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When Athletes Get Angry: Miami Hurricanes September 8, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in College Football, Football, Sports, Video, When Athletes Get Angry.

Although I’m a die hard Miami Hurricanes fan, I’m not completely oblivious to the fact that the Hurricanes have had their fair share of  character issues in the past.  The constant trouble players get into off the field has caused fans to change the name of the Hurricanes from the “U” to “Thug U”. It seems like everytime you think the Hurricanes have finally changed for the better, they turn around and do something crazy. Take this incident for example. The Hurricanes decide to have a brawl against FIU, stomping, striking with helmets, and even body slamming FIU players. 

Only at the U.



1. knowitALL - September 8, 2007

Hahaha…that one guy was swinging his helmet as a weapon. What an idiot, why would anyone ever take their helmet off in a football brawl? Thats like taking your bulletproof vest off in a shootout.This was fun to watch though, I have no serious comments about it. Obviously things got out of control and tempers were lost, but thats what happens in sports right?

2. K.C. - September 8, 2007

I remember that game I have seen a lot of brawls,but that was one of the worse. What sticks out in my mind is in that game is that the canes announcer(a former player) made comments condoning the behavior, even stating that he would like to join in. WOW. The fact of the matter is the U and any other program in any other sport can clean up there program if they want to. It all starts with the President of the University and the board of directors and it filters down to the A.D. and coaches. There is so much pressure to win in college atheletics especially football it is usually the biggest money maker for most D-1 programs. We have all heard of the horror stories of teams having straight thugs on there roster for 4 years commiting various crimes all through their career and nothing ever happens except a slap on the wrist. Or a star player who happens to be a thug commits some violation prior to a bowl game and the head coach will hold him out for 5-minutes of the first quarter as his punishment, And then the coach will tell the media he has talked to the player and he has learned his lesson. (Yeah Right). Until the Presidents of Universities have a zero tolerance for thugery and do not lower their academic standards to admit thugs we will continue to have them.

3. Marquis Chapman - September 9, 2007

I totally agree with everything you said, but I think this type of thing will continue to happen. Coaches care more about their records than the character of their players.

4. Mr. Insider - September 9, 2007

Marquis raises a valid point, though a sad one. BUT, I will flat out state that Jeff Tedford of our Cal Bears is NOT one of those coaches.
He has very high standards of behavior, has graduated about 90% of his college recruits in 4-5 years from Cal and that is unheard of, plus he is likely the most sought after coach in America. Jeff seems too good to be true. He is exactly a solid, moral and grounded man who is a tough but caring coach. Hey 1-10 to TOP TEN rankings in four years is the biggest turnaround in Div. 1 history. And no scandals, no flunkouts and not brawls. Above you said it is coaches and College Presidents who must stop this dangerous behavior. 100% agreed. How about more chat on Cal Football, people?

5. Marquis Chapman - September 9, 2007

Cal is one of the few programs that set rules and standards, but actually enforce them if a player breaks them.

6. K.C. - September 10, 2007

Cal seems to run a good program they have come a long way since the Chuck Muncie days(running back late 70s early eighties) I like Tedfords innovative offense and coaching style. Iam really interested to see how the university handles the tree people outside of the stadium , A very sensitive political issue. Something tells me there will be no compromise . And since Cal has a good team football will win out ….as usual.

7. Chase King - September 10, 2007

Yes only at the U. Miami is the modern day Detroit Bad boys. Sometimes I feel like they take their actions over board. I think that the coaches at the U have the players feeling this type of swagger were its like ,”We are going to punk anybody we play”. I respect the attitude but you have to learn where to draw the line. I think the class that had the unfortunate incident has a put a tarnish on the title that the U holds. All the great players that are in the N.F.L. that went to the U, are even looked at differently. The question that remains is can the U change the image that they have gained in the public eye?

8. Marquis Chapman - September 11, 2007

I hope they can change their image. Randy Shannon is the perfect coach to turn the program around.

9. Mr. Insider - September 12, 2007

WOW! Anyone care to comment on the strange 33.5 point spread for CAL Golden Bears over LA Tech? Makes no sense to me, and I bleed blue & gold. Tech cold have upset #20 Hawaii by making the 2 pt. conversion, or tied by kicking a sure thing PAT.

What do those gamblers know that we do not? 21pts. I can see. 33+ is alot of territory to cover.

Other comments on CAL and Jeff Tedford are right on the money. Clean Clean Clean. He will never run up the score to rankings. A throwback man of personal integrity. OK, your turn…Mr. Insider

10. K.C. - September 13, 2007

I beleive Cal is on the cusp of greatness if they can beat USC they have truly arrived. That would relly be a feather in their cap. One of the signs of a great coach is that he wins games,gets to a bowl game every year,keeps his players off of a police blotter and they graduate and become good citizens. Tedford has done all of that . Another sign of a grat coach is that gets all of the great local talent to stay home, Thats how dynasties are built i.e. USC. If Tedford isnt the coach at Cal Iam not sure if Marshawn Lynch would have stayed in Northern Calif. Same with this years phenom Javid Best whos got greatness written all over him.When hometown players stay the program sell itself. But it all has to start and be cultivated by the head coach. That being said Iam still waiting for a Cal player under Tedfords watch to bust out big in the N.F.L. Thought it might happen with Kyle Boller? thought it might happen with Aaron Rodgers? and I havent gave up hope on J.J. Arrington. maybe Desean Jackson is the guy.

11. Mr. Insider - September 16, 2007

Good insights KC. You know your stuff. As for Tedford’s boys in the NFL, he may just be that great coach who wins with all kinds of teams but does not produce lots of Grade A NFL players. Remember that his job is as you defined, not to have NFL players. That being said, Desean may be the breakout player for the NFL from Cal.

On the other hand, 45-20 with nice bowl games from a program that was 1-10 and won 4 games in three years prior to the Terrific Tedford Era, at a totally academic school is a minor miracle. See the game today? Tedford said, “We need to improve in all areas’ in the press conference after the game. I was there and spoke with him. He is looking for lots of progress starting NOW! We expect to be 9-0 when USC visits our house! Tough league with Oregon, Washington, O-State and even badly thrashed UCLA being dangerous outside of USC. What are you thoughts about today’s 42-12 victory for the Golden Bears? Go Bears!

12. K.C. - September 17, 2007

I think Cal is in for a big season,their 42-12 victory was impressive. They must be carefull not to look ahead and find themselves scoreboard watching and thinking of U.S.C. I dont think that will be a problem, but they are kids and trust me anything can happen in the PAC10. You can definetly say “Any given Saturday” for this league. They will definetly be hyped for the SC game it will . If everything stays on par it will be the biggest game of the year for Cal. Lets hope they are not to hyped. Being over hyped and playing with to much emotion can cause mental mistakes some times.But here again Tedfords been in this position before Im sure hell be ready.

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