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Artest Plans To Reach Out To Vick August 29, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Basketball, Football, NBA, NFL, Sports.

NBA star Ron Artest plans to come to Michael Vick’s aide after he heard the Falcon’s QB speech on Monday. 

I want to call him and support him, you know, be there for him.  [He] lied and then came back and apologized to everybody, I felt that was classy.  I was touched that he took full responsibility. I felt that was a real man. I know for a fact he’ll come out a better person.

Surprisingly, Artest did not say anything idiotic or crazy.  The NBA star actually sounded like a wise verteran that had learned from his mistakes, and had great advice for any player that has gone through tough times.

I think athletes just gotta be more aware.  At times things happen so fast in your life, you just stay living that same lifestyle. You can’t do it no more. I just hope people can take the mistakes I made, mistakes other people are making and just learn from them.

First Marbury and now Artest.  Vick probably wishes that he had players that aren’t somewhat crazy backing him up.  I’m not so sure that Michael Vick would want somebody like Artest in his corner, but in Vick’s case, he’ll need all the help he can get.


1. The Mixtape Monster - August 29, 2007

I’ve never really been an Artest hater. He’s done questionable things, but pretty much always owned up to them right off the bat. He also gets a lot of flack for the way he plays, but I’d much rather have him on my team than some schiester like Bruce Bowen, who plays dirty just to be an ass, not because he has passion for the game like Artest.

Either way, Vick does need some better athletes on his side. Barkley has condemned his actions but wants him to get another chance in the league. That’s probably the best Vick could hope for.

2. Frankie.B - August 29, 2007

Artest is a dog abusing steroid freak too!

Placer County animal control took away his starving dogs two months ago—they have been put down by now.

That was the fourth time anaimal was called by his neighbors.

The very next week, Artest was arrested for spousal assualt upon his wife.

Artest is a steroid addicted NBA David Stern Pharma freak.

3. Sportsattitude - August 30, 2007

Let’s put it this way, Michael can use all the public friends he can find these days. My thing is, show support for the man but not what he did. Marbury was trying to justify the activity that got Vick into this mess, and there is no justification for what he did.

4. Frankie.B - August 30, 2007

The Devil and Roger Goodell are friends of his MONEY!

Steroids, lying and dead dogs are part of that formula.

5. Jason Wilson - September 5, 2007

Im not sure that I would want Ron Artest in my corner! Prolly not the best person to be Vick Supporter with all of his problems on and off the court!

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