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Top Five: Touchdown Celebrations of Terrell Owens September 21, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports, Top Five.

With Terrell Owens recently being fined $7500 for his touchdown celebration that mimicked the Patriots spying controversy, it would only be right to have this edition of Top Five ranking the many touchdown celebrations of T.O.

T.O. Takes a Nap5.  T.O. Takes a Nap: In a game against the Washington Redskins, T.O. pretended to take a nap in the endzone, using the football as a pillow.  The entire week heading into the game, the media had criticized Owens for the reports of him falling alseep in team meetings.  This was a very creative celebration to shut up the critics, and didn’t result in a fine.

T.O. Pays Homage to Ray Lewis4.  T.O. Pays Homage to Ray Lewis:  Facing the Baltimore Ravens, T.O. caught a short pass from Donovan McNabb and ran it in for a touchdown.  Owens then proceeded to mimic Ray Lewis’ ritual pregame dance, and did a pretty good job at it. As you might expect, this made Lewis and the Ravens a little upset.  Former Cornerback Deion Sanders came to Owens aid stating, “If you don’t want to see him dance, don’t let him score.  Thats it.”  Click here to watch the video.


T.O. the Cheerleader3. T.O. the Cheerleader:  In a game against the Green Bay Packers, T.O. gets a touchdown and quickly snatches the pompoms of a San Francisco 49ers cheerleader.  Owens proceeds to do a quick cheer and drops the pompoms on ground.  This was a very creative touchdown celebration and didn’t result in a fine, but he could have at least handed the pompoms back to the cheerleader.


T.O. Gives a Fan an Autograph2.  T.O. Gives a Fan an Autograph:  On a Monday Night Football Game against the Seattle Seahawks, Owens just couldn’t wait to give a lucky fan his autograph, so he stuffed a sharpie in his sock and went on the field.  After scoring the touchdown, Owens pulls the hidden sharpie out of his sock and signs the football, handing it to a lucky fan in the stands.  The “lucky fan” was actually Owens’ financial advisor.  This particular touchdown celebration had people within the NFL, as well as many fans extremly upset and appauled.


T.O. the Star1. T.O. the Star: The 49ers were in Dallas facing America’s team.  T.O. was having a great game against the Cowboys.  After each  of the two touchdowns he scored, Owens ran to the middle of the field, standing dead center in the Dallas Star and raised his hands triumphantly.  The second time Owens did it, players of the Dallas Cowboys took offense to his actions. Safety George Teague leveled Owens and a small altercation between some players from both teams ensued.  Owens was fined $24,000 and was suspended for a week.  Click here to see Teague level T.O.





1. Sportsattitude - September 21, 2007

I think Owens has always brought his “A” game to celebrations but I did think the “Dallas Star” one went overboard. The one this past weekend making fun of Spygate was hysterical. Typical of the NFL to issue a fine for that, saying he was using “props.” It sure was funnier and more intelligent than Chad Johnson’s pathetic attempt last Monday night at his “early entry” into the Hall of Fame. Chad, you’re better than that.

2. Marquis Chapman - September 21, 2007

T.O. shouldn’t have received a fine for making fun of spygate. I couldn’t believe he did the Dallas Star thing though. That was just purposely disrespecting a team. He ran 50 yards to do that celebration. Teague was right for leveling him.

Ocho Cinco really needs to step it up. The Hall of Fame thing was kind of lame, and jumping in the dog pound was just crazy. I need more creativity Chad.

3. K.C. - September 21, 2007

It’s fun and entertainment. It makes people want to watch the game. Love his phsical ability and his work ethic. I guess I like the cheer leader escapade early in his career. Reason being it was quick, cute, and not hurtfull to any other player. That being said I still like the way a guy like Marvin Harrison makes some of the craziest catches I’ve ever seen, and hands the ball to the official like he does it everyday. But he will never get as much ink as T.O.

4. Troy - September 21, 2007

Good stuff.

