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The Second Greatest Running Back of All Time September 15, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports, Video.

I received a lot of emails regarding the video I posted of the greatest running back of all time. Many readers disagreed.  Here is a highlight video of the running back that came in a very close second.



1. Jason T. Wilson - September 15, 2007

You know, I have always wondered how long would Barry have played.. if he never went to the Lions?? You got it right man.. Sweetness, then Barry.. followed by a certain Cowboy I know??

2. Marquis Chapman - September 16, 2007

Barry was the most exciting running back by far. But I had to go with Sweetness for the #1 spot because he could do everything. I really like his running style as well.

3. K.C. - September 17, 2007

Barry was a monster. The thing with Barry and Sweetness is they never talked a lot on the field, No matter how much you taunted them or how many cheap shots you gave them they made you pay with their performance. Sanders had amazing feet and balance.

4. Marquis Chapman - September 17, 2007

That is true about Barry and Payton. They hardly ever talked trash, they just did their job. LT does the same thing, although he starting to talk more and more these days.

5. Jason T. Wilson - September 17, 2007

LT sure did’nt have alot to talk about last night.. 😉 I do not like the Patriots.. but I will give them props for taking LT out of the game!!

6. Jason T. Wilson - September 17, 2007

*side note* If were talking about great runningbacks in the league.. One can not leave out Earl Campbell.. One of the hardest runners the league has ever seen.. course he is paying for it now.. He also did not talk alot of trash on the field..

7. Marquis Chapman - September 17, 2007

Earl Campbell was a beast. He was a crushing back, not a running back

8. K.C. - September 18, 2007

Just curious as to where Marcus Allen and the alltime leading rusher in the league a gentleman by the last name of Smith would rank on your list.

9. Jason T. Wilson - September 18, 2007

See someone else that has brough up Smith!!! HA! Im glad Im not the only one 😉

10. Marquis Chapman - September 18, 2007

That’s a tough one. Smith is definitely in the top five, but Allen may have just missed it.

11. Mr. Insider - September 19, 2007

Hands down “Sweetness” and Sanders. Walter was a great all purpose RB. Barry could move laterally better than any runner I ever saw, period!

Different men, but each was truly great at what they did. I would place Payton #1 by a very little bit to Barry Sanders who is #2.

There are plenty of super runners to fill the next eight slots. Many would put Jim Brown of Cleveland as #1 without question. He is my #3. Personally I do not rate Smith in the top five. Marcus Allen might be there along with several others, but Smith is a #6 to me.

OK, out.

12. Marquis Chapman - September 19, 2007

I have to put Smith in the top five largely due to the fact that he has championships and he is the all time leading rusher. I was never a big Emmit Smith fan, but he was a great player.

13. K.C. - September 19, 2007

Very few votes for the incomparable Jim Brown possibly due to a generational gap. Not a whole lot of footage on the dude. But for all of you who post on this site who are under 40 trust me he was right in the category with Walter and Barry . Very very powerfull. runner. Always an interesting topic comparing runners . I am never quite sure what intangibles come into play when comparing guys should championships even be an issue?

14. Mr. Insider - September 19, 2007


Watching Jim Brown run was like watching a true man among a field of boys. Never be like that again with all NFL guys large and/or powerful now.

Jim Brown running as a fullback today would be like a 6’7″ 280# very fast, very strong and tough as dirt fullback running at linebackers who look puny. Brown was so punishing that backs would often just feint at a tackle and get the heck out of his way.

Now that I have thought a bit, I have to put Jim Brown as #1, Sweetness at #2 with Barry just behind him at #3.

Check Mr. Brown out in Google.

15. Marquis Chapman - September 19, 2007

As much as I admire Jim Brown’s power, I just can’t put him ahead of Sweetness. He was the total package. Wouldn’t you rather have a back that has power and finesse rather than just raw power? Sweetness did everything on the football field.

16. K.C. - September 21, 2007

Sweetness was definetly pretty to watch its a tough call.

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