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Vince Carter vs. The Air Up There September 29, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Basketball, NBA, Sports, Video.

This would be one of the best dunk contests man has ever seen.  Vince Carter in a head to head dunk contest against “The Air Up There”.

The Champion

Vince “Vinsanity” Carter

Hometown:  Daytona Beach, Florida

Occupation: NBA Player

Height:  6’6”

Weight: 225

Most Notable Dunk:  Jumped over Frederick Weis

The Challenger

Taurian “The Air Up There” Fontenette

Hometown:  Hithcock, Texas

Occupation: And1 Streetballer

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 185

Most Notable Dunk: 720

Would Vince Carter remain on top as the best dunker, or would the underdog Taurian Fontenette walk away with an upset?


1. WiNNiE - September 29, 2007

wow… those were some crazy dunks… the air these guys have is unbelievable. for some reason i feel like Fontenette is explosive enough to surpass Carter BUT, with that being said… both men CAN FLY… amazing stuff marquis, thanx…

2. to much stroke - September 30, 2007

Originally I would have said Carter hands down because of that dunk over Weis and his unbelievable legacy of excellence, also i’ve never been a huge fan of most of the players from the mix tape tour because i feel like most of their games are gimmicky, incomplete and they wouldn’t be able to handle a real run against top notch players, but after being reminded of the between the legs 360 and the 720 i would have to give it to Air Up There for a guy who is only 6’2” his bounce is incredible.

3. Marquis Chapman - September 30, 2007

Yeah. I would give to the Air Up There hands down. Vince could do whatever he wants, but some of the dunks that the Air Up There does looks unreal. I really want to know if Vince can pull of a 720.

4. The Mixtape Monster - October 1, 2007

The Air Up There is a ONE TRICK PONY people! Sure, he can 720, but can he jump over 7’2″ Frederic Weis WITH AUTHORITY? I think not. Most of The Air Up There’s dunks are in the open floor as well, VINCE destorys anything in his path.

5. Marquis Chapman - October 1, 2007

I don’t know man. In a dunk contest, there isn’t anyone in your path, and I think the Air Up There would do some damage against Vince. Some of the dunks I’ve seen him pull off don’t even look real. I have to stick with the Air Up There on this one.

6. Real Talk TC - October 1, 2007

o how i do love the artistry and the mix of finesse and power behind mr vince carters dunks.. mm, it sort of gives me the “o damns” when i think of his sickest dunks. but uh, this air up there guy is completely and utterly a freak of nature. this guy is insane. its perposterous and mind boggling how this circus act of a jumper dunks the babsketball. 720?! r u freakin kiddin me?! thru the legs 360?! come on now.. thats Gods way of saying that yes, He does infact exist and rule over everything and everyone. so, with all that said, im gunna have to go with air up there. hes shorter and has tremendo bounce..

7. Marquis Chapman - October 1, 2007

We think very much alike Real Talk TC. I couldn’t have said it any better.

8. fouledout - October 10, 2007

the 720 dunk is sick..

9. Marquis Chapman - October 10, 2007

Very Sick. Never thought I would see something like that.

10. kYe - October 11, 2008

You know Carter has been putting a hurting on how many dudes trying to get in his way thru out the years. Im a huge And1 basketball fan but real talk people VC vs Taurian Fontenette hands down Carter. My man A.U.T has jumps no doubt but he only has a handful of high light dunks compared to Carters what hundreds. Plus like many have noted uncontested compared to jumping over somebody 7 feet tall? Lets go people get on the Carter train you know what it iz!!!

11. Jordan Pierrard - January 1, 2009

you cant be serious..like…go on youtube and look up air up there, all you’ll see is pure insanity, things carter couldnt even dream of doing. sure he jumped over someone who’s 7feet but can you see air up there’s hops man? he could easily jump over him and throw down some sick posterizing dunk to make everyone else on the court look absolutly foolish. and anyone who is voting for carter..its probably because you dont think air up there can do anything but jump…he can catch a pass from anywhere in the air while doing a 360. if you still have doubs check out this link and see for yourself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBe1s3GSnaw

12. Jordan Pierrard - January 1, 2009

this is a small reply to The Mixtape Monster above, check out that link and you’ll see what air up there can really do.

13. varsky - June 3, 2009

vince carter is the best dunker ever that played basketball hes always dunking on someone the air up ther is agreat dunker but anything he can do vince can do it better

14. john - June 3, 2009

vc is the best dunker ever

15. caleb the dragon - June 19, 2009


16. jimmy - June 19, 2009

i have to go with vince

17. kayla - June 19, 2009

i don’t watch basketball that much but after i saw these video i would have to go with the champion vince carter

18. DMA - June 23, 2009

I like Vince Carter but honestly, Mr 720 does better dunks. And, I don’t think Vince can do what Mr 720 does. Because Mr 720 is able to control his body much better when he dunks (Probably because he’s just 6’2).

I would like people to be honest saying why they think VC or Mr 720 is a better dunker (I don’t think that saying “Vince!!!” or “I like Vince, he’s the best” are valid arguments).

About dunking over Weis, I am pretty sure Mr 720 can do this . Because in some of his dunks, we can see that his head is ~10 cm (even more) over the rim.

19. brehme - July 25, 2009

nao sei nda ki vcs falaram mas pra min o melhor das interradas é o da AND 1
nao tem pro THE AIR UP A THERE no!!!!
o cara é muito foda mesmo!!!

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