As for CJ, I’m sure he’ll find a way pretty soon (hint, hint, Sunday against Seattle) to abash T.O.’s “best celebration” hopes

5. FemaleFan - September 21, 2007

T.O. takes a nap; pays homage to Ray Lewis; is a Cheerleader; gives a fan an autograph; stands on the star. Enough already. How about, “T.O. gets a clue!” While this is funny and entertaining for some, it clearly shows how arrogant he is. He can’t just make a great play and leave it at that. He must always be the center of attention even if it cost him $31,500. Watch out, if he’s ever told to stop, you may post number 6 – T.O. attempts suicide, again. What a show of disrespect towards his teammates, the organization, the cheerleaders and the opposing teams and fans. I wonder how his teammates really feel about these antics. When will he get tired of giving his earnings back to the NFL? This is not high school football. Even they don’t act this immature. I wish he would grow up and get some responsibilities to occupy his time and his mind so he won’t have time for this nonsense or time to focus so much on himself. I nominate him for the Clown Hall of Fame.

6. kidal25 - September 22, 2007

I used to hate T.O. but now that he’s more behaved I wouldn’t mind him on my team. It seems like the media is focusing more on criminals this year.

7. Marquis Chapman - September 22, 2007

T.O. may be more behaved, but I expect T.O. to do something crazy that will grab headlines this season.

8. alfnsosor - September 22, 2007

femalefun…. you seem to be in the minority of people who do not think to’s celebrations are funny. There is nothing wrong with celebrations. it is entertaining and if the other team doesnt want him to celebrate they should keep him from scoring. I do not think he is arrogant for wanting to celebrate for something he works really hard for. People need to stop bitching about the celebrating it is entertaining and if the other team doesnt want him to they should keep him from scoring.the cb’s covering him are getting paid millions of dollars to do their job, I doubt they rly care much if he celebrates or not cus there smart eneogh to know its there fault for giving him a reason too.

9. alfnsosor - September 22, 2007


10. Marquis Chapman - September 23, 2007

Good Point. If they don’t want T.O. celebrating, then stop him from scoring

11. FemaleFan - September 23, 2007

Good point on the other players who get paid millions to stop him from scoring. Very true. However, I am still of the opinion that he is arrogant and a clown, not just on the field but off as well. Again, what’s funny and entertaining to some, isn’t to others. I wonder just how close that minority vs. majority opinion is on these silly celebratory antics. Obviously others in the examples, most importantly the NFL, didn’t like it either. Can’t wait for the day when the NFL takes a more serious stand, other than the out of pocket fines on this and bands it. Then those who find this entertaining and funny will have their turn to express their opinion, but I seriously doubt they’ll stop watching a good game of football if the celebrations are banned.

12. Sentimental - September 23, 2007

Question – Do we watch football for these types of celebrations or do we watch football for the game itself? What happens when players who take offense to T.O.’s celebrations take revenge on the field? Someone could seriously get hurt and over what, something so unnecessary to the game itself. I’m not a T.O. fan but I would hate to see his career end by a player who feels enough is enough.

13. D.C. - September 23, 2007

I am in that minority. Do we need to have the officials make more “personal fouls” and/or “unnecessary roughness calls” as a result of players taking the game to a more personal level.

14. Marrisa - September 23, 2007

I love T.O. and his over the top celebrations. He is having fun at work, how many of us can say the same. His obvious love of the game and what he does makes games exciting to watch! Its funny because I remember the high stepping, the dirty bird, 21 gun salute and the Lambeau leap never got this much coverage. Is it because those aren’t celebrations or because we as fans and the media didn’t choose to pay as much attention to those players as we do to T.O. because if he makes a peep he’s top center of the sports page and number one story on sports center.
And I agree if folks want to shut him up, keep him out of the endzone, otherwise deal with it. I look forward to what he might do tonight if he scores.

15. Media Bug - September 24, 2007

LOL! That’s a stretch to say that he does it because he’s having fun at work. Nice try though. Not convinced on this theory. If most of us were paid that kind of money, I think we would all love our jobs. Don’t get me wrong, football or any professional sport for that matter, requires more discipline and physical ability than most of us are required to give on the average 9 to 5. Great examples! They didn’t get as much attention from fans and the media because they were not self centered, disrespectful, taunting, in your face, “over the top” celebrations. That’s what’s wrong with them and that’s what makes them distasteful rather than funny and entertaining. You’re talking about a different class of individuals too. Yes, more attention is being paid to T.O. (just what he wants) because it is T.O., the loud mouth, media grabbing, attention seeking, controversy stirring, turn on your teammates, offend your organization (who signs his paycheck) player! One vote for watching football for the celebrations.

