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McNabb Wants Playmakers January 9, 2008

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports.

On his blog yardbarker.com, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb made it known that he wants some changes made to the Eagles roster next season.  McNabb wants more playmakers on an Eagles team that finished the season with an 8-8 record.

“Now that the season is over and we are concentrating on 2008, I hope we are able to secure some playmakers in all three phases of the game. Maybe some of those playmakers are already on the roster but have struggled with injuries, myself included, that have held us back a little.”

McNabb added, “I’m surprised that anyone would have a problem with me, or anyone else in the organization, expressing a desire to bring in more quality players. We were 8-8. There is room for improvement. This is a competitive sport. It’s about putting together the best players, the best team, and giving yourself the best chance to win.”

I know there are people out there that think McNabb should be traded, but McNabb is right. While he wants playmakers in all three phases of the game, the Eagles definitely need a playmaker at the wide receiver position. Brady has Moss, Manning has Harrison/Wayne, Favre has Driver, Romo has Owens, and even Eli has Burress.  McNabb has… Kevin Curtis.

Having a playmaker at the wide receiver position would definitely take the load off of McNabb and the “do everything” Brian Westbrook. While I admit, McNabb hasn’t looked that great the last couple years, every quarterback should have that guy on the team that can go deep and make plays.



1. Sportsattitude - January 9, 2008

Marquis, I am waiting to let some more dust settle on the Eagles’ season before posting on their future, but McNabb’s certainly gettin’ busy putting the S.O.S. out. He had made some comments to the media after the last game and the locker-clean-out period, but took to his blog to really dish. It surely is a no-brainer he needs more pieces. The way he played at the end of the year, his trade value is much higher than it was when 2007 started. If you trade him, you’re rebuilding. If you keep him, you darn well better get him some help because 2008 is going to be the last season for guys other than McNabb. The Eagles are graying, Westbrook has logged a lot of miles already – they need to push all their chips to the center of the table and make a splash like the Pats did in the off-season last year…or they should go ahead and trade him now and not take that final run at glory.

2. Marquis Chapman - January 9, 2008

If I were the Eagles, it would be very hard to get rid of McNabb. I think he deserves to have some good players around him. When he had T.O. he took the Eagles to the playoffs. The Eagles have to give him a go to guy. On another note, I find it very interesting that McNabb is talking to the media more and more.

3. asiansportsfanatic - January 10, 2008

I wrote about this on my blog as well. The Eagles have problems thats for sure and it starts at QB. McNabb was terrible last season. He was hobbling around all season on that bummed knee getting sacked6-7 times a game. McNabb was a big reason the Eagles had a bad season.

McNabb is the most overrated QB in the NFL. Look at his numbers from years past. Without a big #1 WR target lke a T.O,, McNabb has been terrible. The Eagles cannot continue with a corp of mediocre WRs. Also, AJ Feeley played very well. I would consider benching McNabb for good.

4. Jason T. Wilson - January 10, 2008

If McNabb wants some roster changes.. weapons if you will.. and Im the Eagles.. I’d trade McNabb.. and start Kevin Kolb.. Plain and simple.. this kid gave McNabb a run for the starter job in mini camps and preseason.. Its very rare that you can build around an aging QB.. (Green Bay is the RARE exception) and McNabb couldnt even carry Favres clipboard! I agree with sportsfanatic.. McNabb is the most overrated QB in the league.. He can cry and whine all he wants about the lack of weapons.. then he needs to go back and watch the first Superbowl the Patriots won, with alot LESS!! Just my opinon 🙂

5. Young Kristoff - January 10, 2008

Do the eagles look at mcnabb as the fault for loosing, or do the eagles look at the lack of playmakers? Mcnabb had a playmaker before and the eagles still fell short. Maybe trading mcnabb for a few more playmakers and drafting a young quarterback will be the solution, because i cannot stand mcnabb blaming people for being racist everytime he plays a horrible game.

6. Jason T. Wilson - January 11, 2008

They have the young QB.. get him some weapons.. and send McNabb packin! I agree Kristoff.. I get tired of the race card being thrown whenever he plays bad!

7. genesiawilliams - January 12, 2008

Thank you for saying that McNabb sucks. I mean, I started paying attention the year that him and T.O. went to the superbowl, I watched that game and was not impressed then I watched a the next season and he still sucked. But he is from Chicago and he kind of looks like my uncle so I’ll go easy on him a little. Still very unimpressive why doesn’t he just stop being a punk and play better maybe the will win then.

P.S. It’s hard out there for black quaterbacks (and coaches) + Rush Limbaugh is an ass but that’s no excuse.

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