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A-Rod Finally Gets to 500 August 4, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Baseball, MLB, Sports.

alex-rodriguez.jpgAlex Rodriguez finally hit his 500th Home Run on Saturday.  The milestone home run came at Rodriguez’s first at bat off of Kansas City Royals pitcher Kyle Davis.

With the 500th home run came a place in history as well.  Rodriguez, who just turned 32, became the youngest player ever to hit 500. He is also only the third Yankee to hit 500 home runs behind Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantel.  One of the most amazing feats however, is A-Rod is well ahead of the home run paces of Barry Bonds and Hank Aaron when they were 32.

It’s pretty safe to say that A-Rod will eventually break the Home Run record set by Barry Bonds.  I think it’s also safe to say that he will get to the record a lot faster than people think.  After hitting 500 so early in his career, this could elevate his play to a level that baseball fans have never seen.  I just hope that he doesn’t put so much pressure on himself and start chasing home runs, instead of just letting the game come to him.




1. kidal25 - August 4, 2007

Darn it I must have been sleeping. I totally missed it.

2. akg4 - August 4, 2007

He was definitely pressuring himself to get to 500. I would think that now A-Rod can get back on a roll, but his mindseems a lot more fragile than most stars. With Bonds chasing the record, he might start thinking about that mark, which I also believe he’ll eventually break.


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