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Have You Seen This Athlete? September 18, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Basketball, Have You Seen This Athlete?, NBA, Sports.

Keith ClossSigned as a NBA free agent by the Los Angeles Clippers in 1997, Keith Closs was never a great player, but he was very hard to miss.  Standing 7’3” and weighing a rail thin 212 pounds, Closs stood out among his NBA peers.  He is more famous for his looks than his play.  Closs usually had cornrows, but would sometimes wear his hair in an afro similiar to Ben Wallace. Add that with the freckles, tube socks, extreme awkwardness on the court, and you have quite a sight for fans to see.

Closs wasn’t bad, but he certainly wasn’t good either.  He was expected to be a solid rebounder and shot blocker for the Clips, although his career totals state otherwise. During his three year career in the NBA, all with the Clippers, Closs averaged just 2.9 rebounds and 1.25 blocks per game. He also contributed 3.9 points per game while playing limited minutes.

While Closs would have many troubles on the court, he also had some trouble off the court. In 2000, video surfaced of Closs being assualted by a crowd while at a Los Angeles night club.

Closs seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth after playing his last NBA season in 2000. He was last seen playing for the Buffalo Silverbacks of the ABA in early 2007.  If you have any additional information on the whereabouts of Keith Mitchell Closs, please contact All Talk Sports.



1. Young Kristoff - September 18, 2007

I actually saw him playing in a pick up game. It was at a park found on the outskirts of L.A. California. You can tell it was him because of the height. Wore his hair in an afro. He really is that skinny, but this was maybe my junior year in high school so since then i have no idea where he has been.

2. Marquis Chapman - September 18, 2007

Yeah, Closs was a guy you couldn’t miss. I’m not sure why he would be playing at the park. That really wouldn’t help a player like him.

3. The Mixtape Monster - September 18, 2007

Where did he play college ball at?

4. Marquis Chapman - September 18, 2007

Central Connecticut State University. He set a Division I record for blocked shots averaging 6.36 in a season. In his career, he averaged 5.87 blocks per game.

5. K.C. - September 19, 2007

Just another long line of Clipper bust at the center position i.e.Olakawandi, Benjamin. Lets face it this franchise was snake bitten for yesrs with there frugal owner and bad personel decisions.

6. Mr. Insider - September 19, 2007

Cannot find anything about him since early ’07. Weird. Check the morgues, I guess? Or the Athletic Dept. at Central Conn. U.

7. Marquis Chapman - September 19, 2007

Thanks Mr. Insider. This guy is really M.I.A.

8. leesa - April 9, 2008

keith closs is in oklahoma…. playing for tulsa 66er

9. Rick Maldo - January 28, 2009

While at CCSU he once was passed out drunk at a random house while walking back from a party.

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