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Brady Wins MVP, But Who Voted for Brett Favre?! January 5, 2008

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports.

New England Patriot’s Quarterback Tom Brady was named the NFL MVP, after a record setting season with the New England Patriots.  Brady, who threw for a record 50 touchdowns this season, led the Patriots to a record setting season with a 16-0 record.

“I have always been a huge football fan and will always have great respect for the history of this game,” Brady said. “I am flattered to join such an esteemed list of players, many of whom I consider the greatest of all time. I hope that I can set as great of an example for kids around the world as the previous MVPs did for me. “

A total of 50 media members who cover the NFL, voted for this year’s MVP.  49 of the 50 members voted for Brady, with one member voting for Green Bay Packer’s quarterback Brett Favre. 

Now, Favre had an amazing season himself, leading the Packers to an amazing record of 13-3, after a disappointing season the previous year.  However, how could anyone in their right mind not vote for Tom Brady?! He had one of the best seasons in the history of the NFL.  What could that one media member possibly say Brett Favre did better than Brady this year?  This by far should have been an unanimous choice for Brady to win the MVP.

Regardless of that one media member, Brady got the award that everyone else in the world thought he deserved.  Hopefully, Brady and the Pats can put a perfect ending to this season by winning the Superbowl.


1. evenchunkiermonkey - January 5, 2008

I voted for Brett Favre.

– Peter King

2. Sportsattitude - January 5, 2008

I voted for Brett Favre.

– Bill Belichick (I think Tom could have played better)

3. Marquis Chapman - January 5, 2008

haha. For some reason, that wouldn’t surprise me if Belichick really did say that about Brady.

4. doping.alerts - January 5, 2008

Charles van Doren wins?

Swoosh & steroids.

5. totaltransformation - January 5, 2008

My two favorite teams are the Colts and whoever is playing against the New England Patriots!

6. boxwatcher - January 5, 2008

If someone voted for Favre it had to be Madden. You know he has a “Brett” shrine in the back of the cruiser….

7. Marquis Chapman - January 6, 2008

Yeah, Madden thinks Brett Favre is the best football player ever to play the game. And he probably really does have a shrine of Brett on that bus of his.

8. tim - January 7, 2008

i voted for brett favre.

-helen keller

9. cowboys in 08 - January 7, 2008

Marquis chapmans excerpt seems a lil biased.. a new england fan by chance… douche bags..

10. Marquis Chapman - January 7, 2008

I’ve actually never been a big a fan of the Pats, but c’mon… How could you not vote for Brady?! Seriously

11. cowboys in 08 - January 7, 2008

I cant and wont argue you that Brady shouldn’t be the MVP. His numbers were sick. But i don’t really that its a big deal someone voted for Favre. I would have to think even when this person voted, he had to know Brady was going to win the award. And frankly Favre might be the Most Valuable Player to HIS TEAM. I only say that because of Brady seems to have a better supporting cast…(aka Moss).

So for those reason i dont think it was crazy to give favre ONEvote….

12. Marquis Chapman - January 7, 2008

Brady defintely does have a far better supporting cast in almost every position. Favre is the most valuable player on his team, but I just wish I could hear that one reporters arguement as to why he would pick Favre and not Brady, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

13. ghettophilosopher - January 7, 2008

Actually I would have voted for Brett Favre over Tom Brady. For years we got to hear how Tom Brady did so much with so little. Well what did Favre do this year? Exactly that. Also, bear in mind that most pundits, sportswriters and people (me included) thought Brett was washed up and should retire to let the Pack rebuild instead of holding them hostage. He proved all of us wrong. Tom Brady wouldn’t have even won the MVP if it wasn’t for Randy Moss. I would have voted Randy MVP but as we all know, Tom is the golden boy.

14. Leivur Reinert Djurhuus - January 8, 2008

Favre was a more valuable player for the Packers, than Brady was for the Pats.
And Favre was more valuable to the NFL than Brady. Everyone loves comebacks 🙂

15. Tracy - January 13, 2008

Tom Brady may have a perfect season but he is one of the most boring players in the game of football. I’ll take Brett Favre over Brady ANY day of the week. If you want to see football at its best, watch Favre. He plays with passion, intensity and has fun while doing it. He IS what the NFL is all about. The Patriots are bunch of automatons. Brett has continually played with lesser talent except for our Super Bowl years and this year. Brady has continually been surrounded by talent. I would like to see Brady play without all his weapons and have to endure all the trials and tribulations that Brett has and see how he handles it. Brett should have had the MVP. Take Brady out of the lineup and put someone else in his place and the Patriots would still win. Brady does not make that team, his team makes him. Brett Favre makes the Packers, the Packers do not make him….BIG DIFFERENCE!

16. Raven Lee - September 12, 2008

Probably because Brett Favre broke several career records, took the youngest team in the league to 1 play short of the Super Bowl, went 13-3 tying a team record, is more valuable to the NFL and to the Green Bay Packers than Brady, didn’t have a Randy Moss to catch 23 of your 50 catches and to stretch out the field for Moroney and Welker, was thought to have been washed up and his team was predicted to to 6-10, is more beloved around the league and around the world than Brady is, and taking Favre out of the team would cripple them whereas taking Brady out of the team would still leave an awesome team. Stuff like that.

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