16. javonta - October 1, 2007

yo what up TO man im just chillin and stuff and man you better take the cowboys to the superbowl you digg

17. javonta - October 1, 2007

yo TO wat up again didn’t i tell you to take the cowboys to the superboy didnt i you is a punk, naw im playing TO you is the one of the best football players man hit me up lata ya digg

18. Mr. Insider - October 10, 2007

T.O. is a great talent, but an egotistical jerk. Crybaby, disloyal teammate, poison in the Clubhouse and difficult to manage. Yes, talent talent talent. Hey Milton Bradley has loads of talent, but control over himself. So now he is just ‘Peck’s Bab Boy’, and almost out of work.

One does NOT have to be a jerk. It is a decision one makes. I personally have no interest in or patience with T.O., Randy Moss and their ilk. I know some of you think it is entertaining and just nifty to watch high priced athletes be insulting to their profession, teammates and opposition players. I am on the other side of that divide.

I like football for football. Grandstanding has never improved any sport, in the long term, since most fans simply think it is Bush League, not professional.

My View…..

19. Around The Blogosphere « Ick’s Corner - January 5, 2008

[…] All Talk Sports *Top 5 Touchdown Celebrations of T. O* […]

20. genesiawilliams - January 12, 2008

T.O. doesn’t seem like the brightest crayon but he sure does make for one great show.

21. Jordan Pierrard - January 1, 2009

who cares if he celebreates…you cant fine someone for absolutly embarrasing you out on the field…whether he insulted fans or not, even after the 24,000$ fine…do you think he really cares what the fans think? 😛

22. A Disconcerted Spectator. - March 21, 2009

I think the fines issued for celebrations are useless and pointless. It takes the spirit and personality out of the game, if there is any left. When these guys score a touchdown, they want to do it in style, especially ones that do it a lot. Fining players for showing off what they’ve just accomplished is a silly idea and has no application in the modern sport, especially when it’s a pleasing and interesting thing to watch and look forward to in the games.
On the topic of the Dallas Star celebration, he may have been doing it in disrespect, or he may have been just celebrating at the 50 yard line. When things get to excess like that, where the celebration takes too long/becomes irrelevant, then I think a penalty of some sort should be issued, be it a fine or suspension or what have you. When celebrations are in good fun and may even be premeditated, such as Terell Owen’s marker stunt, people shouldn’t be offended. What would you feel like if you had just scored a touchdown? It’s highly likely that you are going to be ecstatic and scream and yell and cheer. Celebrations like these are just focused joy from the touchdowns, so don’t be disrespected or disgusted because we all would do something similar or even more vulgar (like shouting) if we were the ones to score.
On one final note, one person before me said that athletes like Owens were being “insulting to their profession” and I disagree. They play a game for a living, they aren’t doctors or lawyers. This game needs a little flair, a little creativity on the field, be it before, during, or after the play. Don’t get down on someone with an imagination in the endzone because you value your simplicity and statistics.

On a different subject, I feel like I should extrapolate on my views and opinions of why football needs more creativity on the field. In the entire time that I have watched football on TV or followed it on any other media, there has been only one time where I have ever seen someone think of using a lateral during a play, besides for small hand-off behind the defense, and that was in a College game. To me, it seems like this in one of the most creative ways to advance a play on the field, rather than simple (and safe, which is the main reason they’re used so much) running plays. If you are to watch a single game of rugby, the players can move the ball, nearly without stopping, the entire length of the field by laterals when they are under pressure. The rules about laterals between the two games have little to no difference, so why don’t football players utilize an effective way of moving the ball? In my opinion, this is the fault of all the coaching the players have ever recieved, most likely never being taught to use a lateral. Coaches prefer a defensive (even on offense) game. One thing is, a defensive game isn’t very exciting, and it would be in the best interests of the NFL if teams became more, for lack of better word, reckless in their offensive games, allowing more creativity and excitement. Only then can we really view football as a sport, in my opinion.

If you have any positive comments or constructive criticism, it would be wonderful to leave it here. If not, don’t bother posting a response.
Also, if thoughts don’t seem to connect, this was not planned in advance, so I don’t expect many of them to.
Thank you for reading,
Austin, 16, CA

23. Jordan M. - May 6, 2009

austin, you are a huge fag. if you have so many complaints about the sport, then why do you watch it? you should probably quit while your ahead. seeing as your useless opinion is getting the better of you. im also 16

24. 80sfootball - March 31, 2011
25. sandale - May 30, 2012


[…]Top Five: Touchdown Celebrations of Terrell Owens « All Talk Sports[…]…

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