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My Fantasy Football Team September 4, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports.

My friends and I held our fantasy football draft last night, and I made some pretty good picks.  I really didn’t have time to research all the possible sleepers like I wanted to, but I feel like I have a great team overall.  My only concern is my defense.  I wanted the Ravens or the Bears, but were unable to get them.  I think my chances of winning are good.  Tell me what you think of my team.

QB: Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger

RB:  Larry Johnson, Laurence Maroney, Adrian Peterson, Fred Taylor

WR: Chad Johnson, Reggie Wayne, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Isaac Bruce

TE:  Antonio Gates, Dallas Clark

K: Shayne Graham (Bengals)

Defense:  Eagles, Redskins



1. Sportsattitude - September 4, 2007

Understandable you didn’t get a great defense because the rest of the team is pretty solid. However, those D’s you do have are scary, especially my homeboy Eagles. I’ve had situations like this where I would simply pick up the best-looking matchup D off of free agency, dropping them the next week and picking someone else up, etc. “Rotating D” looks to be the way to go depending on how many teams are in your league, how many you have to keep, etc. I managed to get Tomlinson with the #2 overall and came back with McGahee, Palmer and Holt. I am, like you, feeling good about my chances.

2. The Mixtape Monster - September 4, 2007

looks like a good squad. Adrian Peterson is a sleeper for sure.

I’m a Tom Brady hater though, bench his ass!

3. Marquis Chapman - September 4, 2007

Haha. I don’t like Brady either but he is the second best QB behind Manning.

4. Jason Wilson - September 5, 2007

Looks like a great team.. Not real sure about your defenses.. but depending how your league scores.. you will do well 🙂

5. Mr. Insider - September 7, 2007

I like Brady. He delivers (Just like my guy “The Mailman” used to).

Your ‘D’ is a little suspect, and I would like to have seen Tomlinson as your guy. Best overall talent in the NFL today, I believe.

But it is a solid team. Not a great team, but solid. You could win it all, but not in a walkover. Brady will make the difference for you assuming your “D” suits up and shows up every game. That is the bottom line from Mr. Insider.

6. Mr. Insider - September 7, 2007

Hey, one more. Did you know that Jack Del Rio was a linebacker here in Hayward? Best ever seen in these parts. Del Rio’s are an old family locally. Just useless trivia.

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