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Beef: Jason Kidd vs. Jim Jackson September 9, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Basketball, Beef, NBA, Sports.

Jason KiddJim JacksonIn the first edition of Beef, we go way back to the early 90’s when the Dallas Mavericks had three young stars that were destined to do great things together.  Jason Kidd, Jamal Mashburn, and Jim Jackson were faces of the future for the Mavs and the NBA.  Kidd was the run and gun point guard with great vision and a knack for hitting the open man.  Mashburn was the smooth forward that seemed to do everything well and  Jackson provided the deadly shooting from the perimeter and 3-point range.  Unfortunately, two of the “Three J’s” just couldn’t get along and soon had Beef.

The rift between Jason Kidd and Jim Jackson became a well publized beef in the media.  Kidd and Jackson never seemed to mesh well on the court, but many think that the beef may have started off the court.  Kidd and Jackson were rumored to have been dating singer Toni Braxton at the same time.  The story goes that Braxton came to a hotel that the Mavericks were staying at to pick up Kidd for a date, but left with Jackson.  Something like this could very well cause beef between teammates that never really got along in the first place.

While both Kidd and Jackson denied the whole ordeal, Braxton kept the rumors circulating, as she never really denied or confirmed the rumors.  Kidd would later demand a trade in an attempt to get away from Jackson and was shipped out to Phoenix.  Jackson would also leave Dallas, but would later become a journeyman in the NBA.

Was the Toni Braxton ordeal the real source of the problem between Jason Kidd and Jim Jackson, or did they simply just not like each other?  We may never know, but one thing is for sure… Jason Kidd and Jim Jackson had BEEF.



1. K.C. - September 9, 2007

That’s an interesting beef between those two players. You’re absolutely right that was a dynamic trio. I knew all three were destined for greatness with there unique abilities. The key to this particular beef as to many in pro sports among young athletes are three aspects – maturity, perspective, and money. In these types of situations most young athletes don’t have the maturity to talk these things out among themselves discretely. They talk through the media which is always a big mistake. Second, most young athletes can’t see the big picture. Kidd and Jackson let a non basketball issue get in the way of that team possibly going deep in the playoffs, and possibly being a great team for the future. I am almost positive if that situation happened today they would both handle it differently. They are both known as team leaders and good locker room guys. Why? Because they are in their 30’s and they have a totally different perspective of what’s important in the N.B.A. And money which is directly related to ego if Jackson and Kidd were both 12th men free agents struggling for a job, Toni Braxton would have been the last thing on their minds. But when you’re twenty-something and a millionaire everything gets messed up.

2. emmettjones - September 9, 2007

I can already see that this is going to be a segment that i very much enjoy reading. Very nice post.

3. FemaleFan - September 9, 2007

I agree with K.C. One would certainly hope that with age comes maturity. It bothers me when athletes take their personal beefs directly to and vent them through the media. What happened to the old school of upbringing when men talked it out one on one? This reminds me of the Kobe/Shaq beef, which I won’t go into. But more importantly, it reminds me of Mike and Henry Bibby. Mike Bibby at every opportunity in the media bashed his dad. It got to the point where I didn’t want to see anyone get in his face with a microphone for an interview because you knew whatever he said, it would be followed up by a negative comment about his dad. As a result, no matter what Mike Bibby did on the court, there was always some commentator bringing up his ill feelings towards his dad which was overshadowed by what he had just done on the court. And let’s face it, the media loves these kinds of sad stories. The elder Bibby couldn’t catch a break and came across like this horrible father. Mom didn’t help the situation either. There are some who think he was because he walked away from his family. Maybe he was, but who’s to say without living in their household. I certainly don’t condone fathers walking out on their families. The point is Mike was very young when his father left and obviously carried these feelings with him into manhood. The important thing here is maturity and learning to settle your beef outside the media. Thank goodness the two men have come to an understanding. I hope that Mike has had an opportunity to reflect back and realize how wrong he was.

4. Frankie - September 10, 2007

Steroids and wife beating.


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6. JD~34 - January 24, 2008

I remember the trio at Dallas and the beef very well and agree with both KC & femalefan (the first players of today that came to mind after reading the beef blog were kobe&shaq!

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