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Your Call: Where Does Brett Favre Rank Among All Time Greatest QBs September 17, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports, Your Call.

Brett FavreOn Sunday, Brett Favre became the all time winningest quarterback in NFL history with a victory over the New York Giants. Favre surpassed Hall of Famer John Elway to become the record holder, totaling 149 career wins. Favre is also closing in on Dan Marino’s records of touchdown passes and pass attempts.

 Here are some other notable stats and achievements of Brett Favre:

  • Named to the NFL 1990’s All Decade Team

  • 8 time Pro Bowler

  • 3 time MVP

  • Most career pass completions

  • 12 consecutive seasons with 20 or more touchdowns

  • 5 consecutive seasons with 30 or more touchdowns

  • Longest touchdown pass (99 yards)

  • Most consecutive 3,000+ yards passing seasons

  • Most consecutive starts

  • Superbowl Champion

While the Brett Favre of today may well be past his prime, one thing is certain, Brett Favre is one of the best quarterbacks ever to play in the NFL. He is a leader, a proven winner, and is as tough as they come. The question is where does he rank among the all time greatest quarterbacks in NFL  history?  It’s your call.



1. tsos20 - September 17, 2007

1) Peyton Manning- Technically the best QB ever

2) Joe Montana- The clutchest QB

3) John Elway- Best all around QB

4) Brett Favre- Statstically the best QB ever
The Sultan on Sports


2. Marquis Chapman - September 17, 2007

You read my mind

3. Jason T. Wilson - September 17, 2007

Yes Favre can be considered one of the best to ever play the game.. I can not beleive neither on of you guys mentioned Dan Marino? Sadly enough.. he is left out of most debates because he never won a superbowl.. but statistically speaking.. He deserves to be included.. Top 10 atleast..

4. boxwatcher - September 17, 2007

I think Favre is top ten and Hall of Fame bound but I have a couple of issues. 1) All the interceptions. What makes Favre exciting to watch it the gunslinger mentality of his play. But he also puts the ball up for grabs way too much. All the picks should count against him. 2) I hate all the will he or won’t he shananagins of the last several years. My opinoin is the Packers should be grooming his replacement if they want to win. All that is happening is he is padding his stats. Of course I’m a Bears fan and would love to see him go.

Also you should check your stats. Favre only won 1 Superbowl. XXXI vs. New England. He made it back to XXXII but lost to Elway and the Broncos!

5. Marquis Chapman - September 17, 2007

Your definitely right about how the Packers should be grooming his replacement. With Favre still playing, is hurting the progress of the back up.Sorry about the the superbowl thing. Typo

6. Young Kristoff - September 17, 2007

I think that people are putting peyton manning to high on there list. He will be on top some day but i mean come on he only has won 1 super bowl. He still has a loosing record in the playoffs. I thnk it has to be 1. John Elway 2. Dan Marino 3. Joe Montana 4. Tom Brady 5. Brett Farve 6. Peyton Manning, but peyton manning will be on top of the list by the end of his career.

7. Marquis Chapman - September 18, 2007

You may be right. I think people are intrigued by Manning for the simple fact that he is arguably the hardest working player in the NFL. The way he prepares for the game and plays is an amazing thing for fans to see. Your list is probably more accurate. I would probably have Joe Montana at #2 though.

8. Sportsattitude - September 18, 2007

I tend to agree with Young Kristoff, but I would change up the order a bit…1. Montana, 2. Elway, 3. Marino, 4. Favre, 5. Manning and 6. Brady. I don’t hold as much emphasis on the Super Bowl wins as some others do, but I do think the longevity factor is important and have Manning and Brady towards the back because of their youth. Considering the Colts have repeatedly had to overcome defensive woes, Manning gets the nod over Brady right now. Brady has played for better teams and that would obviously translate into more championships as well.

9. Marquis Chapman - September 18, 2007

Brady is a great quarterback but I often wonder if the system he’s really helps him out. Manning is the system and doesn’t have a defense to bail him out when he makes mistakes.

10. Mr. Insider - September 19, 2007

I am concerned that all the choices above ignore the long and rich history of the NFL quarterbacking corps. These listed are all very recent or current q-backs. Highly unlikely that they are just the best.

If you talk to sports historians and people who have followed the NFL for 50 years and more, their list of top candidates all time will include:

Johnny Unitas
Bart Starr
Roger Staubach
Dan Fouts
and one or two more.

Not to say the list of ‘newbies’ above is not valid. Just to say that any list of top ten should have the four above included. Many believe that Johnny U. was and is #1. I lean towards Joe Montana, recent yes, but incredible in leadership and delivering big wins. Hard to pick a real #1 due to different times, etc.

