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What Were Some of Your Most Memorable Sports Moments of 2007? December 31, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Sports.

As the new year approaches, many sports sites have been writing about the most memorable sports moments of 2007.  My most memorable sports moment of 2007 would have to be the Michael Vick fiasco.  I just couldn’t believe such a young, talented player like that could throw his career away. I just can’t figure out why he would decide to organize a dog fighting ring and risk losing his freedom, career, and respect. 

 Another memorable moment, and a much more happier one at that,  would have to be the New England Patriots going undefeated this year. Although they had their fair share of controversy, that was a remarkable achievement by the Pats. Thanks to the Pats, 2007 marked the end of the ’72 Dolphins hating on any team that came close to their sacred record.

2007 gave us sports fans some very memorable moments.  Some were good, and some were absolutely awful.  What were some of your most memorable sports moments of 2007?


This is Why I’m Glad the Patriots Went Undefeated December 30, 2007

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Mercury Morris will finally shut up

Thank You Patriots and Congratulations


Bob Sanders Gets a Well Deserved Payday December 29, 2007

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Bob SandersOn Friday, Indianapolis Colt’s safety Bob Sanders signed a five-year, $37.5 million contract extension, making him the highest paid safety in the NFL. The safety is expected to receive $20 million in guaranteed money. Sanders is the machine that drives the Colt’s defense and is the main reason why the Colts are ranked #1 in the NFL against the pass. 

Standing only 5’8”, Sanders more than makes up for his height with his hard hits and explosiveness against the run, and has shown improvement against the pass.  Players are starting to fear him, and his style of play rubs off on his teammates.  Although he may not regarded as the best safety in the NFL hands down, it’s only a matter of time.

And I Thought Shaq Was Bad December 28, 2007

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I’ve always cringed at Shaq shooting free throws because of that horrible hitch in his shot.  Well, there’s a new owner of the NBA’s worst free throw shot, and his name is Chuck Hayes.


Your Call: Bad Sportsmanship? December 27, 2007

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During the holidays, I always try to check out some high school basketball tournaments.  Yesterday, I went to a high school girl’s basketball tournament. I arrived late to the game I had planned to watch, as it was already halftime.  The game featured a Division IV team which we will call Team Red, facing a Division I team that we’ll call Team Blue.  As I mentioned before, I arrived to the game at half time.  Team Blue was destroying Team Red 46-5.

At the start of the 2nd half, I noticed Team Blue ran a full court press against Team Red and kept some of their starters in.  They continued to run the full court press the entire 2nd half.  When it was all said it done, Team Blue defeated Team Red with a score of 83-16. There seemed to be no ill will between the coaches and the teams as they shook hands at the end of the game, and no words were exchanged.

So here is the question. Was it bad sportsmanship for Team Blue to continue to run a full court press with most of their starters in the game, or should they have taken the full court press off and not run the score up on Team Red?  Some argue that it’s perfectly fine to continue to run the press because it sends a message to other teams in the tournament. Others however, firmly believe that starters should be taken out, and a full court press should no longer be implemented when the game is out of reach. This is something many high school basketball fans, as well as coaches, have continued to disagree on. It’s Your Call

It Was a Pretty Good Christmas for NBA Fans December 26, 2007

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Overall, it was a pretty good Christmas for NBA fans.  There were three games televised, and all three were entertaining.  The Heat faced the Cavs, the Sonics faced the Blazers, and in the most anticipated game of the day, the Suns faced the Lakers.

Heat Turn Cold Against Cavs

This was the game I was looking forward to the least.  While I love watching Lebron play, the Miami Heat are horrible.  Lebron, and more importantly, the supporting cast played extremely well, beating the Heat 96-82. In addition to Lebron’s 25 points and 12 assists, the Cavs had four players record double figures in scoring.

The most obvious aspect of this game however, was how sluggish and slow the Miami Heat looked.  Wade was bothered with a shore shoulder, but managed to score 22 points, shooting 7 of 18 from the field. Shaq had 13 points, but had a few careless turnovers. With this loss, the Heat fall to a record of 8-20, and I don’t see them having a surge to make it back to .500.  They just look too old, slow, and beat up.

Blazers Blow Past Sonics

If Greg Oden were playing this season, I would have been glued to the TV, watching him and Durant go head to head. Nevertheless, the Blazers are doing just fine, as they beat the Sonics 89-79.  With this win, the Blazers improved their winning streak to 11 games.  The Blazers are playing extremely well, and seem to have a chemistry you wouldn’t expect from such a young team.  Although he somewhat struggled tonight, Brandon Roy is steadily becoming one of the league’s elite players, averaging 23 points and 6.8 assists during the Blazers’ winning streak.  Portland has an exciting team with young players that are improving every game. Just think how good they’ll be when Oden finally makes his debut.


Merry Christmas! December 25, 2007

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What better way to celebrate Christmas Day than with a classic commercial of Micheal Jordan dominating Santa Clause in a game of one on one?

Merry Christmas!


I Finally Show Kobe Bryant Some Love December 24, 2007

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 Cheer up Kobe, It’s all love this time

Kobe BryantIf you’ve been a frequent reader of All Talk Sports, you know that I’m not a fan of Kobe Bryant. For those who are unaware of this fact, just check out my 4 part series entitled My Beef with Kobe. Sure, I may have been somewhat harsh on Kobe in the past, but the day has finally come for me to show Kobe some love.

On Sunday, with the Lakers facing the New York Knicks, Bryant became the youngest player in NBA history to reach 20,000 points.  Bryant led the Lakers to victory, defeating the Knicks 95-90.  Bryant’s 39 points not only helped give the Lakers a win, but also marked a monumental achievement for the superstar.

At the age of 29 years and 122 days, Bryant replaced Wilt Chamberlain as the youngest to reach the 20,000 point mark.  Chamberlain was age 29 years, 134 days when he reached the milestone.  Bryant is only the 31st player to reach 20,000 points.                                                

This is yet another remarkable acheivement for Kobe Bryant.  He seems to get better and better every season, and is destined to be one of the all time greats in NBA history.  At age 29, Bryant has at least 5  more good years to further etch his name in the history books.  I’m really curious to see where he will rank among the all time greats when his career is over.

So there you have it.  I know it’s not much, but  All Talk Sports has finally shown Kobe Bryant some love.  I don’t know if this  has something to do with me being all caught up in the Christmas spirit, but this is something I thought would never happen. Nevertheless, congratulations Kobe.