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Terrell Owens No Longer Talking Trash October 11, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports.

Your read it right, Terrell Owens is no longer talking trash.  When reporters came to Owens’ locker to question him about the highly anticipated game against the New England Patriots, they didn’t see the talkative, trash talking Cowboy’s receiver, but instead found a note of all things, posted on his locker.  Here is what the note said:

Dear Reporters,

Due to the magnitude of this week’s game and high volume of questions for the Original 81 about the other 81. I will be taking all questions immediately following Sunday’s game.

Sincerely, (followed by Owens’ signature)

P.S. Getcha Popcorn Ready.

Alright, so maybe Owens isn’t talking trash, but he’s kind of writing trash. However, if the Cowboys win Sunday’s game against the Pats, I expect the “original 81” to throw the post-it notes in the trash, and go back to his usual loud mouth ways.



1. K.C. - October 11, 2007

This may be the weekend that the chatter starts. Whoever takes the loss will start talking. If the Boys take it on the chin, and T.O. does’nt catch enough balls he will have something to say. If Randy losses if might have something to say also. Both these guys are great players I just wish they would’nt trash their teammates when things go bad. I do think Randy is on a shorter leash. The coach and the senior leaders for the Pats won’t stand for to much negative talk

2. Sportsattitude - October 11, 2007

We in Philly wish T.O. and Donovan McNabb could have co-existed. Believe me, there appeared to be many in that locker room who would have wished the same…and also wouldn’t have been that upset if McNabb had moved on instead. I LOVED that note in the locker. It seems a lot of the analysts did as well. Let’s see if Moss tries to top it pre-game. I agree Randy is being “kept under wraps” more than Owens but I am expecting him to find a way to grab some pre-game story of his own.

3. The Mixtape Monster - October 11, 2007

If I had my way when it comes to that game, the Boys would win 50-21.

T.O.’s stats would be 0 catches for 0 yards in the victory

Moss’ stats would be 10 catches for 250 yards and 3 TD in the loss.

F the Patriots.

4. arnold - October 11, 2007

I loved the note. I thought TO got a bad call with the delay of game call last week. If anyone else let go the football like he did, it would have been fine.

5. Troy - October 11, 2007

Call me crazy but ever since I read T.O.’s recent book (from ’06) about his trivial time with the Eagles, I’ve respected him more than McNabb. I’ve thought he had been through a lot in life from what he wrote, and the scrutiny the media has given him in more-so the recent 3-4 years has been absolutely ridiculous whether you believe he has deserved it or not. He’s human just like us, and has feelings. I believe some people forget that sometimes.

That being said, the note was great. Something new and intricate has been formed of it, and the media is going crazy over it.

6. Jason T. Wilson - October 13, 2007

T.O. seems the poster child for what a good teammate is this year.. he likes his coachs, qb, and other teammates.. Yep its official.. we have entered the twilight zone.. Its easy to be all smiles when your winning.. Im curious to see what happens when the Cowboys do loose a game.. Hopefully it won’t be this weekend thou 🙂

7. Marquis Chapman - October 13, 2007

That’s going to be the true test. When the Cowboys lose or start playing bad, I’m really curious to see how T.O. is going to act.

8. Dalton Gage - February 3, 2010

I know yall are all haters,,Terrell ownens is one of the best receiver of all time. Yes he talks trash, But he can back it up,He didnt do to much for the bills because he had a horrible quarterback.

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