With baseball it truly is easy. Babe Ruth will always be #1. Why? Awesome slugger, great hitter, charismatic leader, a natural winner AND a great Ace Pitcher with 123 wins. So he would pitch a shutout and hit two home runs in many games. Cannot touch that ever again. Bet you did not know that. Lots of #2 all time MLB players, but the Babe has a timeless lock on #1. He also played drunk and hungover a ton of times!!!

11. Marquis Chapman - September 19, 2007

The only one I would try to squeeze in the list is Johnny Unitas. But, I have to keep Marino and Montana in there. Lets not forget that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have many more years left in the NFL. They have accomplished a lot in a much faster pace that some of the QB’s on your list. Time will tell.

12. Caveman - September 20, 2007

Make all the lists you want for “best” quaterback.

I think Brett Favre is a hands down lock for ballziest QB ever. Let’s not forget the man is the Cal Ripken of one the most brutal sports around.

Has never missed a start, EVER. That is unreal. We will likely never see that broken.

13. Mr. Insider - September 21, 2007

No Johnny U.? Gee, I really thought he should make the list. Tough as Brett, a captain as good as Montana, an arm like Fouts…Someone would have to do a helluva a sales job on me to convince me Johnny is not in the top 5 of all time.

Caveman makes a good point. But, remember that skinny little PA boy from Notre Dame, Joe Montana, held up pretty well for quite a long time, too. And had lots more brutal Playoff and Super Bowl games to play.

Good discussion, tho.

14. K.C. - September 21, 2007

Always a interesting conversation comparing quarterbacks in the N.F.L. we always have to deal with generational issues their were some very good Q.B.’S in the 70’S who could easily play today. The early quarterbacks may have been more cerebral . Dont forget they called there own plays not just checking off for certain defenses. Then there is ” Did he when a superbowl” argument . Things seem to blend together when we throw that componet in the mix. A lot of people refused to label Manning a great Q.B. because he had not won a Super Bowl. Which I totally disagree with.Dan Fouts never won a Super Bowl but I dare anyone to say he wasnt a great Q.B. with a great arm and fantastic leadership abilities. I just belive Joe Montana was the best I ever seen. He could make any throw which shouldnt be taken lightly . I lot of guys with rifle arms cant make the intermediate throw over the linebacker and in front of the D.B. his leadership skills speak for themselves and he was nimble afoot he could get away from the rush and still make the throw. Plus he was a winner. Also his teammates loved the guy.

15. Christie - September 23, 2007

Brett is without any doubt the greatest QB to ever play the game. This is coming from a Bears fan…..I hate the packers and wish someone would knock Favre out of a game just to bring that streak to an end…..but he is still the greatest ever.

16. Bill Jenkins - September 30, 2007

Putting Brady at the list is way too soon. He’s really, really good. He’s no Favre. Superbowl wins don’t mean everything because I think you would have difficulty finding any real football expert putting Brady above Dan Marino.

It is hard to choose a #1 but certainly a “top five in no particular order” is reasonable. In that case, I say Elway, Favre, Marino, Montana and Unitas (alphabetical).

A couple years down the road, you can probably take off Elway or Montana and put Manning in their place. Never forget that without Jerry Rice, Montana is “really good” instead of “really great”.

Also note that Brett Favre plays in the frozen tundra where conditions generally are not easy for a quarterback. Elway and Unitas played in real weather, but not Marino or Peyton Manning.

Tom Brady can play in weather and without his kicker, he’d have less superbowl rings. Those weren’t 20 yard easy kicks you know.

17. Marquis Chapman - September 30, 2007

I think you have to put Brady on the list because he has accomplished so much at such a young age. He’s a winner, and has never really had a great go to receiver until now. I don’t think he is done winning either. Good point about the weather thing tho. It is brutal playing in harsh weather and some QBs will never have to deal with that.

18. Eric Sampson - October 1, 2007

When trying to categorize anything you try to develop a set of criteria by which to judge potential candidates. When talking about the “best” QB of all time you mention qualitites like: superbowl wins, TD passes, pocket presence, game managment, arm strength, intellegence, etc. If you want you can try to establish which of those qualities is the most important, (hence all of the different opinions). But all of the arbitrary argument you want will not establish an answer because people all value different things. As a die hard packer fan, a loyal “Favrist,” Brett Favre is not one of the “best” QB’s of all time. However in terms of playing the game right, competing day in and day out, and respecting what he has, no one in the NFL has ever done it “better.”

19. Tammy Rayford - October 1, 2007

Brett Favre is one of the best he has the people heart even if your not a packer fan almost people are a Brett farve fan. As we were there for Elway his last year I knew alot of people who got caught up in it elway or no way and Im a die hard packer fan .So I would agree with the list so far but we are not looking at the big picture Romo is up and coming I will be a force to be recon with in time

20. tony - October 1, 2007

i’m a huge packer fan also. loved what brett has done in his years except all those interceptions. but he has certainly carried the packers all this way cause there hasn’t been that much of great wide receivers after 2000. and now he’s doing all of this with the youngest team in the nfl. not bad huh? anyways. that list up there is pretty accurate. but if ur talking about winning superbowls. wouldn’t u put troy aikman up there witht the best?

