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Pats or Giants? February 2, 2008

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports.

So I’m getting ready for the Super Bowl tomorrow and I can’t wait.  While I think the Pats are going to win this one convincingly, I’m curious to see what others think.  Pats or Giants? Feel free to give me predictions and tell me why you think the team you pick is going to win, ESPECIALLY if you think the Giants are going to win.



1. jbond20 - February 2, 2008

31-28 i really think that the giants will win

2. Sean Palmer - February 2, 2008

This is no question the biggest game of the pats franchise….. I say this becuase of the older players aka teddy B. Jr. Seau and Verbal there ages average 39 years of age. This could be the last chance for those guys. The record breaking season cant and wont end on a loss no way these guys have done it all season and they will do it again. The Game is going to be close for two reasons, 1 Bradshaw NY’s back up running has the big play mentallity, if he gets into space the Pats will have a tough time stoping them. 2 is the giants Defensive ends anchored by the GAp toothed Strahan, The pressuer that the dline has put on opposing QB including Mr. Brady has been extremly effective. The two main reason while the Pats will claim victory is 1 Tom Brady is the best QB in the league and that is the most important postion on the feild as well as the offensive line is unreal. 2 the pats had a scare on that saturday night game against the Giants and had to put together the fourth quater comeback to win. The point is that the Pats palyed a sub-par game on saturday and still won even though the G men played at there best, the pats have learned from there mistakes but the Giants cant play better than they did that night the only difference is they have bradshaw back but one player cant beat the greatest team ever. Pats 35- Gmen 28 with fourth quater horrics by the pats D. Go pats go

3. Sportsattitude - February 2, 2008

Marquis, I see a number of folks on the Giants bandwagon. I’m not really sure what to attribute that to except perhaps people want to see New England lose so badly they’d take anyone against them. I do think the Giants have a puncher’s chance but if they were going to lose a game this season it already would have happened. They dodged a couple of bullets and still are standing undefeated. The pressure was in getting back to the Super Bowl. They still remember the sting of losing to the Colts last season, went out and got the pieces they needed, and have been punishing everyone since then. The Giants have had a great run, especially on the road. However, Tom Coughlin ain’t no Bill Belichick and the fact is with two weeks to prepare for a team he already beat, Belichick has all the cards to play. The team is well-rested, focused and driven. The Patriots have way more playmakers and way more experience dealing in this atmosphere. They make the most of each possession and can beat you slow or fast, whatever tempo you try to execute. 38-20, Patriots.

4. K.C. - February 2, 2008

I will go with the Pats, but it could be closer than everyone thinks

5. Young Kristoff - February 3, 2008

41-38 Giants

6. DNA - February 3, 2008

I will go the the BIG UPSET !!!! Although the Pats are playing good football, the Giants are right in step with the Pats. I have given the Pats the benefit of the doubt all season long and time has run out for them. GIANTS have absolutely nothing to lose and this is the proper venue to demonstrate just that. GO G-MEN !!!!

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