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Pacman Now a Triple Threat, Plans to Release Rap Album August 15, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports.

With all the bad publicity Pacman Jones received for his decision to wrestle, Pacman has decided to head in a slighty different direction by deciding to release a rap album.  Yes, you read it right, he’s releasing a rap album.

Jones is one half of the duo known as the “Posterboyz”, and their first single entitled, “Let it Shine” will be released on August 27.  The song is rumored to talk about money, cars, and jewelry.

Now, what would a Pacman story be without the NFL getting involved?  The NFL has one major issue with Pacman’s decision to rap.  His record company is called National Street League Records, and the name might infringe on the league’s trademark. 

I really, truly believe that Adam “Pacaman” Jones has lost his mind.  Is he doing this on purpose?  It’s almost as if Pacman has a checklist of what not do.  He continues to do anything and everything that a player shouldn’t do while on suspension.  What will Jones do next?



1. Doug - August 16, 2007

You’re getting paid millions of dollars to play ball. You do something stupid to get suspended for the entire season and rather then taking the time off to stay out the news, stay in shape and come back better and stronger, you continue to do things that will do nothing but shine more negativity on your situation. I don’t understand it..

2. The Mixtape Monster - August 16, 2007

This will be the wackest shit to hit the streets since CWebb’s rap debut.

3. Shannon - August 16, 2007

Every time Adam “PacMan” Jones is in the news another West Virginia University alum (including myself) shakes his head.

4. Sportsattitude - August 16, 2007

I’m not sure Pacman ever owned a mind to lose in the first place…apparently, his legal advisors are clueless also.

5. Marquis Chapman - August 16, 2007

good point

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