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Eddie Curry Robbed at Gunpoint in Chicago Home July 28, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Basketball, NBA, Sports.

ESPN reports Knicks center Eddie Curry was robbed at gunpoint early Saturday morning in his Chicago surburban home.  The robbers tied up Curry, his family, and an employee in the home and left with cash and jewelry.  No one was injured in the incident.

This is the second case of a NBA player getting robbed in his home by gunpoint.  Miami Heat forward Antoine Walker was robbed at his Chicago home earlier this month.  Walker and a relative were also tied up.  The robbers got away with a car, cash, and jewelry.

This is some crazy news.  Two NBA players robbed at their homes in the same month!  Players are going to have to start watching their backs and hire 24 hour security. These players go out to clubs, bars, and rough neighborhoods all the time.  Yet, they end up getting robbed in their homes?!  You’d think the one place the players would be safe is their own home. Man, these guys in Chicago are ruthless.  MJ better watch out.



1. cuzoogle - July 28, 2007

Hope they did not steal his ding dongs

2. Troy - July 28, 2007

What the hell is with the NBA lately? Walker and Curry.. who’s next? Ron Artest.

Nice blog, BTW.

3. Marquis Chapman - July 28, 2007

Artest might be the one robbing these guys.

4. firedannyainge - July 28, 2007

Chicago isn’t a very safe place it seems. Not even for the rich.
Walker and Curry were both robbed in Chicago and it seems like they were robbed by the same people.
This is insane.


(not my site)


5. Pastor - January 30, 2009

Media figures are always targets of violence especially robbery thankful to God no one was injured or killed in both cases. Unfortunately Eddie Curry’s ex-girlfriend wasn’t so lucky these are just the signs of the times. Let us continue to Pray

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