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“Miller Time” in Boston? August 8, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Basketball, NBA, Sports.

reggie-miller.jpgESPN reports Reggie Miller is considering a return to the NBA, with no other than the Boston Celtics.  Miller played 18 seasons with the Indiana Pacers and retired in 2005.

Miller is considering coming back and playing for the Celtics in  an effort to win a championship.  With the recent acquisition of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, the Celtics have suddenly become a beast in the East.

Miller could easily become the dependable veteran coming off the bench that the Celtics need. This would give the Celtics another 3-point shooter and make the Eastern Conference even more afraid of the Celts.

When the season starts, Miller will be 42 years old.  If he does decide to come back, there is no doubt in my mind that he can contribute. I firmly believed that he had atleast 2 or 3 good years left when he retired.  As a fan, I want him to win a championship, but I don’t want his career to be tarnished by chasing a ring with Boston.  It’s also going to take me a while to adjust to seeing him wear that Boston Green. 


1. K.C. - August 8, 2007

Reggie Miller would be a good ” locker room guy” with his vast N.B.A. experience. At 42 years of age not quite sure what he could bring to the table over a 82 game schedule. Keep in mind he is arguably one of the best 3-pt shooters in the history of the game, and might be a threat in crunch time if you are down by three with three seconds left. Intriguing acqusition if the celts do it,but something tells me the celtics trainers will need a lot of ice this year for Miller and Allen

2. The Mixtape Monster - August 8, 2007

I think this would be a great move for the Celts. I agree with KC about Miller being a good locker room guy, and despite his shortcomings in the playoffs, he does have more experience than all 3 of the superstars there. I think if he played limited time, it would be a great move for him. Would certainly help with their ring chances.

My question is this….why haven’t they picked up Brevin Knight?! They need an established point guard who won’t mind backing up Rondo. And there isn’t any way they win the ring (no way) with Rondo as the main man at the point all year. Just not gonna happen. Knight is an established veteran and all around good guy that I think would be perfect for the position, I don’t believe anyone has snatched him up since the Bobcats released him…

3. Sportsattitude - August 8, 2007

I also agree Miller would be a great fit in the locker room and would also be able to serve as a “part-time sniper” at the very least. Mixtape’s comment on Brevin Knight is a good one – liked him in college and all he needs is the right situation.

4. Marquis Chapman - August 8, 2007

I’m anxious to see how the Celts will use Miller. Brevin Knight would be the perfect fit. He’s a true a point guard and knows how to run a team. You really don’t need a superstar PG, with all that talent.

5. dimmykarras - August 10, 2007

Brevin Knight wanted more than the veteran minimum, and the Celtics have three guys making huge money, pushing them into luxury tax territory. That’s why the Celtics went with Eddie House instead. I think Knight signed with the Clippers.

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