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Must See: Reggie Bush High School Highlights August 7, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports, Video.

Before Reggie Bush was breaking records, scoring multiple touchdowns in games, mesmerizing fans with his amazing runs, and driving defensive cordinators crazy at USC….

He was just a regular High School football player that was breaking records, scoring multiple touchdowns in games, mesmerizing fans with his amazing runs, and driving defensive cordinators crazy at Helix High School.





1. starbuck007 - August 7, 2007

Man even back then we was amazing maybe someone should of sponsored him back then I don’t think Nike would of had a probelm with that LOL.

2. kidal25 - August 7, 2007

Looks like the football in our backyard. It’s always a touchdown because no one can tackle. Bush just looks slower but it’s only High School. Those blocks just looked perfect too.

3. OMAR - August 9, 2007

What an awful video. Why the super slo-mo of Bush breaking arm tackles?

For the pass plays, Bush is quarantined. Pretty easy throws for the QB.

What level of high school football is this? Looks terrible. Bush is simply jogging for most of those scores.

Bush should have a much better year in the Pros this year.

4. K.C. - August 13, 2007

Awesome video Bush is a phenomenal back . I must admit didnt know a lot a lot about the kid when he came out of San Diego. Most high school players can turn the corner in High school because of there great speed the true test is at the next level when they have to go off tackle and then make a move and break it off outside. Keep in mind the game is so much faster in college a lot of D-1 ends, and linebackerds are just as fast as halfbacks. Not only does Reggie have speed and moves hes driven and tough minded, a lot of that was developed at USC through such competitive practices.

5. Mr. Insider - September 7, 2007

Holy Toledo! Man I never saw these shorts on Reggie before. Had to watch it 2x. He made unreal spin moves, sometimes several on one play. And I did not realize how much faster he was than all others. Of course, at the NCAA level the difference was not as great, but you can surely see why USC grabbed him.

Incredible highlights…Thanks!

6. D.C. - September 15, 2007

Looking forward to seeing Reggie Bush do some amazing things as a Saint down in the Big Easy! Lord knows the fans in New Orleans sure can use something to get excited about again. It’s only football and it’s only temporary (the season not Bush), but hey, whatever it takes to bring a smile to some faces down there and get their minds off their problems for a minute.

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