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All Talk on the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and Capital One Bowl January 2, 2008

Posted by Marquis Chapman in College Football, Football, Sports.

The three bowl games I was most interested in watching were the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and Capital One Bowl. Here is All Talk on the three bowl games.

Rose Bowl

Call me crazy, but for some reason, I really thought Illinois was going to make a game of it.  USC has struggled with scrambling quarterbacks in the past, and Illinois’ Juice Williams is as mobile as they come.  However, USC dominated this game winning 49-17, which happens to be the third largest margin of victory in a BCS game. The Trojans also managed to set a Rose Bowl record of 633 total yards.  The Trojans were doing whatever they wanted to do against their opponent, forcing turnovers and turning them into touchdowns.  Overall, it was a decent game.  I thought Illinois could possibly make a game of it, but USC was just too good.

Sugar Bowl

After watching this game, I really wished Georgia could have played USC in the Rose Bowl.  It would have been a much more exciting game, and definitely not so much of a lopsided victory for the Trojans.  The Georgia Bulldogs dominated the Hawaii Warriors, much like USC did to Illinois, with a score of 41-10. Georgia’s defense really stepped up, sacking Hawaii’s QB Colt Brennan eight times. Three of those sacks belonged to Georgia’s Marcus Howard. Howard, who was named the games most outstanding player, also forced two fumbles, and returned one for a touchdown.  While Howard had an amazing game for Georgia, Hawaii’s Colt Brennan played horrible.  The Heisman candidate completed 22 of 38 passes, and threw for only 169 yards.

Capital One Bowl

The Capital One Bowl was very exciting to watch. I was rooting for Michigan because I wanted Lloyd Carr to go out with a victory.  Michigan stepped up to the challenge, defeating the Florida Gators 41-35.  As expected, Florida’s Tim Tebow had a good game, racking up 154 yards, and throwing three touchdowns.  Tebow also had 57 yards on the ground and a touchdown.  The real story however, is Michigan’s offense. Michigan’s QB Chad Henne had is way in the air, throwing for 373 yards, and three touchdowns. The run game wasn’t bad either.  Although he had a couple of fumbles, senior RB Mike Hart had two touchdowns, totaling 129 yards on the ground.  It was a great game, and even a greater moment to see such an outstanding coach go out with a victory.

Overall, the Sugar Bowl and the Rose Bowl were good games if you like lopsided victories, but the Capital One Bowl more than made up for it, with an exciting game between Michigan and Florida. 


1. Sportsattitude - January 2, 2008

There’s no shame in getting rolled by USC in the Rose Bowl. The Fighting Zooks of Illinois should be proud of the season they had, but it sure was ugly to watch the Trojans pound the life outta them. Yet, it paled in comparison to the fraud Hawaii Rainbows against Georgia. Georgia is a heck of a team but Hawaii looked like a Division III team in comparison. It would be nice to see a Georgia-USC matchup in the next round…oops…no playoffs here. I thought Florida failed to show up for the Capital One bowl and who can blame ’em. Give credit to Michigan for rallying around the fired coaching staff but I think it was as much because the Gators wanted to be elsewhere in bowl season. That’s the problem with trying to pick these games – some teams are fired up to play while others are just going through the motions..as I believe Florida did, at least early on in the game.

2. Marquis Chapman - January 2, 2008

I totally agree about Florida. And Hawaii definately did look like a Division III game.I was never sold on Colt Brennan in the first place. As for us sports fans, we can only dream about USC facing Georgia. It would have been a great game.

3. kidal25 - January 2, 2008

My Gators lost 😦 What I don’t like about Tim Tebow is the coverage he gets. Chris Leak last year got no respect and won a National Championship. Tim Tebow gets all the media coverage, wins the heisman, gets his name mentioned in every college football show and loses 4 games. The Gators now have the same record as Michigan. This shows that Tebow alone doesn’t get the job done. Quote me on this though, “The Gators will win the BCS Championship next season!” While I’m on it, I will also say that, “The Jaguars will win the Super Bowl this year.” I’m proud of Illinois for getting as far as they did since that used to be my former coach at UF. By the way, how lucky is my friend getting Tim Tebows autograph in High School. Tebow was hurt that game and our team faced his team (We are rivals with Nease which is Tebows HS). At the end of the game we lost by 1 and my friend got the autograph on a 1$ bill. I’m pretty sure that dollar is worth more than one dollar now.

Well time for me to stop ranting.

Go LSU keep it in the SEC.

4. Marquis Chapman - January 3, 2008

Very true about Chris Leak, but what do you expect? Tebow has been the “Chose One” in Flordia since he was a freshman in Florida. I live in California, and heard about Tebow five years ago. As for the Jaguars winning the Super Bowl, are you willing to put a little wager on that kidal25?

5. boxwatcher - January 3, 2008

I’m of mixed feelings on the Rose Bowl. I wanted my Illini to win but didn’t really expect them to. The season they had was a great achievement. I just hope they can build on it next year. After all the bad seasons it is nice to have a top notch coach and a winning program again.

6. Joe McKnight - January 3, 2008

Joe McKnight outstanding in the Rose bowl

As a freshman, Joe Mcknight proves that he can lead the team to victory. His outstanding game is the reason why USC manage to beat the Fighting Illini.He accounted for 206 all-purpose yards — 36 on three punt returns, 45 on six pass receptions and 125 in 10 carries.

From a Joe Mcknight website.

We might have another Sophomore Heisman winner next year!

7. K.C. - January 4, 2008

I am not a Michigan fan,but I was glad to see Coach Carr win his last game. That mid field display before the game by Florida fired up Michigan. The arrogance and the cockiness gets old just play. The receivers for Michigan looked like your proto-typical Florida receivers with there big plays through out the game. No surprise for U.S.C. cant wait for the rivalry to begin with U.C.L.A.!! Could be interesting .

8. asiansportsfanatic - January 5, 2008

There is something wrong with the BCS as Illinois and Hawaii both SUCK and should not have been selected. The Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl were 2 of the worst bowl games this season. Shame on the BCS.

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