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What Has Happened to Darius Miles?! August 22, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Basketball, NBA, Sports.

I know he was out for the entire season with a knee injury but it doesn’t look like he’s been doing too much rehab.  He looks about 40 pounds overweight.  This guy was supposed to be the next KG.




1. The Mixtape Monster - August 22, 2007

hahah DAAAAAMN. dude looks like that overweight D’Angelo mug shot.

he should shave only like half the weight he gained, dude is (or was) a twig.

2. Troy - August 22, 2007

Some “career.”

3. Marquis Chapman - August 22, 2007

Yeah, I know. When he was with the Clippers everyone thought he was going to become a great player. He never did develop a jump shot though. But Now, I don’t know if he can even run up and down the court.

4. otoy - September 3, 2007

someone needs to go to the gym

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