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The Greatest Running Back of All Time September 14, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports, Video.

This is an amazing video of the greatest running back of all time.  He could do everything on the football field, and had a knack for making the amazing play.  He possesed power, finesse, and speed.  While many fans often debate on who was the greatest, there was never a player as dynamic and versatile as Walter Payton.



1. The Mixtape Monster - September 14, 2007

siiiick vid. very nice.

2. Marquis Chapman - September 14, 2007

Thanks MM. Walter Payton was the man.

3. K.C. - September 14, 2007

Sweetness was the man. I really used to love watching that guy run the ball. All those years in one of the toughest divisions in the N.F.C. When I think of Walter Payton I think about how tough he was and how he would deliver a blow instead of taking one at the end of a run.

4. FemaleFan - September 14, 2007

It’s hard to believe that in the rough game of football a player could be nicknamed “Sweetness”. Walter Payton was the greatest. He possessed style and grace, a true gentleman both on and off the field. There was never a scandal around him or his accomplishments. More players in the NFL should aspire to be like Walter Payton. “Sweetness” is truly missed.

5. Darryl - September 16, 2007

I agree that Walter Payton is a marvelous talent and possessed the qualities, talents and style that warrants the label. Thanks for the wonderful replay. D&A L.A.

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