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Garrard to be Named Starting QB, Leftwich will be Traded or Released August 31, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports.

ESPN is reporting that the Jacksonville Jaguars will name David Garrard their starting quarterback and Brian Leftwich will be traded or released.

Leftwich was named the starter in the offseason by head coach Jack Del Rio, but Garrard’s improvement in training camp and preseason convinced Del Rio that Garrard was the right man to lead the Jag’s offense.

Leftwich has been plagued by injuries during his career.  The last two seasons, he has missed a total of 15 games due to ankle injuries.

I think everyone saw this coming.  Leftwich is just too injury prone.  He is as tough as they come, but a team just can’t afford to lose their quarterback for half of the season every year.

Garrard is a tough quarterback as well and is more mobile than Leftwich.  There have been countless times where he was able to avoid the rush by scrambling and hit the open man.  When he took over as the starting QB when Leftwich went down last year, there wasn’t much of a drop off in play.  At times, the team had a better flow on offense.

I think Garrard will easily fill the shoes of Leftwich and make a name for himself as a starting QB in the NFL. The question is, where will Brian Leftwich end up this season?



1. Troy - August 31, 2007

Is Leftwich a possibility for Atlanta?

2. Marquis Chapman - August 31, 2007

I was wondering the same thing. Atlanta is the only team I can see Leftwich playing for.

3. emmettjones - August 31, 2007

Atlanta is looking. Kansas City, with Huard and Croyle, is probably looking as well. Minnesota too, with Tavaris Jackson being the starter.

4. Young Kristoff - August 31, 2007

I was thinking atlanta as well, but for the preseason game they had on monday night football, joey harrington looked very impressive. I think the competition with leftwich and joey harrington can actually be a positive thing for atlanta.

5. kidal25 - August 31, 2007

As a resident of Jacksonville, Florida I’m kinda surprised of this decision. This was the last year of Byron LeftSWITCH’s contract. We could have held on to him to see what he could do. I like Garrard though. He’s more mobile. If Leftwich goes to Atlanta will he wear #7?

6. K.C. - August 31, 2007

This one caught me totally off guard.The combination of Garrard getting better and gaining confidence and the often injured Leftwich… Like the saying goes “You cant make the club if youre in the tub.” (whirlpool)

7. Jason Wilson - September 5, 2007

When the preseason started.. I would have said Atlanta would be a major player in trying to sign Leftwich.. I never thought i would say this but Harrington looked good against the Bengals last Monday night.. Having said that.. Atlanta is still kinda weak at QB.. so they could still be interested.. I dont think Leftwich would start, at this point atleast..

8. Marquis Chapman - September 5, 2007

Although Harrington looked pretty good against the Bengals, I just don’t think that he’ll have too many good games in the regular season. I don’t know what it is about him, but he seems to crack under pressure, and just hasn’t shown any improvement. I would rather have Leftwich.

9. Jason Wilson - September 5, 2007

You would crack under pressure too if thats all you faced behind a horrible Lions Line! 🙂 My only concern with Leftwich is can he stay healthy for an entire season. Harrington as proven that he can take hit after hit.. and get back up.

10. Marquis Chapman - September 5, 2007

True. But I have to take a gamble with Leftwich. He a far better QB than Harrington and he has a lot to prove after being released. I would just be crossing my fingers the entire season. haha

11. Jason Wilson - September 5, 2007

I agree Marquis.. Leftwich does offer more upside than Harrington.. I guess we can both keep our figures crossed for an entire season 🙂

12. The Mixtape Monster - September 6, 2007

I hope the Vikes pick up Byron, we could use him

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