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O’Neal wants to be a Laker August 6, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Basketball, NBA, Sports.

Sports Illustrated is reporting that Indiana Pacer Jermaine O’Neal wants to be traded, with the Los Angeles Lakers being at the top of his list.  At a charity All-Star game this weekend, O’Neal stated that it would be best for him and the Pacers to part ways.  O’Neal, who’s 28, also stated that he’s not in a position physically, to be part of the Pacers rebuilding process by bringing in more youth.

Most likely, Odom and Bynum will have to go in order to get O’Neal.  The Lakers have refused to give up Bynum however, causing the trade to stall, and their unwillingness to give up Bynum in the past resulted in the Lakers not acquiring Jason Kidd.  This caused Kobe Bryant to be extremely upset with management.

If the Lakers do part ways with Bynum, which I think they should, O’Neal and Bryant will be a force, and hopefully this will be enough for Bryant to be a little more patient with the Laker management. 

If O’Neal doesn’t go to L.A., the Nets are a team the center is also considering. Kidd and O’Neal would play really well together, but I’m curious to see who the Nets would give up to make the trade happen.

The Lakers have to make this trade.  If they don’t, the Nets will definately grab O’Neal. Bynum has potential, but the Lakers have a frustrated superstar that wants to win now.  They can not afford to let this opportunity pass them by.  I don’t think Kobe will be too happy about seeing two players he wanted the Lakers to acquire, playing together on the same team.



1. waistloss - August 6, 2007

Larry Bird may just sour this deal out of spite. I don’t know why the Lakers won’t let Bynum go. Mitch Kupchak just won’t pull the trigger.

And why are the Lakers resigning people that won’t make them winners like Chris Mihm? That is why they are in the predicament they are in now. They have a bunch of long term contracts with people that no one else wants. I think that outside of Kobe, everytime a contract comes up for renewal on this team, they should just let the player walk. Then they could free up some money to get some quality players. Kwame? Let him walk. Brian Cook? Get to stepping. Vlade Radmonovich? Why are you still here? Lamar? Kick rocks!.

The only people on the roster that I would keep right now outside of Kobe are Javaris Crittenton (kid’s got skills), Derek Fisher (to teach the kid how the game works) and Ronny Turiaf ( play for the league minimum, has passion for the game).

2. Marquis Chapman - August 6, 2007

I would definately let Kwame Brown go. I don’t understand how a NBA Pro can’t catch a ball, and misses dunks and layups on the regular. And Bynum will never be as good as they are projecting him to be. It really shouldn’t be that hard to let him go.

3. kidal25 - August 7, 2007

Man I thought they were talking about Shaq when I first saw this.

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