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Personal Foul: Athletes Releasing Rap Albums September 27, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Football, MLB, NBA, NFL, Sports.

With singles like “K.O.B.E.” featuring Trya Banks, and “Thug Poetry”, I just knew that Kobe Bryant’s album was going to be horrible.  As a fan, I just hoped he wouldn’t go through with it, but…



Deion Sanders releasing a rap album really didn’t surprise me.  When he released his video for the single, “Must be the Money”, I thought the video really captured who Deion Sanders really was.  Those dance moves were horrible though. Click here to watch the video.

Deion Sanders, The Encore Remix


It’s important to note that a decent rap artist will sell about 200,000 copies the first week.  Ron Artest’s “My World” only sold 343 copies the first week.  I’ll just leave it at that.

Ron Artest, My World


I have to be honest, Roy Jones Jr. isn’t that bad.  He’s not good, but he’s not bad.  His first album, “Round One: The Album” had the single “Yall Must’ve Forgot”.  In this song, Jones answers to all of his critics.  Click here to watch the video.

The Album


Tony Parker, released a rap album entitled “Top of the Game” in March, 2007. The album was in French and some of his teammates appeared in the videos.  If it wasn’t for the international appeal of the album, I think this album would have sold less than the album released by Artest.

Top of the Game


If anyone has the street cred to release a rap album, it has to be Allen Iverson.  Iverson went by the name Jewels as a rapper.  He didn’t officially release the album, but a lot of songs leaked on the internet.



Note:  Shaquille O’neal was omitted from this list, because believe it or not, he has had success rapping.  Shaq’s first album went platinum and his second went gold.



1. The Mixtape Monster - September 27, 2007

KOBE is by far the worst on this list. Tony Parker a close second….but they all suck. Don’t forget about CHRIS WEBBER’s album, which only sold 6,000 units.

You could probably also do a post of Athletes who can actually do music. One that comes off hand is Wayman Tisdale, who can play a mean sax.

2. The Mixtape Monster - September 27, 2007

ps – though it should be noted that Chris Webber did produce a track on Nas’ “Hip Hop Is Dead” called “Blunt Ashes”

3. K.C. - September 27, 2007

Who buys this stuff????

4. Media Bug - September 27, 2007

Agreed! Wayman Tisdale immediately comes to mind. A good example of an athlete turned successful musician. Most of the younger generation probably wouldn’t know this. Hard pressed to come up with another one.
Kobe might have been better off featuring Brandy although I don’t think that would have helped much either. The album cover looks like he knew it was going to be a flop. Will wife Vanessa be featured in the video?
I think Sanders took one leap too many – football, baseball, rap, huh?
Someone should tell Artest, Jones and Webber that a wanna be rap artist does not make a successful rap artist.
Eva must have told Parker to do it. Look for their duet soon.
Iverson had the sense to rap and release songs under a different name. I don’t think he took it seriously which is why he didn’t release an album. Strictly a side gig for him but he would be the one in this mix to most likely peak our curiosity and possibly have a fan following.
Shaq just likes to have fun and didn’t take it seriously either. Ended up doing well financially (not like he needed to) but I doubt he’ll make it a side job.

5. Elizabeth W. - September 27, 2007

Just because you are a famous athlete doesn’t mean that all your fans are going to buy your album or follow you into your half brain ideas. The fans love the players because they are good at being athletes.

6. Marquis Chapman - September 27, 2007

I agree. Ron Artest learned the hard way. 343 copies in the first week?! WOW

7. The Mixtape Monster - September 28, 2007

hahah 343! he got outsold by K-Fed i bet, THAT’s embarassing.

I could sell 343 copies of my own raps out the trunk of my honda accord on a sunny saturday

8. Eric Sampson - October 1, 2007

Amen brother…

But Shaq had skills. Fushnickens, he dropped bombs like hiroshima! actually succesful enough to drop a sophmore LP.

Rapper, apparel mogul, reality television star, cop, oh and I almost forgot, hall of fame basketball player…kill ’em diesel!

9. V!rus - October 12, 2007

tony parker?

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