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A 360 Double Between the Legs Dunk?! January 19, 2008

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Basketball, Sports, Video.

On Wednesday, I posted a video of this dunker named T-Dub doing a 540 dunk with two hands.  Many people regard T-Dub as the best dunker in the world, but there is another dunker named The Air Up There that has been getting recognition the last few years. His signature dunk is the 720 dunk, but  if The Air Up There is able to get this dunk down, he is sure to become the best dunker the world has ever seen.  The fact that someone would even attempt this is scary.



1. fouledout - January 22, 2008

is that really possible?

2. Marquis Chapman - January 22, 2008

I didn’t think so, but after watching the video, I’m starting to change my mind.

3. TrackMom - January 22, 2008

Where do you find this stuff….Amazing!

4. fouledout - January 22, 2008

360 double between the legs..
hmmm.. the video looks promising.. but it’s really hard to believe the idea..

5. W.B. - January 23, 2008

umm… WWJD (what would jordan do?) …

6. fouledout - January 23, 2008

WWJD.. lol!

7. Dannie - January 27, 2008

Vid doesn’t work anymore might want to change it out. Air Up there is from AND 1 mixtape tour he did that 720 a while ago and was featured on some late night talk shows doing it and on a TV commercial for DLP doing it.

8. Sluger HMA - February 3, 2008

Mr. 720 is now part of Team Flight Brothers.
The Greatest Dunkers and Half-Time Show in the World

9. AUTTA C 720 - February 27, 2008

it is actually possible. he just needs to keep practicing it more to increase his vertical by only about 2 inches more cus he got itbut missed by a mere inch or so

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