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And The Team That Upsets USC Is… Stanford?! October 7, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in College Football, Football, Sports.

Stanford CardinalsWell, I knew USC was going to be upset, but I definitely didn’t think that it was going to be Stanford of all teams to pull it off.  Some how, some way, the Stanford Cardinals shocked the USC Trojans, Trojan fans, and the entire nation as they defeated the No. 2 ranked team in the nation 24-23 in Los Angeles.

In addition to a poor showing against Arizona State the previous week, the Cardinals were coming into the game as a 41 point underdog, and without their starting quarterback T.C. Ostrander due to a seizure.

Quarterback Tavita Pritchard took on the challenge and stepped up his play.  Pritchard had only completed one pass the entire season.  But,  faced with 4th and goal, Pritchard threw the game winning touchdown to Mark Bradford with just 41 seconds remaining in the game.

While Pritchard may have won the game for the Cardinals in the end, most of the credit has to go to the Cardinal’s defense.  The Cardinals held the Trojans to just 95 yards rushing.  Coming into the game, the Trojans were ranked No. 10 in the nation, averaging 237 rushing yards per game.  The Cardinals also intercepted 4 passes from USC quarterback John David Booty and sacked him 4 times.

Surprisingly, the last team to beat the Trojans at home was the Cardinals in 2001.  With this lost, the Trojans had their 5 game winning streak against Stanford snapped, their 35 home game winning streak snapped, and their 24 game Pac-10 home win streak snapped.

So there you have it, I never expected this to happen, but it did.  The Cardinals defeated USC with a second string quarterback, and held the Trojan’s potent rushing game under 100 rushing yards. I know that anything can happen in college football, but given the circumstances, and of all the teams to upset USC… Stanford?!


1. kidal25 - October 7, 2007

My aunt works at Stanford. Thats why they won he he.

2. kidal25 - October 7, 2007

My aunt works at Stanford. Thats why they won he he. My Gators lost so now I’m a state of depression.

3. Marquis Chapman - October 7, 2007

haha. Sorry about the Gators kidal25. They almost had LSU. I really thought they were going to walk away the win.

4. HotCalSun - October 7, 2007
5. K.C. - October 7, 2007

As I posted earlier. The Pac-10 should be called the “Any given Saturday league.” Every team is capable of losing a game or two. The offense’s in this league are just so potent. I agree on it’s face most people will think that Stanfords offense stepped up. But the fact of the matter is that their defense played a marvelous game. Maybe U.S.C. had sympathy pains for the other team that they share L.A. with U.C.L.A. who lost to N.D.

6. Sportsattitude - October 7, 2007

Yes, what a “lost” Saturday night in LA-LA Land! USC losing to Stanford was the bigger upset by far…but UCLA should be ashamed of themselves for losing to Notre Dame. That Bruin program always seems to be up one week, down the next…no consistency whatsoever.

7. Young Kristoff - October 7, 2007

It was due for an sc loss. They were alway playing horribly this season. Pete Carrol said it himself after they defeated Washington that the Washington victory was going to hurt the team and lose, or spark a fire with the team and start rolling. I guess we can see that this might be the worse sc team in the Pete Carrol Era.

8. package13 - October 7, 2007

oh yes oh yes! stanford baby! my dad and grandpa are both alumn’s, this was a big win! love it, got to love it!

