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Back in the Day: Shawn Kemp July 28, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Back in the Day, Basketball, NBA, Sports, Video.

Back in the Day, Shawn Kemp was a 6’10”, 225 pound walking highlight reel.  He was one of the premier dunkers in the nineties and arguably one of the best dunkers of all time.  Drafted by the Seattle Supersonics in 1989, Kemp quickly went to work earning the nickname the “Reign Man”.  On any given night, you would see Kemp catch an alley-oop from Gary Payton or posterize someone with one of his signature dunks. 

Sadly, Kemp would go on to get really fat ballooning to 340 pounds and get hooked on cocaine for a brief moment, failing to become the great player everyone thought he would be.  I prefer however, to remember Shawn Kemp how he was Back in the Day.





1. cuzoogle - July 28, 2007

He used to be my favourite….him and GP running wild.

2. Troy - July 28, 2007

It’s a shame how athletes can see their worlds come crashing down in a flash. This should have been a lesson learned in today’s sports world to athletes all around. Same with Vick’s and Pacman Jones’ issues. Unfortunately, young and defiant athletes will continue to get into trouble until someone ensconces a big ol’ blanket upon them a reels them back into safety. Speaking, eh, hypothetically of course.

3. The Mixtape Monster - July 30, 2007

When he was in his prime, his numbers were untouchable. If he had had a decent Center to dish too when the double-teams came in ’96, they MIGHT have had a chance against MJ.

4. Marquis Chapman - July 31, 2007

Yeah, him and GP would have been regarded as one of the best duos in NBA history.

5. otoy - September 3, 2007

alley oop with kemp is the bomb!

6. Mr. Insider - September 7, 2007

Yup, I agree with Marquis. Kemp was as good as it got when in his prime. I always felt Shawn could have been one of the top 50 in NBA history and maybe top 30 all time. But did not happen. It is tough to maintain that laser focus, daily discipline and also add in luck in not getting major injuries just to stay competitive as an everyday player in the top 6-8 per team.

Kemp’s fall from grace was sad more than anything else. I surely enjoyed him at his peak. Just feel sorry for him.

7. Real Talk TC - January 6, 2008

HOLY HELL!!!!! i almost forgot…

8. Marquis Chapman - January 6, 2008

Many people have TC. This guy was a beast back in the day.

9. Dejan from Basketball Wallpapers - January 31, 2008

sad life story 😦 what awesome player he was and what he became…
btw thanks for posting this clip, i haven’t seen it before 🙂

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[…] Payton- This duo was probably the most exciting to watch and had amazing chemistry on the floor.  Shawn Kemp was the high flyer that posterized defenders nightly and Payton was the loud mouth point guard that […]

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