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It’s Always Hurricane Season in the NFL August 31, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in College Football, Football, NFL, Sports.

Miami HurricanesIf you’ve read my about page, you know that the Miami Hurricanes are my favorite college football team.  Sure, the program may not be as strong as it used to be, but one thing is for sure, the Miami Hurricanes have produced some great NFL players. 

The Hurricanes hold the record for most players selected in the first round with 6 players drafted in the 2004 NFL Draft.  For the past six years, the Hurricanes have had at least one player selected in the first round of the NFL Draft.  They also hold the record for having 66 consecutive weeks of having at least one player from the University score a touchdown in the NFL.  Lastly, the U has the most alumni on active NFL rosters than any other university.

The list could go on forever, but here are just a few of the Miami Hurricane alumni that have become great players in the NFL:                                       

Jonathan Vilma

Ray Lewis

Clinton Portis

Ed Reed

Frank Gore

Willis McGahee

Edgerrin James

Michael Irvin

Santana Moss

Reggie Wayne

Bryant McKinnie

Jim Otto

Warren Sapp

Sean Taylor

Jeremy Shockey

Devin Hester

I hope the NFL is prepared for Hurricane Season.




1. The Mixtape Monster - August 31, 2007

Impressive list. Especially as of late. How are they gonna be this year in the college game? Know anything about the new QB? I’m sure you will stomp my Heels.

2. Chase King - August 31, 2007

Man the you always riding the U man. The just a bunch of thugs and mischiefs. They have produced great individuals but they haven’t been a good team as of late. Maybe this year will be different but judging by the look of the team on NCAA, Hurricane fans get used to the brawls

3. Marquis Chapman - August 31, 2007

Kirby Freeman was named their starting QB. He is a junior and was named MVP of the MPC computers bowl against Neveda last year. He was 2-2 last year as a starter. And I really hope we can avoid the brawls this year.

4. Sportsattitude - August 31, 2007

Marquis, what do you think of the Head Coach? Was looking for someone with a little higher profile and a little more juice. Is he the real deal. By the way, I saw Freeman in the MPC Bowl and he looked like he had some skills.

5. Marquis Chapman - August 31, 2007

I was also expecting someone with a higher profile, but Randy Shannon was the team’s defensive cordinator for the past six seasons and has coached top 10 defenses in five of those six seasons. The U should be slightly better on defense than they were last year, but I’m still worried about their below average offense. I think Freeman will have a good year based on what I saw last season.

6. Young Kristoff - August 31, 2007

I think the brawls is the last thing you need to worry about. These mischievous college students have other things to worry about because I think that this year a few hurricane players will get caught for drug possession and academic probation.

7. K.C. - August 31, 2007

One should never worry about the canes offense . They spoiled us for years because they were so potent. But they always seem to have some speed guys with attitude who can make plays. Unfortunately they arent even the best team in the state and wont be untill Urban Meyer leaves Florida. ” Nuff Said”

8. Marquis Chapman - August 31, 2007

Florida is a great team and well coached, but it’s only a matter of time before Miami reclaims the title of the #1 team in Florida and the country.

9. Troy - September 2, 2007

I’m not too big of a Canes fan myself (that’s an overstatement; Hokies.) But that’s a very impressive list. By the way, I might make a note about Larry Coker; I was shocked that, when after he was fired, he was about to take a job at a Bristol, Tennessee (very close to where I’m from) High School. I mean, here’s a guy that coached a team to be what was one of the best college football programs in America during the early 00’s, and their streak of (what was it? Please correct me because I’m sure I’m wrong, but..) 36 wins could have been extended if it wasn’t for a awfully bogus pass interference call in the NC game in 2003 against OSU.

10. Marquis Chapman - September 2, 2007

Before the Hurricanes lost to OSU in the NC game, Coker only had 24 consecutive wins, which is still pretty good. Miami really got robbed in that game against OSU. How do you call P.I. on that play? That was the worst call I have ever seen. I hate to see games end like that.

11. Troy - September 2, 2007

I forgot about it over the years; still remembered it as a terrible call, but couldn’t remember exactly how bad it was. I watched it on ESPN Classic, again, on I believe Wednesday night and that upset me. No matter who is playing, I can’t stand it when refs make dumb calls like that. Ruins the game, and everything can respectively change quick.

12. Sportsattitude - September 5, 2007

Great article in last week’s Philly Daily News about Head Coach Randy Shannon. Sounds like he’s got the program going in the right direction…


13. Marquis Chapman - September 8, 2007

The link is down. Could u please reup.

14. Sportsattitude - September 8, 2007

The link is down because it went into “pay per view” mode. Sorry about that. Should have cut and paste the darn thing – didn’t know it was headed to archive land so fast. I trust you saw the new Sports Illustrated…huge article in it about Shannon.

15. Marquis Chapman - September 9, 2007

I haven’t read the Sports Illustrated article on Shannon yet, but I think he will be able to turn the program around. Yesterdays game against the Sooners was very disappointing though.

16. Mr. Insider - September 9, 2007

OK, I am not a fan of Miami U. Ever since they whupped on my Golden Bears 50 to 13 or something similar, I have held a grudge. Of course, we were a ‘mediocre’ team them. Question for Marquis the Miami Vice fan: How do you feel the ‘Canes stack up against the Bears this season?

Seriously. (<:)

17. Marquis Chapman - September 9, 2007

My heart tell me that the Canes will be able to match up with the Bears, but after that disappointing effort against the Sooners this week, the Bears will give the Canes a lot of trouble.

18. UMDieHard - September 25, 2007

How could you forget NFL HOF’er Ted Hendricks?

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