21. Marquis Chapman - October 1, 2007

When talking about winning superbowls, Aikman is definitely on the list, but for some reason I feel like Aikman doesn’t get the credit he deserves. I think the reason why is because he played with one of the best running backs ever to play and one of the best receivers ever to play.

22. BCHenderson - October 4, 2007

This isn’t even a debate. Three MVPs .. IN A ROW .. Leads every statistical category.. got the SB victory… The consectutive starts just about polishes it off.. For intangibles; the fact that he plays in QB unfriendly Lambeau.. and that he never (save a couple years with Sharpe) had a J.Rice, or E.Smith, or T.Davis or ANY Hall of Famer to take the load off… and now he’s playing Pro Bowl caliber football.. at age 38, with NO running game and the youngest team in the league !

If Brett Favre had had a Jerry Rice with him, for most of his career… the NFL would have had to change the forward pass rules…

He’s far and away the best QB ever…

23. Alex - October 6, 2007

I agree with BCHenderson. Brett Favre has never had the weapons around him that most quarterbacks have had. Yes when they won their superbowl the team was great. Compare it to Montana or Aikman though. They had offensive legends on all sides of them to help and make it easier. Look at this year now. They are 4-0 and have the last rushing offense in the league, and also the youngest. Also, 3 MVP’s in a row, matched with a superbowl title and the best statistics ever? It seems like a no-brainer that he is top quality here.

24. BCHenderson - October 7, 2007

And he’s not done YET ! He’s playing like 25 year old MVP… Some of the Packer players were in 1st grade when Favre started this legend.

Any way you look at it; Body of work ? Not a contest… At his peak ? Three consecutive MVPs answers that… Leadership, heart, toughness, arm-strength ? (laughable contenders)….

The ONLY comparison that can be questioned, is number of championships. We know that’s a team deal, else Marino is not in the discussion and Bart Starr walks away with the crown at 5.. T.Bradshaw close behind at 4….

25. Mark - November 1, 2007

Farve #1

26. joseph matusick - November 7, 2007

Yes Brett Favre is in the all time top ten.like say he is the BEST QB of all time.just take a look what kind of a team the PACK Have.very young.and if you win 10 super bowl’s still that don’t make you the best ever.you have to look at the team’s talent.Brett Farve is the Biggest influnce on all these young QB’s in the NFL,and that means Brady and P Menning.BRETT FAVRE is the best of all time.just look at his stats,and the toughest to EVER Play the game.go get em Brett

27. Phillip - November 13, 2007

1) Favre: He’s got it all, stats, records, championship, only 3-time MVP, toughness, arm strength, crazy clutch throws, terrible form, statistically the best QB for his age… I could go on. There will never be another.
2) Unitas: Pure legend. No one, not even Manning, will ever break his record for TD passes in consecutive games. Best player of his era period.
3) Elway: Ultimate comeback kid (providing Favre doesn’t break that record too) arm strength (close close second to Favre) and went out at the high point of his career. Story book ending.
4) Manning: Possibly the best pure passer all time–and that’s including Marino (provided he keeps his pace.) The only QB playing today that has a real shot at breaking all Favre’s records.
5) Marino: Anyone who down-grades Marino for never winning a SB (or Favre for only winning one) please stop talking… forever. Manning and Marino are the two best pocket passers ever… EVER.
6) Montana: Cliche’ pick for all time best. Possibly the best playoff/SB QB ever. But I have to say the same people that put Montana atop the list are the same people that point out that Marino never won one. Fuck ’em. Montana was one of the best ever with one of the best supporting casts ever.
7) Brady: Same situation as Montana. These are two QB’s that could legitimately compare rings at the end of their career and find out who’s better. I’d still take Montana.
8) Bradshaw: QB of the first SB dynasty. (I agree 100% with his pick for all time best).
9) Young: No other QB that ran as well or better than Young had any where near as good-a-arm. Best double threat with his legs–too bad his skull had to pay the price.
10) Moon: You guys can totally rip on my for this one. I’m only going off of stats on this one and his impressive play into his twilight years. In fact there are a bunch of QB’s that could have this spot. IE: Starr, Staubach, Fouts, Aikman, Tarkenton, Namath, Griese… etc.

28. ROB - November 19, 2007


29. ROB - November 19, 2007


30. Yahooman - November 23, 2007

excuse me, but what the hell is Peyton doing at number one. you take away his star receiver, and what does he do? 6 interceptions. if you’re going to knock on Brett Favre’s tendency to throw interceptions, think about this. He NEVER threw 6 in one game.

