of reading runs, where Reed has that edge in coverage.. and in this day id take a coverage guy first cause of how dynamic passing has become. I went to the Vikings Ravens earlier this year to watch Reed mostly.. and if one knock on him, he does try to guess a little to much and tries to position himself in weird unorthadox angles to make the play.. I saw him as a huge value in that game, and only a detriment once, which was debatable as he slid away from his zone to help a shotty corner getting beat while the TE slid into his zone and made a 20 yarder. There both awesome though.. Id love to see reed play for the Jets, holy shit that would be dangerous with that secondary. But lastly, honestly, cuz of the retarded angle that we get to watch football from, none of us can give much opinion on DB’s.. There could be a guy like these guys out there, but we pretty much listen to the Network guys and then go watch youtube and shit which only covers Highlights. Unless your there…

15. TROY! TROY! TROY! - December 26, 2009

You guys are just crazy I mean look at the interceptions Polamalu has gotten and Hines Ward uses ed reed as a training guy i mean he runs over him after every play man so i go with polamalu

16. Corey is a dumbass - January 7, 2010

They have different skills for different situations. For the most part they’re pretty equal. Sure reed hits harder but polamalu makes miraculous tackles (just look at the one from the afc championship game against denver in 05). Reed is an incredible returner, (his touchdowns speak for themselves). But Troy makes interceptions that a lot of the receivers in the league couldn’t make, (Denver game or Tennessee game). They each have their strong and weak points. I honestly can not choose the better Safety so I’ll say they’re the best at their corresponding positions. However, I must say that Ed Reed is a fabulous punt blocker.

And btw Corey you are full of shit. Half of the stuff you said was bullshit. Where’d you get your info Wikipedia? Go to NFL.com you’re wrong you biased asshole.

17. justin - February 22, 2010

wtf are u guys talking about troy is better he makes better int then ed reed ed reed is good in making fumbles but troy is faster and better at tackling and its not my fault that the ravens have not been to a super bowl in 10 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the ravens offense is only good because of ray rice other then that the ravens offense isnt nothing

18. Sry troy i had 2 go wit ed reed=P - March 7, 2010

ed reed i say is better yall kno ed reed has a serious neck injurie from the past thats why he is FS when he didnt hav the neck injurie he was SS and he played better than palomalu + even wit his neck injurie he better in my opinion cause he a better in coverage can take it home anywhere in the field all i can say is palomalu is gonna last longer in the league then ed reed and and he is stonger both real good catchers but wut make ed reed better bcause is he can ladderal and he acually give other people td unlike palomalu he juke better and justin u r a dum ass cuz there no way palomalu is faster then ed reed nuff said if im lookin long term palomalu if im goin for the win fast ed reed cause he is better he even plays in injurie not like palomalu thats why he sat on the bench all year diz

19. Dave - July 30, 2010

Alright here i go…

Troy is an overall better player than ed reed!! I have NEVER seen reed make the same merical catchest that troy has made through out his career. Also i believe that troy would have played with a neck injury just like reed did, but also remember that troy played with a major concussion last year that he got. And Troy i dont think i have everrrr seen troy take a bone head angle to the ball. When he sees the ball he attacks it and the ball doesnt get away from him. I also believe that troy is better because troy is more dangerious then reed, troy doesnt stop AT ALL i have never seen him hesitat (not saying i have seen reed hesitate either tho) but troy is younger and stronger then reed. And i believe that if you compared troy and reed on their best day Troy would come out on top.

And the guy who commented 18th, what r u talking about!?! i guarntee ed reed couldnt have played with torn ligaments in his knee either, and i would like to see you get up and compete in the NFL with torn ligaments in ur knee. i bet u wouldnt b able to walk.

20. mike banks - September 6, 2010

yo reed is by far better than troy, the only reason why troy gets so much hype is because he plays on a team that went to 2 superbolws lately and his fucking long ass hair, think about it there are a few better strong safties then him, look at adrian wilson, he is netter than troy , but he gets know attention because he is just black with regular peasy hair. polamolu just runs around on the filed like chicken with his head cut off.

21. dave - September 12, 2010

yo i have never heard of him b4 and i bet being black has nothing to do with it. And noway reed is better. u could put troy up aginst anybody in the leauge and he would knock the shit out of them!

22. eric - November 8, 2010

Ed Reed is totally awesome dude
ed ree d got 43 ints
and troy got 17 so ed reed

23. Fleblen - November 26, 2010

Ed because he is the dark night no daugh best saftey eva

24. ED REED! GO RAVENS - December 15, 2010

ed reed no doubt… this isnt even a compition… well it is but id pick ed reed over troy palumalu because ed reed is faster, has more agility and also ed reed is a ball magnet. ed reed gets 5 pics a season and usually around 2 touchdowns a season. troy is a harder hitter but he plays safety. troy should be a linebacker…… lets go ravens!!!!

25. ravenssuperbowl45champs - December 30, 2010

Ed reed is way better than troy ed has 52int 421 tackles troy made flacco fumble for a 13 10 win b ut reed makes so many amazing plays people stay away polomalu always get shook by ray rice reed makes better plays polomalu is scared of deep balls he only catches int if its not a talented Qb

26. Kenny - January 3, 2011

Anyone who disses either of these guys is a moron or says one is “way” or “much” better than the other is equally stupid. Play in different systems that maximize their strengths, whereupon they are both leaders and playmakers. Both first ballot HOF’s.

If I had to choose, it would be Reed because today’s NFL is more pass-happy and Reed is better on the cover. But as others have said Polamalu is the better tackler/blitzer.

27. Neta Wessler - January 31, 2011

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28. DAVE - February 3, 2011

I hope ed reed has fun watchin troy polamalu in the superbowl!!!! LET’SSS GOOO STEELERS!!!!!

29. WHO CARES - February 5, 2011

both are great safeties. end of story! i would be greatful to have EITHER on my team. but reed is a monster haha. for all u steeler fans saying “ohh polamalu is better he stops and supports the run” and stuff like that, well its his job -_- if ed reed was asked to do it, he would do an amazing job. BUT HE DOESNT HAVE TO when he has HALOTI NGATA and RAY LEWIS infront of him stopping the run..

30. WHO CARES - February 5, 2011

and those of you saying “ohh troy has more superbowl rings” stuff like that and how he “contributes” to the team more.. did u even watch the ravens vs steelers game in the divisional round? the ravens D had the game won, but it doesnt matter when the OFFENSE chokes and gets like a yard of offense the entire 3rd quarter and has 3 turnovers in 3 pocessions.. Reed has nothing to do with baltimores failures in the season.

31. pittsburgh - June 15, 2011

I hope ed reed had a nice tea party with the rest of the ravens during the superbowl

32. SIXBURGH - June 15, 2011

All you Baltamore fans are clowns…bozo the clown has more rings then you guys do

33. Johny - September 13, 2011

Troy Polamalu is good at returning interceptions at the run support and tackling. Ed reed is alright he don’t suck he’s alright

34. Megan - September 29, 2011

Lol at the guys saying they hoped the Ravens enjoyed not being in the Super Bowl. We did. Because the Steelers LOST. That in and of itself felt like a Super Bowl victory. If Super Bowl rings were all that mattered, Dan Marino would be long forgotten. Get over yourself.

Gotta go with Ed Reed. He outperformed Polamalu when they both played SS and he’s STILL outperforming Polamalu when he plays a different position and is older on top of that.

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