9. thegridirongoddess - October 7, 2007


10. spartan38 - October 7, 2007

USC is imply not quite the team it used to be when comparing them to the haydays of Leinart & Bush. The glamour and hype that these past years have created is exactly what is hurting the team from fullfilling the expectations of its fan base. 16 penalties against Washington is unexcusable which accounted for a loss of 161 yards-they also had a missed field goal and a blocked punt which fans aren’t accustomed to viewing. Against Stanford, I understand that the injured list coming into this game was extensive including C.J Gable, Staefon Johnson, Shareece Wright to name a few out of a total 11 starters but their poor performance was too poor to be attributed to a cause/effect of this. I predict Sanchez will start next week not based on Booty’s poor performance of 4 Ints but because of his middle finger fracture that he received apparently in the 2nd quarter. I am happy for this possibility because it gives the chance for a better cowboy behind center to show his skills namely All American Mark Sanchez who was ranked the best HS quarterback in the country during his HS play. Why Booty continued to play on a fractured I am unsure but what I am sure is that this is what led to the 3 INTs of the 3rd & 4th quarter of play. Apart from stats, there are too many younguns not doing their jobs on this team. They think that because they step on the field and wear the cardinal and gold everything will fall into place. There is not enough veterans on the team to hold the young players accountable and keep a disciplined core. These players are basically showing themselves the ropes of College Football and I understand that. And I know many ppl are probably thinking, give them a break they are ranked 10th in the nation but at the expense of having the 5th highest recruiting cost of any college football team. I hope Sanchez plays because if Booty plays on a recovering fractured finger, the USC coaching staff will look like fools and will lose credibility in the process.

11. spartan38 - October 8, 2007

Oh and by the way the attitude that is killing us is also in the fan base as well. My brother, A USC student, was at the game and left early in the second quarter. I called him right before Stanford threw the pass in the end zone to give them the lead. He thought we won for sure till he turned on the television and saw we were losing by 1 with less than a minute of play leftover without any timeouts. This is what I’m talking about fans and players alike.

12. to much stroke - October 8, 2007

I surprised just like everyone else but USC hasnt looked as dominant as advertised all year especially against Washington the week before, if Bootys finger problem persists i would love to see Mustain

13. The Mixtape Monster - October 8, 2007

man, i was watching lsu-fla when i heard this. they announced it at the stadium and lsu went wild (they were down at the time). i think it helped them rally

14. Real Talk TC - October 9, 2007

i hate to say i told you so but, well, i told you so. i had stanford doing it all along. i mean i never thought usc was THAT great. iight, im bullsh****n’. nvr saw it coming. who did? big win for stanford. im sure my alum of an uncle is still drunk from this past weekend. if usc is as dominating as theyre supposed to be they wouldve and shouldve blown these fools out. i dont think they got it in ’em. too many close games and too many other teams feeling like they can actually compete. when youre a great team u cant leave any doubt. you have to shoot to kill every play of every game. lsu folks. lsu.

15. Marquis Chapman - October 9, 2007

I tried to tell USC fans that LSU was the real #1 team in the country.

16. K.C. - October 9, 2007

I would’nt count U.S.C. out just yet. They are still a great team. But they certainly can’t stand to many more losses if they are going to win the National Championship. The knee-jerk reaction is to pull Booty and I can understand that. Not sure how Sanchez will perform with live bullets coming at him. He was a great Q.B. in high svhool, but so was every other skill position player at S.C. I think you have to consider it if Booty struggles next game. But there are other problems S.C. has to address i.e. wide receiver play and secondary play. I think we will all have a better gauge in Dec.

17. Sportsattitude - October 10, 2007

The thing that gets me is how far USC fell in the polls. Some folks are saying that Stanford is so bad, it makes sense to shove them practically out of the top ten. Come on. Does anyone think South Florida and Boston College are gonna be playing for the BCS title? Every team above USC now will lose at least one game before the season is over. USC is still an outstanding team. That being said, I wouldn’t have a problem seeing what Sanchez can do. The finger injury might be an opportunity to “quietly” get that done.

18. Mr. Insider - October 10, 2007

Hey, odds are that every team will lose one game or more that is currently ranked Top 10. Maybe not LSU, tho lots of other ‘dominant’ teams have been upset this “Season Of The Upset”. I am a diehard CAL fan whose blood runs blue and gold. I rank my beloved Golden Bears maybe 6th as of today, not 2nd. BUT I honestly don’t know what teams should be #2-#5. Debate topic here. The season is simple to measure, however. The only poll that counts is the one at the end for BCS rankings. Nothing else matters until that poll comes out. EXCEPT for one thing. Winning the next game, whoever and wherever it is. Polls are fun for us fans, but can cause more harm than good for football teams. As Jeff Tedford said yesterday at lunch,”I have not looked at a poll since before the preseason. We know we have a big bullseye on us now. Every team is aiming at that bullseye.” Whereas we used to have a Donkey Tail on our back (My words, not Coach’s).

