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Vick Tests Positive for Marijuana September 26, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports.

Michael VickA urine sample submitted by Michael Vick on September 13 tested positive for marijuana.  The positive test is expected to result in tighter restrictions on Vick’s freedom.

Now, Vick must submit to any method of testing at any time.  He must also participate in a program of impatient and outpatient substance therapy  and mental help counseling if supervising officers see it necessary.  Vick’s freedom will take a significant hit as well. He is expected to be in his residence everyday from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and will be monitored electronically.The court could take the positive drug test into consideration when Vick is sentenced.



1. W.B. - September 26, 2007

My problem with this is that he was given restrictions and didn’t comply. I don’t understand why someone in his position, who is under alot of scrutiny, would dare step out of line, even in the most minimal way. There were people, even celebrities, that were willing to defend him during his charges of dog fighting, but how serious is Vick about this whole situation? If he apologized and truly meant it, I personally would have expected him to just chill out, lay low, and obey the court until this whole thing cleared. He has no place now to question his punishment…

2. Frankie - September 26, 2007

But not steroids? Not hGH, not insulin, not Synacten.

If you gave him an IRMS test for exogenous testosterone he would flunk! Or tested him for female fertility drug hCG or Clomid.

All NFL players would flunk an IRMS test—which is why it is NEVER performed. Not even the Olympics does testosterone tests–only T/E ratio tests.

3. sportsconversation - September 26, 2007

Agree w/ W.B. If he wants back in the NFL one day, why would he not make sure every single step is in line. Almost Daily he is digging himself into a bigger hole…

4. Frankie - September 26, 2007

Vick will be back if ESPN & Nike want him back.

5. FemaleFan - September 26, 2007

I’ve got to believe that his attorney has at least advised him that he has to be careful not to offend his own shadow. It makes you wonder just how sincere that apology was, especially the growing up part, and if he really gets the severity of the crime and what’s at stake for him in regards to any future with the NFL and endorsements. Instead of using marijuana, he should have been planning some strategies on how to make things right with animal organizations, the NFL and fans. One would think that with so much on his criminal plate he would be working hard to clean up his image instead of thumbing his nose at the law. It reminds me of that other football player in the news very recently. I can see Vick’s support quickly declining if he continues to be so irresponsible and not begin to take some positive steps to help his own defense.

6. Frankie - September 26, 2007


Football fans love drug addicts who are violent.

Nike swooshes always score points.

7. K.C. - September 27, 2007

I feel like I have been had ,I fell for the apology hook line and sinker. The aplology seemed honest except for the ” Found God Part” Really a stupid move on Vick’s part. Cant beleive he would pick up any violations of the law while waiting to be sentenced. Why would you put yourself in a position to get more time in jail. It’s a testament to what happens in our society. i.e. Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton. I do agree with Frankie. Vick will be back we are a very forgiving society especially when it comes to atheletes (see Ricky Williams and countless others) Some G.M. will pay him the league minimum to play 3rd. string in a couple of years. Think about it: What would a team have to lose if his skills have diminished you just cut him. Fans would be intrigued to see if he could still play so they would come out to see him. Always remember this : Theres always two sets of rules when it comes to atheletes. Sad but true.

8. Frankie - September 27, 2007

Anyone who watches ESPN-Disney TV is being ‘had’. Nike, Disney own steroid based TV WWE themed theater shows.

college football
Nascar cheating too

Disney makes BILLIONS off these ‘scripted freak shows’. It is NOT sport, it is programmed and directed product.

Rigged Game Shows still exist—as do MLB corked bats and NFL time out for Disney client commercials.

LIVE WRONG! Nike does. (Lance, Baroid, Kobe too)

9. Media Bug - September 27, 2007

I’m a recent subscriber and I enjoy this site. I’ve been going back to older post from July and I’ve found some interesting post, especially the post, “Is Michael Vick Worth the Trouble”, July 19, 2007. Everyone should check this one out. More reasons why we are having trouble supporting Vick.

10. Frankie - September 28, 2007

Nike owns Mike Vick:

Nike also endorse (own) other themed, branded cheats:

Kobe Bryant, rapist, philanderer
Baroid Bonds (Balco steroids)
Lance Phamrstrong LIVE WRONG legacy!
Marion Jones (Balco & EPO)
Tim Montgomery (Balco & Marion’s baby)
CJ Hunter (Deca Durabolin & Marion’s husband)
Justin Gatlin (exogenous testosterone)
Regina Jacobs (Balco)
Kelli White (Blaco)
Michelle Collins (Balco)
Tori Edwards (stimulants)
LaTasha Jenkins (exogenous testosterone)

It is called marketing!

11. Eric Sampson - October 1, 2007

With the dog scandle the man’s life took a serious turn for the worse, so he smoked a little pot to ease the pain. Granted, adults put the joint down and dig in when the going gets tough, but top of the line athletes don’t necessarily have that understanding; everything in their lives has always been handed to them. He smoked a bowl, I know its illegal, but so is turning right in front of a bus. Quick question, how many of you have ever had to much to drink and drove…are you lesser people for it. Would you be worse if you got caught?
People make mistakes, it doesn’t make them lesser people. Mike Vick should be seriously punished for his involvment in with the dog fighting, it shouldn’t be compounded by this boneheaded decision.

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