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Chris Paul Has Got My Vote for MVP January 29, 2008

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Basketball, NBA, Sports.

Chris PaulNew Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul is hands down the MVP this year.  Not only is he leading the league in steals, but he’s averaging a double double with 20.6 points per game and 10.5 assist per game. 

On Monday, Paul led the Hornets to their ninth straight victory, defeating the Denver Nuggets 117-93.  Paul nearly recorded a triple double with 23 points, 17 assists, and 9 rebounds.  He has recorded double digits in assist in nine straight games, which is the second longest streak in team history.

Thanks to the amazing play of the third year point guard out of Wake Forest, the New Orleans Hornets are in first place in the western conference with a record of 32-12.  This is a far better improvement from last year’s record of 39-43. The sole reason for the turnaround is Paul simply makes his teammates better.  Just ask Tyson Chandler.  The two have connected for the most alley oops than any other duo in the league.  

Paul has the ability to create for himself and create for others.  He’s is by far this season’s MVP.  I just hope the NBA gets it right this time.



1. fouledout - January 29, 2008

if he can stay healthy and be the leader of the hornets until march, then he MIGHT get the MVP award.. but that’s unlikely.. i think the awards is a tight battle between garnett and kobe..

2. Ick - January 30, 2008

Let us not forget Steve Nash! 🙂

3. fouledout - January 30, 2008

nash has been playing a little under the radar now.. but he’s still in the mix.. i just think it’s a garnett-kobe battle for the MVP this season.. but with the way chris paul is playing, he just might win the award.. the hornets are on top of the western conference now..

4. Real Talk TC - January 30, 2008

100% agreed. Chris Paul is playing out of his mind along with his team. who saw this coming? not me. ive always respected chris paul and his game and i thought he was the best pg in the nation when he was at wake but i didnt forsee this type of explosion. the hornets r playing great ball and yet, y dont we see them on tv more? hmmmm… anyway, im glad that with all the hype surrounding tyson chandler as a high school phenom and rookie that hes finally comfortable and has found a home in the n.o. him and paul are a great duo and it makes the NBA fun to watch again..

5. Sportsattitude - January 30, 2008

Who saw this coming indeed? I don’t know whether or not the Voodoo dolls are in perfect alignment in the Big Easy or not, but the Hornets are shocking everyone this season. Since the NBA tv schedules are laid out in advance to appease the networks involved, and nobody saw the Hornets being players on the big stage or a must-see tv draw before the season began…not many shots to see ’em unless you have the NBA pay-per-view package. Paul is a classy player and if he stays healthy can definitely make this a season to remember.

6. fouledout - January 30, 2008

yeah, the hornets are flying under the radar for the better part of the season.. nobody’s looking, nobody’s listening, nobody’s watching but look where they are now. they are on top of the western conference.. haha! cp3 should stay healthy if the hornets intend to push deep into the playoffs.

7. Neil Joshi - January 31, 2008

Great post, man. I agree completely with your assessment of Chris Paul for the Hornets this season. The best part about this New Orleans team is that they are so young, and gonna be improving for years to come. Chandler and West are gonna be a terrific duo in the frontcourt for years. Phoenix and San Antonio are aging, and New Orleans, Portland, and even LA are gonna be ruling the West in the very near future.

8. K.C. - January 31, 2008

Not only does he drop mean dimes he seems to have his head on straight. Seems like a real good dude.

9. fouledout - March 18, 2008

do you think the hornets will make it deep in the playoffs? i have nothing against cp3, but i think they lack the experience to go deep in the playoffs.

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