TO break it down for the PAC 10, which is most relevant to most of us here, CAL has to win. The team is capable an has not put together more than a solid half in any game it has played yet. CAL can and must start playing to potential if we want to chalk up victories against tough teams like AZ State, Washington, Oregon State and UCLA. It was said above that the Baby Bruins play well one weak and like crap the next week. Let’s hope we do not catch them on a peak week. Then there is USC. It is eminently beatable by CAL. We are in our house, are motivated and hungrier than USC and have no spirit sapping loss to a really weak team! That just demoralizes the best of teams and players for the season.

I loved to see USC lose even more than I treasure those Stanford Indian losses. But, in truth, USC’s embarassment hurt CAL’s BCS points, as we all know. Also, in truth, ‘it don’t matter none’ if we run the table. We would be 12-0, in 2nd place, probably, and playing for it all in N’awlens. An unreal dream since it have been about 70 yrs since CAL could claim it was #1 in college football. On the other hand, if we lose to one of the solid teams (other than USC) in the PAC 10, and win out, we are in the BCS gang and should play in the Rose Bowl. Another dream come true.

So every game will be a battle ’cause CAL has a bullseye and is a target to beat and gain points by doing it for any other team. Oregon State is improving and has #2 Run D at 47 yards per game. Not to be overlooked, or we could be upset, and it would not shock anyone as CAL is a 14 point favorite at home. (Equivelant to being a 7 point favorite on the road).

The upset was last week, did not help, nor maybe even hurt CAL in the final analysis. CAL has its future firmly within its control AND we know USC can have its lunch handed to it by a really weak team.

Summary: If CAL starts playing to potential for more than one half a game, CAL will go undefeated and I will see y’all at the Dome in January, while we party in the Queen of Cities. If CAL loses to a team other than USC and runs the table to end up 11-1, I believe we will be in the Rose Bowl, almost as good for us long suffering Old Blues!

Saturday at 4pm is the only thing to focus on. Saturday at 7:30pm, we will know much more about the innards of this CAL team. Stay tuned. Joe Starkey on KGO is the best college announcer on the planet, if you want to listen in while watching it on the tube.


19. K.C. - October 11, 2007

Bears had better be carefull. Still a lot of football left to play. I hope they don’t exhale now that U.S.C. has lost . Remember : Any given Saturday…..

20. Mr. Insider - October 12, 2007

K.C. you are SO right. Bears can lose to O-State alot more readily than USC lost to Stanfurd. That O-State ‘D’ is really solid. I predict a win, but am unwilling to give or take points today.

Am including an historical analysis of why Troy fell on its sword that I sent to Riki Ellison and other famous USC grads who are still full of false pride and B.S.

First is Riki’s insulting email to alot of us telling us CAL is the Court Jester to USC ‘The King’!

Subject: The Jester

One of the dangers inherent to those who dare to be King is that occasionally, the Court Jester will sneak into the King’s Chambers and foul his bed.

The Jester knows he shall never be King; his only solace is that rare moment when the clown wounds the monarch. Yet, in the end, the King is still the King and the Jester is still the Jester.

