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When Athletes Get Angry: Chris Childs Unloads on Kobe August 10, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Basketball, NBA, Sports, Video.

We all remember the day when we realized that Kobe Bryant didn’t know how to fight.  The Lakers were playing the Knicks at Staples Center, when suddenly Chris Childs and Kobe get into a little altercation.  Kobe and Childs get in each others faces, then Kobe decides to throw this half punch, half elbow thing that lands in the neck area of Childs.  Childs responds with a hard right hand to Kobe’s jaw. Players immediately come to break up the fight (Thank God for Kobe), and both players are ejected.  Kobe definately should have used his reach.

Now, just think what Raja Bell would do to Kobe if they actually did get into the octagon.



1. K.C. - August 10, 2007

The N.B.A. is a tough league. I am not a Kobe fan,but objectly speaking I think many players really challenged Kobe early in his career not only to test him physiclly but mentally also the spat with childs and the spat with Reggie Miller come to mind. The summer Kobe bulked up that was not onld for endurance that was to tell the league Iam not a boy anymore I am a man. As for his fighting skills….very few players can rally fight especially ones NOT from the hood like Kobe

2. sportsconversation - August 11, 2007

Maybe Childs and Kobe should join TNA w/ Pacman

3. Marquis Chapman - August 11, 2007

Chris Childs should really think about doing it, he’s been out of work for a while now.

4. otoy - September 3, 2007

10 – 9 in favor of Childs heheheh

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