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All Talk on the Miami Heat January 25, 2008

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Basketball, NBA, Sports.

The Heat Aren’t Even WarmThe Miami Heat are by far the worst team in the NBA.  On Thursday, they lost their 15th straight game, losing to the San Antonio Spurs 89-90. With a losing streak that began on December 22nd, I only see things getting worse for the Heat.

I’ve always been a fan of Shaq, and I never thought I would see the day that he wasn’t dominating, but it looks like that day has arrived. I went to a game last month when the Heat were playing the Golden State Warriors, and Shaq barely played!  He’s out now with a leg and hip injury, but as a fan, I hope he comes back strong and in shape.

To make matters worse, the Heat have a horrible supporting cast. You know you’re in trouble, when your fans wish Antoine Walker was back on the team.  They lost Alonzo Mourning to an horrific knee injury, and he was arguably their best defender.  Beside Wade and Shaq, Ricky Davis is their next scoring threat, which presents a problem within itself. With Jason Williams  as their starting point guard, Wade often has to play both the point and shooting guard.  They acquired Smush Parker, but apparently he’s not even allowed near the team facility.

I have to give credit to Dwayne Wade.  You can tell that he isn’t at full strength, but he leaves it all on the floor.  My only concern is his health. Other than Allen Iverson, I can’t think of another guy who takes more of a pounding every night. A few weeks ago, Pat Riley gave hints that Wade is hurting more than people think.  The Heat can’t rely on an injury riddled Wade to carry the entire team on his back, although he has most of the season.  Wade needs help quick or his career is going to be cut short.

It’s a wrap for the Heat this season.  I was never a really big fan, but I can’t help to be dissapointed at a team that won the NBA championship two years ago.  Hopefully, next season they can rebuild the team and become contenders again, because that flame on the logo has been put out by the rest of the league this season.



1. K.C. - January 25, 2008

The Heat seems to age faster than everybody else. Sometimes you have to intergrate younger players with your vets. Pat Riley and management had to know that this day would come.

2. BeniceToToine - January 25, 2008

Walker deserves to be cheered every time he plays us unless you are an un-appreciative idiot he helped us win a title.

This blog is ignorant

3. Marquis Chapman - January 25, 2008

You must really like Antoine Walker, but if you watched the games, Antoine Walker wasn’t that great of a player, and while he was on the team when they won the title, I don’t count jacking up ill advised 3-pointers as helping the team win.

4. Sportsattitude - January 26, 2008

K.C. – I think it’s all that sun. Dries out the skin. They DO age faster than everyone else down there. Pat R didn’t manage the “aging” thing well at all, but they’ve had a % of tough breaks too. Yet, most of the blame is placed at the door of management.

5. Dannie - January 27, 2008

Wouldn’t be surprised in Miami made a run 2nd half of the season, especially if they can find a legit outside threat.

6. fouledout - January 28, 2008

miami just lost their heat.. it’s over for them..
shaq is no longer a dominant center he once was.. shaq just needs to call it quits and let miami build around d-wade..

7. Real Talk TC - January 30, 2008

they suck.. simple and plain. shaq is too old to be dominant and effective. wade is overrated and doesnt have wut it takes to lead a team. theyre roll players r terrible. no1 is stepping up for them. pat riley needs to retire. the game has passed him up. they r a joke in the nba right now. very disappointing. they couldnt give me miami heat tickets right now. they should pay people to take em.

R.I.P. Mr. Insider

8. fouledout - January 30, 2008

@ real talk tc
after winning the championships two years ago, the miami heat has been nothing but disappointment.. they are on a downward spiral and they must break down the team and start the rebuilding process.

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