TO: Riki Ellison from Mr. Insider

A Short History of Troy

Stop with the Jester analogy unless carried to it’s true ending. Jester gets Queenie preggers, she has triplets…Two boys and a girl…The boys grow up fighting for the kingdom’s crown. Olde King thinks kids are his. Queenie knows differently as she feigned ‘dropsie’ for the months around the Jester’s Impregnation. He is a meanspirited olde king with hubris sweating from his very pores. He beats Queenie and the boys. He whips and rapes his peasant farmers, he takes what he wants from his village shopkeepers and whips to death all who oppose him. King has no friends .FAST FORWARD A FEW YEARS: Young Reginald the Rotten gives his little brother poison, killing him dead. All are griefstricken. No evidence of foul play remains. Reggie gets away with it. The Jester, now becoming a dirty olde man of 61, decides the young Princess Eloise the Ethereal is a hottie. He gets close (Really close, if you catch my drift), and lo and behold, she becomes preggers, too! Jester does not know it is his daughter. Queenie kept mum on most everything.

Princess Eloise has a son, Draconio the Dwarf. Very ugly little fellow. FAST FORWARD AGAIN: King getting aged, still beating Queenie. One day she has enough and screams at him. She know all as Eloise has confided in her the truth. But she has kept close counsel and not revealed the Jester’s dark secret!

“My King Roderick the Revolting, you have hurt me one time too many. The truth shall now become your death shroud. Your children are not yours, but mine and another’s gifts of love to our family.” The screaming continues, and the crepuscular olde Roderick lashes out with his fist. Just at that moment, young (well not so young at this juncture) Roderick runs into the room unsheaths his sword and hacks off his father’s arm at the shoulder. Blood spurts everywhere, and the King falls to the ground, his life draining out upon the stone floor. His last words are: “Oh God, why wouldst thou have me die in jest? A bitter poison could never a man have accompany him to his grave.” Rotten Roddie spits upon his dying King and hacks off the other arm for good measure.

Moving right along, the Dwarf enters with his miniature crossbow, sees Roderick the Rotten standing over the dead King and looking at the Queen, Draconio’s grandmum.
He incorrectly assesses the situation, aims and shoots his trusty crossbow, impaling Roderick to the wooden beam in the stone wall through his neck. Very unpleasant.
Roderick gurgles something never to be known and chokes on his own blood, dying standing up in his soft leather boots.

Qeenie, suspecting that Rod poisoned her other son (the good one), is not crushed by this development. She, however, realizes that the King’s Guard will eviscerate them all if they stay in the Castle, so:

She gathers Dwarf , Eloise, her son who is always grinning, and they find an doddering olde horse that used to be white, but has turned rather gray. In the dead of night, Dwarf helps the three ladies onto the olde nag and leads the horse out the back gate of the Castle, down a dirt path and towards the boundary of the kingdom. No food, the clothes on their backs, they sculk off into the darkness, never to be heard of again.


The kingdom is mystified. What happened? Why? How? At a loss for words, and needful of action, the King’s Guard turns to the only person of stature who the evil King left alive when he dies. Guess Who?

Right, The Jester! Jester’s first words to the Kingdom were:

My faithful subjects, I am sorry for what has occured, but it is for the best. A cleansing of Troy was required. We will no longer be a Kingdom, for that is wrong. We will no longer be an evil power cruelly beating and hurting our people. We will not longer do these things for we have kicked the King’s family out on their booty. And let them keep the Trojan horse they have stolen, for he is close to his death, as well.

Nay, we shall be a happy little village, thankful for the scraps of goodness that may come our way. This is the plight of other little villages like The Farm of Stanford used to be, the Bears of Berkeley were, and the mountain dwellers high in Appalachia. This is ordained and so be it. I shall be Lord Mayor, but not King of our village. We are no longer what we were, for as all know, sometime, someplace. somewhere, every Trojan-enz!

Mr. Insider!

21. spartan38 - October 13, 2007

SC plays Arizona today on ABC at around 12:00-12:30ish I believe and it is official that Mark Sanchez will be the starting QB. It’s going to be an interesting game.

22. Marquis Chapman - October 13, 2007

It’s going to be a very interesting game Spartan38. Either fans will be begging for Sanchez to remain the starting QB or begging for Booty to come back ASAP. We’ll see what happens.

23. Mr. Insider - October 13, 2007

USC is overrated. Booty is not their only problem. They may win the rest of their games, but the stain of the Stanford loss will haunt them.

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