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Gilbert Arenas’ Message to Mark Ecko September 30, 2007

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Gilbert Arenas is pretty upset at Mark Ecko’s decison to put an asterisk on Barry Bond’s 756th homerun ball.  Here is what Arenas had to say: 

I normally don’t get into conversations like this, but this kind of hit a nerve in my body as an athlete. This whole Marc Ecko buying the Barry Bonds ball to put an asterisk over it:

I just think it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.

Who are you as a person to take away somebody’s legacy because you don’t like him as a person? Forget that he is Barry Bonds and forget his records. He was “alleged” of doing steroids. This is America, just because you’re “alleged” of doing something doesn’t mean he actually did it and until he is proven guilty, you shouldn’t have the right to be the judge and jury.

Just because you have the money don’t go buying up people’s history to destroy it. If you’re going to get Barry Bonds’ ball, why don’t you go get Mark McGwire’s homerun balls that got put into the Hall of Fame and Sammy Sosa’s corked bat too?

He was “alleged” of doing steroids. I don’t think as a fan of sports that you have the right to taint this man’s legacy.

This man has a kid. When his kid grows up he’s going to hate you as a person because you decided to be this super, superhero to go put an asterisk sign over his dad’s legacy.

I just felt appalled by it because, what if somebody decides to ban the hyperbaric chambers tomorrow? Everybody knows that I used the hyperbaric tent last year and I scored 60 points against the Lakers during the season I was using the tent. Now, the Hall of Fame has my shoes from that game. What if somebody decides to take my shoes and put an asterisk sign on them now?


Vince Carter vs. The Air Up There September 29, 2007

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This would be one of the best dunk contests man has ever seen.  Vince Carter in a head to head dunk contest against “The Air Up There”.

The Champion

Vince “Vinsanity” Carter

Hometown:  Daytona Beach, Florida

Occupation: NBA Player

Height:  6’6”

Weight: 225

Most Notable Dunk:  Jumped over Frederick Weis

The Challenger

Taurian “The Air Up There” Fontenette

Hometown:  Hithcock, Texas

Occupation: And1 Streetballer

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 185

Most Notable Dunk: 720

Would Vince Carter remain on top as the best dunker, or would the underdog Taurian Fontenette walk away with an upset?

Shaquille O’Neal Remains #1 Athlete/Rapper September 28, 2007

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Yesterday’s post featured some athletes that should have never attempted to rap.  As I mentioned yesterday, Shaquille O’Neal was ommited from the list because he has actually had some success rapping. Unless Pacman Jones dethrones him, Shaq is and will probably remain the #1 athlete/rapper. I thought we would pay homage to Shaq’s rap career by showing one of his rap videos.  This song is called “Shoot Pass Slam” from his album “Shaq Diesel”.

When he’s not rapping, Shaq has breakdancing battles against other NBA players.


Vick Tests Positive for Marijuana September 26, 2007

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Michael VickA urine sample submitted by Michael Vick on September 13 tested positive for marijuana.  The positive test is expected to result in tighter restrictions on Vick’s freedom.

Now, Vick must submit to any method of testing at any time.  He must also participate in a program of impatient and outpatient substance therapy  and mental help counseling if supervising officers see it necessary.  Vick’s freedom will take a significant hit as well. He is expected to be in his residence everyday from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and will be monitored electronically.The court could take the positive drug test into consideration when Vick is sentenced.


When Athletes Get Angry: Coaches Edition September 26, 2007

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With the recent meltdown of Oklahoma State’s Head Football Coach Mike Gundy, I thought we would take a slightly different direction in this edition of When Athletes Get Angry.  In this edition, we’ll focus on the people who coach the althletes.  Here are some of the most memorable videos of coaches getting angry.  I present to you… When Athletes Get Angry: Coaches Edition


Say a Prayer for the Saints September 25, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports.

New Orleans SaintsAfter suffering another loss against the Tennessee Titans on Monday, the New Orleans Saints are now 0-3. The Titans defeated the Saints 31-14 in front of many disappointed Saints fans. The Saints haven’t started 0-3 since 1997, and it looks like it’s only going to get worse. They will be facing some very tough teams in the upcoming weeks, and will likely be without running back Deuce McAllister.  There are reports that McAllister suffered a torn ACL in the first half and will miss the rest of the season.

For most of the night, the entire offense of the Saints looked out of sync.  Drew Brees seems to be a completely different quarterback this season.  Brees threw four interceptions and had zero touchdowns against the Titans on Monday night.  Brees was rushed or hit almost every time he attempted to pass, and was obviously frustrated. 

The Saints’ defense for the most part was horrible.  The interception they recorded against Vince Young on Monday was their first forced turnover this season. Young had an incredible amount of time in the pocket and was hardly touched the entire game.  When he was rushed, he scrambled away and picked up positive yards.

