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Finally, A Legit Rivalry in the NBA January 6, 2008

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Basketball, NBA, Sports.

Looking to avenge their loss to the Detroit Pistons last month, the Boston Celtics came into Detroit’s home on Saturday and came out with a victory, defeating the Pistons 92-85. After watching both meetings between the two teams, it makes me proud to say that we NBA fans will finally have a legit rivalry in the NBA.

This growing rivalry features two of the best teams in the NBA going all out in the regular season, as if it were the playoffs. The games are close, and go back and forth, often with the game being decided in the last few minutes.  The only thing it lacks is bad blood between the two teams, which will undoubtedly change once the teams meet in the playoffs.

What I like most about the rivalry is the amount of talent on the floor when the two play each other. There is a total of seven NBA All-Stars playing in these games, which makes the games exciting to watch. I also like the player match-ups as well.  Garnett against Wallace is a joy to watch.  Not only that, but you have Pierce abusing Prince, and Billups abusing Rondo. Let’s not forget the Allen and Hamilton match-up as well. The two former Connecticut Huskies got into a small scuffle the first meeting.

The Celtics and the Pistons are going to be thorns in each other sides each and every  season.  Every time they face each other, the rivalry is going to get better and better.  I can’t wait for the playoffs.



1. Jason T. Wilson - January 6, 2008

Man Im telling you.. The Celtics are down right scary with the addition of Allen and Garnett.. The road to the Finals run thru Boston!! Its nice to see a good rivarly other then Dallas/Spurs!! Reminds me of the old Houston Rockets/Utah Jazz rivalry..

2. Marquis Chapman - January 6, 2008

Yeah, the thing I like about the Celts is how well they play together. For a team that has three superstars, you’d expect them to have stints where they go one on one a lot. But, they get everyone involved and the Boston Three Party are going to carry the Celts to the finals IF they can get past Detroit.

3. Real Talk TC - January 6, 2008

definately what the games been missing…

4. Sportsattitude - January 6, 2008

It’s really weird to have a “classic” matchup to look forward to in the EASTERN conference, isn’t it? You knew the Celts would be vastly improved and an automatic playoff team…and considered them a likely candidate for the Finals…but why not now consider them having a legit chance to win it all?

5. sportsview - January 6, 2008

It’s turning into agreat rivalry and only after 2 regular season games. Spurs/Mavs is intense but no way are they as exciting to watch as the Boston/Detroit

Boston // Detorit – ECF + Suns/Spurs – WCF would be so intense

6. ghettophilosopher - January 7, 2008

There already was an existing rivalry in the NBA. It is the one between the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Lakers. Two teams that genuinely do not like each other. The coaches have even taken it personal. If you’ll recall, in the book 7 seconds or less, the Suns players poke fun at the Lakers which Kobe and Phil didn’t like. Then earlier this season, in a blowout win for the Lakers towards the end of the game, Phil Jack calls a timeout right after a Suns timeout leaving D’Antoni speechless because he had just finished telling his team what to do. D’Antoni had choice words for Phil claiming that he was going to beat the Lakers badly the next time. Both teams play in the same division, both teams are now high scoring, and both fans can’t stand each other. I would know; I’m a Laker fan. Good blog though.

7. Sportsattitude - January 8, 2008

So true, ghettophilosopher…I myself had kind of forgotten the whole Suns-Lakers deal. They do have issues with each other. Always makes it fun when its “personal.” Like when A.I. lights up the Sixers now…he just killed them Sunday night and people in Philly are already talking about his arrival in March. It’s a shame the Sixers are such a sorry bunch and waiting for next season already, but he isn’t cutting them any slack at all. Not on the level of Suns-Lakers but always fun when a superstar gets more fired up to bring more game than they normally would anyway.

8. fouledout - January 8, 2008

too bad i didn’t see this game.. the celtics are really good, but in my opinion, the pistons are still the best team in the east.. they have enough talent to compete with the NBA’s best and they play fantastic team basketball.. i think the celtics are built to last until the playoffs but i have serious doubts if they are a championship caliber team.. the pistons on the other hand are tried and tested over the last couple of years and they are still among the leagues elite teams.. things are about to get more exciting as we go deep into the season.
let’s just wait and see if these two teams meet in the playoffs..

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