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A Very Bizarre Monday Night in Buffalo October 9, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports.

There wasn’t a full moon out, but it was a very bizarre Monday night as the Buffalo Bills looked like they were poised to upset the Dallas Cowboys. 

The Bills played the game of their lives as Hall of Famers Thurman Thomas and Jim Kelly watched on the sidelines.  They led for nearly the entire game and had the Dallas Cowboys offense completely out of sync.  Tony Romo played the worst game of his professional career, throwing 5 interceptions and fumbling once.

The Bills led 17-10 at half, and after a Dallas Cowboy field goal in the beginning of the third quarter, the Bills responded with a kickoff return for a touchdown by Terrance McGee, making the score 13-24.

In the fourth quarter, Buffalo looked like they were still going to come away with the upset, as kicker Nick Folk (more on him later) made the score 16-24 with a 37-yard field goal. The score remained 16-24 until Romo hit Patrick Clayton for a 4-yard touchdown with just 24 seconds left, making it 22-24.  The Cowboys went to Terrell Owens for the 2-point conversion, but the pass was stripped out of Owens’ hands by Jabari Greer.

With just 24 seconds left in the game, the only thing the Buffalo Bills needed to do in order to ensure the win was recover the onside kick, but somehow it was the Cowboys, not the Bills that recovered the kick. 

After a 20-yard pass to Terrell Owens was overturned, the Cowboys completed two more passes, and set up Nick Folk for a 53-yard field goal with just 2 seconds left.  Folk made the field goal, but Bills head coach Dick Jauron called a timeout just before the ball was snapped.  Folk stepped up to kick the field goal again, and the Cowboys and Bills watched as the ball went straight through the middle.  Game over, Cowboys win, and a very bizarre Monday night in Buffalo.



1. albuhhh - October 9, 2007

GO COWBOYS! Oh and on your previous post, GO RED SOX and GO CAL! I am living a sports fan’s dream.

2. The Mixtape Monster - October 9, 2007

what a game. i was very impressed by the Bills QB though, for a young guy he showed some serious poise

3. K.C. - October 9, 2007

Great win for the Boys. Wins like that serve you well the rest of the season. You honestly beleive you can win any game you’re in no matter how many points you’re down in the 4th quarter. That being said they may find themselves in the same situation this coming Sunday against the Pats. My hat goes off to Buffalo they played hard. Going in to the game I thought they might lose by 40.

4. Real Talk TC - October 9, 2007

happens all the time.. sometimes good point guards have terrible games but their team steps up and still pulls off a win. defense wins games too. 6 to’s is a lot but i blame buffalo for not capitalizing better on romo’s misfortune.. tough loss.

5. Sportsattitude - October 9, 2007

That is the kind of win you are looking for to see if a team is the “real deal” for the post-season. Buffalo is not an easy place to play, whether the Bills stink or not. In this instance, even with Buffalo managing to put some special team and defense points up, the Cowboys found a way to win…even while thinking about the Pats coming up this week. Words can’t do justice as to what that win did for that team. Even if they get waxed this week by New England (and who hasn’t yet?), I think the fact they pulled this one out shows their ability to weather the storm…and in a Super Bowl season, you always have to have a spot of luck and good fortune in a couple of games.

6. Jason T. Wilson - October 9, 2007

I agree Sportsattitude.. I needed to see if this team could play from behind the entire game.. have Romo fall from the heavens, and still rally around him to get the job done! GO COWBOYS!!!

7. knowitAll - October 9, 2007

there is no way the bills should have lost this game! romo throws 5 picks and fumbles once and buffalo cant put the ball in the end zone a single time. their offense only had one field goal, the bills deserved to lose this game just as much as the cowboys.

8. Marquis Chapman - October 9, 2007

The Bills are a perfect example of a team that was playing not to lose, instead of playing to win. What was up with that soft defense in the closing minutes of the game. They let the Cowboys march down the field and didn’t prevent them from going out of bounds. Horrible

9. Troy - October 10, 2007

I had a feeling Monday. I was talking to one of my colleagues/buddies early in the morning about how the game and transversing some cheap laughs. Well, I explained how it could be like the Arizona Cardinals/Chicago Bears Monday Night game from last season. And it was, just a kicker made it happen here; and, well, Tony Romo isn’t Rex Grossman.

Dallas had no business winning that game once the score ascended to 24-13.

10. Troy - October 10, 2007

Oh, and too bad we didn’t get to watch Dick Jauron go off on the media (like D-Green.) Something like this:

“We had them. We had them good. But we let it all slide down the drain! They roped us! They f***ing roped us! And we didn’t put them away! Some guy named Folk nailed not one, not two, not three, but four field goals against us! They f***ing roped us. They roped us. They f***king roped us. We played soft, and they roped us! They f***cking roped us!”

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