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Top Five: NBA Duos That Should Have Stayed Together August 23, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Basketball, NBA, Sports, Top Five.

t-mac-and-vince.jpg5.  Tracy McGrady & Vince Carter- These two players could have done great things in Toronto.  As far as chemistry goes, it couldn’t have gotten any better, due to the fact that they were cousins.  Many people thought that they could have been a Jordan-Scottie type duo.  Vince was the high flyer and McGrady was the big man that could handle the ball like a point.  Fans never got to see the final product however, as McGrady eventually left for Orlando and would become one of the elite players in the NBA, overshadowing his cousin Vince.



4.  Shawn Kemp  & Gary Payton- This duo was probably the most exciting to watch and had amazing chemistry on the floor.  Shawn Kemp was the high flyer that posterized defenders nightly and Payton was the loud mouth point guard that played lock down defense.  Payton seemed to know where Kemp was at all times and would throw alley oop passes from half court and off the back board for Kemp. They made it to the NBA finals in 1996 only to be defeated by the Bulls.  Kemp went on to have problems with drugs and his weight, later playing with the Cleveland Caviliers for a couple of seasons.  Payton continued to play for Seattle, but would never again reach the finals as a Sonic.



hardaway-and-oneal.jpg3. Shaquille O’Neal & Penny Hardaway-This was by far the most devasting split of a duo. In the mid 90’s, these two players were the faces of the future, and they were great together. Shaquille O’Neal was tearing down rims and dunking on everybody and Penny Hardaway was an athletic 6’8” point guard with great vision. They made it to the 1995 NBA finals, but were defeated by the Houston Rockets. But, the basketball gods just wouldn’t allow this duo to stay together. Hardaway soon became plagued by injuries, and Shaq left for L.A., leaving fans wondering what could have been.


da-kid-and-starbury.jpg2. Kevin Garnett & Stephon Marbury-  If they had stayed together, there is no doubt that they would have won a championship for the Timberwolves.  They played so well together at such a young age and they played with intensity each and everytime they stepped on the floor. Fans were shocked when Marbury was  traded to the New Jersey Nets, leaving Garnett to do everything for the Minnesota franchise.  Marbury really hasn’t given a straightforward answer as to why he was traded and some speculate that Marbury was jealous of Garnett.  This was definately a duo that fans thought would be together for years.




 1. Shaquille O’neal & Kobe Bryant- They won three championships and had they stayed together, they probably would have won at least two more.  Although they may have not liked each other, they played extremely well together. They flourished in the triangle offense under Phil Jackson and at times were unstoppable. Opposing teams just did not have an answer for O’Neal and Bryant. Shaq was dominant on both ends of the floor and Kobe was a force offensively. They were a dominate duo and if they had gotten along, they would have made history.





1. The Mixtape Monster - August 23, 2007

Totally agree with those on the list. My odering would be a lil different. I would have Payton/Kemp at 2 and Shaq/Penny at 1. If Penny had stayed healthy, he seemed like a much more willing sidekick to Shaq than Kobe. I know you can’t argue with the rings that Shaq/Kobe got though, so props either way.

2. The Mixtape Monster - August 23, 2007

Plus I guess Shaq was gone before Penny went downhill, I ain’t think about it like that…

3. beegsays - August 23, 2007

I wish I could have watched it! I moved from Texas but I was happily greated by that article on the front page of Yahoo this morning. I’m completely jealous of anyone who got to see it.

4. sportsconversation - August 23, 2007

What about Dirk and Nash? That would have been a killer combination the past couple years.

5. Marquis Chapman - August 23, 2007

Because Michael Finley was there, I never really considered Dirk and Nash a duo. The Mavericks had three guys that they can depend on whereas the five duos listed above didn’t really have a great third option.

6. Laz - August 23, 2007

Since I’m from Houston, I thoroughly enjoyed “old school”-ers Hakeem and Clyde hand it to Shaq and Penny back in 1995.

Hey man you left out Steve Francis and Cuttino Mobley… LOL

7. His Dudeness - August 24, 2007

I’m not big on the Kemp and Payton duo. Mainly due to the Kemp half of that equation, because you have to have nothing but love for The Glove.
The problem is I cannot think of a duo I would replace them with. I can see your view on the Nash & Nowitzki thing. They had some high caliber players around them. How about Malone & Payton? Sure they did not spend much time together, and they were both at the twilights of their careers. It would have been great though to see them get a Title together. Well, maybe I am a little biased being a Lakers fan, but I admire andrespect The Mailman and The Glove.
Did anyone ever find out what Malone used to say before every free throw?

8. Marquis Chapman - August 24, 2007

haha.That Malone free throw thing remains a mystery my friend. I really wish I knew what he said though.

9. Chase King - August 29, 2007

I dont think you should have put Shaq and Penny because there wouldnt have been a Kobe and Shaq which is the second greatest duo ever. hahahaha

10. K.C. - August 31, 2007

Ive always loved the K.G. Marbury duo I think if they had stayed together they would have been killin and very exciting to watch. I am sure Steph has thought that to …..

11. king kobee.. - February 18, 2008

shaq is the one who made it hard on them both. Coach Phil Jackson was considering making Kobe the catpatin on the team, and shaq had a fit. If that wouldnt had happened, shaq and kobe might have had a chance

12. AC - February 27, 2008

U forgot about Kenyon Martin and Jason Kidd. Kidd was a passing maniac while Martin was an alley-ooping maniac. With those two the Nets made it to the finals twice.

13. fouledout - March 4, 2008

@ AC
i agree with you there.

14. Shea - March 15, 2008

Man, what happended to Kemp? I remember I had his 1990, I think, rookie card and it looked like it was well on its way to being worth alot of monety some day. Damn pies…or coke. (Whatever his downfall was attributed to)

15. fouledout - March 16, 2008

@ shea
i think it was coke. too bad for him. he’s a very promising player back then, but his career went down the drain because of drug problems.

16. Jill - May 16, 2008

i agree.. especially with shaq and kobe.. they’re irreplaceable!?!

17. kire - August 21, 2008

penny hardaway and o’neal were the best duo off this guys.it is bigg pitty for as fans whot we can not see thay and

18. andres333 - March 27, 2009

kobe & shaq

is good basketball


19. nba#1 - November 5, 2009

what about:

* portland- scottie and sheed
* miami- wade and shaq
* detroit- hill and stack
* denver- ai and melo
* washington- mj and stack
* new york- spree and h2o
* minnesota- kg and spree
* orlando- hill and tmac
* sacramento- cweb and jwill
* sacramento- cweb and bibby
* phila- ai and stack
* phoenix- penny and jkidd

20. crippknottick - March 11, 2010

Hill and TMac? TMac was a whiny baby then and Hill was a broken/injured player as well. They could never of had anything good come out of that. Both dudes have egos too big.

21. male - April 6, 2010

what is amazing!!!! i will miss T-MAC forever….. tracy do your best.

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