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Joe Torre Keeps His Job October 8, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Baseball, MLB, Sports.

Joe TorreWith the pressure of possibly losing his job, Joe Torre desperately needed a win against the Cleveland Indians to avoid a sweep.  On Saturday, George Steinbrenner stated that Joe Torre would be fired if he didn’t win the series against the Indians.

Sunday’s game looked like it was going to be the end for Torre and the Yankees.  The Yankees found themselves down 3-0 early in the game as Roger Clemens struggled against the Indians and made an exit in the third inning.

The Yankees were able to make a rally and came back to beat the Indians 8-4.  The savior of the Yankees’ season and Torres’ job was Johnny Damon.  Damon had three hits and drove in four runs, including a go ahead, three run homer, giving the Yankees a 5-3 lead.  This gave the Yanks the momentum they needed to rally and come away with the win.  The Yankees still trail the  first round AL playoff series 2-1, but this victory might give the spark the club needs to win the series and ensure Torre keeps his job.

George Steinbrenner threatening to fire Joe Torre is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.  Given the success Torre has had with the Yankees, Steinbrenner should have shown more class, and not broadcast to the media that Torre would be fired if the Yankees were swept.  Torre can only do so much when one of your star players goes into hiding when post season comes around.  Alex Rodriguez goes from a superstar to a minor league player when the games matter the most.  Instead of threatening to fire Torre, maybe Steinbrenner should have threatened to take some of A-Rod’s money back.




1. to much stroke - October 8, 2007

couldn’t agree more Torre has already proven himself time and time again, its not his fault if a-rod can’t swing the bat after september

2. Jason T. Wilson - October 8, 2007

Joe Torre should have went and punched George square in the mouth after the game, maybe loosing a few chicklets would wisse George up, make him realize he should not be running his mouth to the press about his manager.. who I agree Stroke.. has more then proven himself! *side note* is it just me, or does Torre look like Joe Pesci in that picture?? 🙂

3. Marquis Chapman - October 8, 2007

Now that you mention it, he definitely does look like Joe Pesci.

4. Sportsattitude - October 8, 2007

Stroke speaks the truth and Jason T is dead on. I am so tired of reporters ringing up that decaying shell of a man whenever they want to make a name for themself, knowing he hasn’t been in control of his thoughts or mouth for at least ten years now. Joe Torre is one of the class acts in sports and does not deserve this nonsense. I hope he decides to go somewhere else and stick it to the Yanks once George finally expires and that franchise goes in the toilet when the new ownership decides to be fiscally responsible and run the team like the Pirates.

5. Jason T. Wilson - October 8, 2007

Well with the Yankees exiting the post season early.. AGAIN for the 3rd straight season.. Torre should prolly start getting his resume together.. I also still hope Torre punches George in the mouth!!

6. Marquis Chapman - October 8, 2007

That makes two of us.

7. knowitAll - October 8, 2007

guys…did you ever stop to think that maybe george steinbrenner was attempting to do something joe torre could not?…MOTIVATE the damn YANKEES. these guys have all the talent in the world, every batter has the potential to go deep at any given time and yet they can only put three hits on the board in game 2. they have exited the postseason early 3 straight seasons now and in my opinion the bronx bombers definitely needed someone to light a fire under their asses! joe torre obviously failed to do this and THE BOSS felt like he had to do something…his money, his team, his rules!
his tactics seemed to work in game 3, but the yanks inevitably faltered today and are out of the postseason. i think something has to be done…a team with this much firepower shouldnt be struggling like this.

8. K.C. - October 9, 2007

These guys are pros. If they need motivation in N.Y., they are in the wrong business. How about calling out A-Rod in the press. Saying if he doesnt produce hes outta here.We have all been done this road before with George sign all the best and expensive talent in baseball and when they dont perform fire the manager. It will never happen but I wish Jeter, A-Rod, Damon and Cleamons would go to his office together and tell George we want outta here solely because we dont appreciate the way you treat Joe. (Yeah right hold your breath and wait for that.) The only guy who has the stones to do that is Cleamons and he might be on way out anyway. If making that statement before game three was a motivational tool maybe he should have said it again before game4. I think Joe Torre is agreat manager. He has the perfect temperment for that team of superstars. The vetrans respect him and the young players learn from him. It truly is a special talent to blend all those egos together.He protects his guys. and he never publicly berates them to the media. He realizes it’s a players game and he’s never looking for any of the credit.

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