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My Thoughts on Joe Torre’s Departure from the Yankees October 19, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Baseball, MLB, Sports.

On Saturday, Joe Torre rejected a 5 million, one year deal offer from the Yankees.  The offer included a $3 million dollar bonus if the Yankees reached the World Series, and an $8 million dollar option for 2009 if the Yankees won the AL pennant.

Torre’s rejection of the offer comes after a Yankees’ disappointing performance against the Cleveland Indians in the first round of the AL playoffs.  When the Yankees trailed Cleveland in the series 2-0, Yankees’ Owner George Steinbrenner threatened to fire Torre if the Yankees were swept.

Now, Torre declining the Yank’s offer ultimately ends an amazing era for the Yankees.  During his 12 years as the manager of the Yankees, Torre led the team to four World Series, won 10 East AL titles, and had a record of 1,173-767. 

If I were Torre, I would have rejected the offer as well.  Although it still may have made him the highest paid manager in the league, offering a deal based on performance to one of the best managers to ever coach in the Major League is a disgrace to him and the entire Yankee organization.  After threatening to fire Torre during the playoffs, the Yankees should have showed they still wanted him to manage the team, and give him a multi -year deal, without the performance based incentives.

Torre leaving the Yankees, is like Red Auerbach leaving the Celtics. It’s just something that sports fans should never see happen.  His name was synonymous with the Yankees and he was the best possible manager for the team.  He’s what every team wants in their manager and a tough disciplinarian, but is also a player’s coach.  Most of all, he’s a proven winner that still knows how to get the best out of his players. 

This is something that is going to haunt the Yankees for years to come.  For Torre, it may have not been about the money and the deal, but maybe the amount of disloyalty shown by an organization that he has given so much to probably played a major role in his decision.  This is not only the end of Torre’s career with the Yankees, but is also an end of an era, and the end to the Yankees’ franchise as we know it.


1. Sportsattitude - October 19, 2007

I agree this is the end of an era. It seems in sports these days everything has to change, tradition fades away, loyalty is replaced by greed, etc. On one hand, you wonder how Torre made it this long, swallowing his pride at the shabby way he was treated during his tenure. On the other hand, you wonder what the Yankees are going to do now that someone who was so willing to put up with their constant crap and at the same time stay strong and calm before the New York media circus…is now gone. Who is going to step into this role? Who will be worthy? Whomever it is, they will be compared to Torre forever and a day.

2. kidal25 - October 19, 2007

It’s amazing how you can win the world series 4 times and make the playoffs in all your years of managing and still be “average” in New York.

3. The Mixtape Monster - October 19, 2007

Nice to see Torre give a big “shove it” to the Yanks. Hell, we’ll take him in LA!

4. Mr. Insider - October 19, 2007

Joe is a class act. Always been a true gentleman when I have seen him. The point here is whether or not the Yankees needed a new style of skipper at the helm. It is a very tough job, and only a true New Yorker, MVP Allstar baseball player like Joe pulled it off over the past half century. Billy Martin was the next best one, and he was a certified nutcase out of Berkeley High!

I would have kept Torre, extended his contract as is on a year by year basis and retooled the team, itself. Dump A-Rod (All Talent, no team championships…Sound familiar?), keep Clemens away, bring up younger talent at two-three other positions and really focus on the pitching corps. Do that and Torre gets to the ALCS again, with a chance to knock off whatever the NL throws into the W.S. in 2008.

Hope Joe ends up coaching again. If I am Tony LaRussa, another really great manager, I stay the hell away from NYC. But Mattingly may be in. He will not be successful. LaRussa would be, but at a price for him.

Go A’s in ’08!

5. K.C. - October 19, 2007

I agree with all the above post. Joe is a class act.I am sure he will land on his feet with another club. He was the right guy for that cast of characters in N.Y.

6. Rolling a blog joint « Cuzoogle - October 27, 2007

[…] All Talk Sports is commenting on Joe Torre and the Yankees. […]

7. Jason T. Wilson - October 30, 2007

Torre is LA Bound!!!! That is great! I Love it!!!

8. The Mixtape Monster - October 31, 2007

you outta town marquis? was hoping to catch some of your thoughts on the Ricky Davis trade, the Mavs getting Juwan Howard, and basically anything NBA for the start of the season. hope alls well.

9. tsos20 - November 4, 2007

WelI said. It wasn’t about money, he signed for less per year. It was about being wanted, a 3 year deal vs a 1 year deal. A 1 year deal means, “lame duck”. Joe is no lame duck. That’s why he said he was insulted.

I hope LA signs a couple free agents. There are serveral players who can make a difference, out there.

The loss of Mariano Rivera would really hurt the Yankees next year. I would love to see Mariano go to LA.
The Sultan on Sports

10. asiansportsfanatic - November 12, 2007

I could not agree more. Torre deserved much better. 12 straight playoff appearances and 4 World Series victories, what more can you ask for? I hope this is the start of the downfall of the Yankees.

As much as I love that Torre has landed with my beloved Dodgers, the Yankees made Torre more than Torre made the Yankees. Lets see what happens in LA.

11. blacktygrrrr - November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving My Friend.

eric aka http://www.blacktygrrrr.wordpress.com

12. Sportsattitude - November 27, 2007


Miss your posts. If you’ve relocated elsewhere, please let me know so I can continue to read, comment, etc.

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