31. hurk - November 24, 2007

he did throw six in a playoff game once against the powerful rams but that doesn’t matter today what matters is how he is playing today and us packer fans couldn’t be happier to have brett playing on our team I think America is shocked right now when they watch him play i know i am.So for all those other great quarterbacks I still don’t think any of them are half as fun to watch as favre is.

32. BRIAN - December 18, 2007

Tom Brady. Soon to be 4 SuperBowl wins this decade. Of course he didn’t win those rings by himself. Neither did anyone else. But, the sign of a truly great QB is winning the big ones. Sure, Brady needed Vinitari to score some points. But, that’s what people do on a team. Stats are great to look out and argue about. But, in the words of the venerable Vince Lombardi: “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”. Brady with the Patriots knows how to win. PERIOD.

33. Tim - January 13, 2008

I’m a Michigan man and a Tom Brady fan, but what the heh, give me 7 or 8 seconds and I’ll complete half of his passes! I grew up watching Unitas, Starr, and Jurgensen – great for their day. I was a young man watching Tarkenton, Staubauch, and Bradshaw – top QBs to be sure. Everything else that’s been said here about Montana, Marino, and whoever else, I’ll go along with. I’d have to say Elway would have been my top pick until about five years ago. When Favre began to experience the life challenges he’s had with family (dad, brother-in-law, wife, etc) and displayed the character he has, he seperated himself from all the rest. Lombardi once said: “Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it.” All of the personal challenges were compounded by less than stellar teams/seasons and playing 2 and half seasons with no feeling in his right thumb (throwing hand). He kept coming back!
This year he has shown us – once again, his talent and love of the game ( yesterday – throwing snowballs on the sideline while trounching Seattle with his Favre ‘esque’ ingenuity).
He not only has the durability and the stats, but the admiration, respect, and awe of his peers. Favre is unmatched.
When Walter Payton passed away, we knew there would never be another “Sweetness”. When Brett Favre hangs up his cleats for the last time, the same will be said of him.
Until that day we can only hope he will continue to thrill and marvel us with his incredible display of youthful exuberence and football skills. As his Wrangler commercial so aptly proclaims: “…you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

34. wazzup - January 30, 2008

farve is really good, but ni tin my top 5.

1. Elway: most clutch, did alot with mediocre teams. Once john got a good rb, he won two in a row. Imagine if he had TD earlier in his career.
2. Marino: greatest pure passer, no one could throw like him. If he had one superbowl, I would put him as the greatest.
3. Montana: greatest super bowl qb. was also clutch. but he had the most talent around him.
4.Manning : Once he won that ring, i had to put him in my top 5. Another great passer like marino
5. Brady: Although i hate his coach and some of his teammates, he is the most fundamentally sound qb ever.

then unitas, favre

35. Dave Ryttersgaard - May 15, 2008

Aikman is a champ too fellas. He’s a legend of the NFL But I mean, he’s no Brett Favre or Peyton Manning. He is good though dont get me wrong.

Dave ryttersgaard Candian Legend

36. Dave Ryttersgaard - May 15, 2008

Tom Brady is excpetionally cocky and full of garabage. I won’t lie I think Brady is one of the worst but overrated Quarterback’s to hit the NFL. Maybe he will find his groove and prove to be one of the best of all time but for now, he’s a young cocky 18-1 QB.

37. Dave Ryttersgaard - May 15, 2008

Brett Favre cleans up the Number 4 spot on the field and in the charts. #4 in the top 5 best. Show respect to the longtime legend.

38. Joe Beal - October 16, 2010

If Elway had a fraction of team that Montana had, he’d have won all 5 of the Super Bowls he went to, plus probably several more to boot! Further, he if had a coach like Marino had (early on), it would have been him–not Marino–that held every major passing record at the time of his retirement. Also, bear in mind kiddies, that although Favre has surpassed Elway in total wins, he needed additional years to do so. At the sixteen year mark, Elway had more.

Drether - April 6, 2011

Brady and Manning will be 1 and 2 at the end period….right now its 1 Montana
2 Unitas
3 Elway
4 Marino
5 Brady
6 Manning
7 Young
8 Bradshaw, i’m going to stop here.. My point is Favre isn’t that good. TD/INT ratio Brady #1 all-time..2.29-1
WIN/LOSS ratio Brady # 1 all time..774. These are the real stats, anybody can throw to a Marvin Harrison or Jerry Rice. Brady only had Moss 1 year and went undefeated during the regular season. If Brady would have had weapons like Rice for montana and terrell davis for elway, we would of had like 7 championships right now..2010,31 tds and 4 ints
thats beast….

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