The only positive thing for the Saints thus far is Reggie Bush has finally made an appearance.  Bush only had a very mediocre 15 rushing yards on 7 carries, but scored two touchdowns against the Titans.  Bush’s carries will increase now that McAllister is done for the season, but look for him to continue to share the load with Aaron Stecker.

I have to say that the Saints are the most disappointing team in the NFL.  Their offense is out of sync and is not productive at all. Their defense is almost non existent.  Nothing they do is working.  I ‘m just shocked to see a team that played so well last season, look so bad on both offense and defense this season. Now, the Saints are in a hole with a 0-3 record, and lost an offensive weapon to a struggling offense.  Let us all bow our heads in prayer.

Questions for NFL Fans September 24, 2007

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It was a great week of football in the NFL, and we still have one more game to go on Monday when the Tennessee Titans face the New Orleans Saints.  After watching the games, I came up with 10 questions I would like fans of the NFL to answer.  You can answer a few of them or all of them.  Here they are:

1.  After an impressive showing against the San Diego Chargers largely due to their record tieing QB, the Green Bay Packers are suprisingly 3-0.  Although they’ve somewhat exceeded everyone’s expectations thus far, how far do you think the Packers will go this season?

 2.  Why is Rex Grossman still a starter in the NFL?

3.  Why would the Broncos go for it?!

4.  What adjustments do you think the San Diego Chargers need to make in order to turn their season around?

5.  Did anyone like those retro uniforms the Philadelphia Eagles wore on Sunday against the Detroit Lions?

6.  Who got jacked up more, Donald Driver or Todd Heap?

7.  This was a question posted in an edition of Your Call, but needed to be revisted due to the exceptional play of both of these players.  Who would you rather have on your team, Terrell Owens or Randy Moss?

8.  What team disappointed you the most in Week 3?

9.  Was the New York Giant’s defense that good, or was the Washington Redskin’s offense that bad in the closing minutes of the game?

10.  Saints or Titans tonight?

One of My Favorite Dunkers in the NBA September 23, 2007

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Yesterday, I posted a video of the greatest dunk of all time, but here are a couple of videos of one of my favorite dunkers in the NBA. Now, it’s important to note that Nate Robinson is only 5’9”.  I’ve been a fan of Nate’s dunks way back when he was playing for the University of Washington.


Best Dunk Ever? September 22, 2007

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This has to be the best dunk ever.  Does anyone dare to disagree?

Top Five: Touchdown Celebrations of Terrell Owens September 21, 2007

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With Terrell Owens recently being fined $7500 for his touchdown celebration that mimicked the Patriots spying controversy, it would only be right to have this edition of Top Five ranking the many touchdown celebrations of T.O.

T.O. Takes a Nap5.  T.O. Takes a Nap: In a game against the Washington Redskins, T.O. pretended to take a nap in the endzone, using the football as a pillow.  The entire week heading into the game, the media had criticized Owens for the reports of him falling alseep in team meetings.  This was a very creative celebration to shut up the critics, and didn’t result in a fine.

T.O. Pays Homage to Ray Lewis4.  T.O. Pays Homage to Ray Lewis:  Facing the Baltimore Ravens, T.O. caught a short pass from Donovan McNabb and ran it in for a touchdown.  Owens then proceeded to mimic Ray Lewis’ ritual pregame dance, and did a pretty good job at it. As you might expect, this made Lewis and the Ravens a little upset.  Former Cornerback Deion Sanders came to Owens aid stating, “If you don’t want to see him dance, don’t let him score.  Thats it.”  Click here to watch the video.


T.O. the Cheerleader3. T.O. the Cheerleader:  In a game against the Green Bay Packers, T.O. gets a touchdown and quickly snatches the pompoms of a San Francisco 49ers cheerleader.  Owens proceeds to do a quick cheer and drops the pompoms on ground.  This was a very creative touchdown celebration and didn’t result in a fine, but he could have at least handed the pompoms back to the cheerleader.


T.O. Gives a Fan an Autograph2.  T.O. Gives a Fan an Autograph:  On a Monday Night Football Game against the Seattle Seahawks, Owens just couldn’t wait to give a lucky fan his autograph, so he stuffed a sharpie in his sock and went on the field.  After scoring the touchdown, Owens pulls the hidden sharpie out of his sock and signs the football, handing it to a lucky fan in the stands.  The “lucky fan” was actually Owens’ financial advisor.  This particular touchdown celebration had people within the NFL, as well as many fans extremly upset and appauled.


T.O. the Star1. T.O. the Star: The 49ers were in Dallas facing America’s team.  T.O. was having a great game against the Cowboys.  After each  of the two touchdowns he scored, Owens ran to the middle of the field, standing dead center in the Dallas Star and raised his hands triumphantly.  The second time Owens did it, players of the Dallas Cowboys took offense to his actions. Safety George Teague leveled Owens and a small altercation between some players from both teams ensued.  Owens was fined $24,000 and was suspended for a week.  Click here to see Teague level T.O.