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DO NOT Sleep on Jamario Moon February 11, 2008

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Basketball, NBA, Sports, Video.

With the NBA Dunk Contest coming up on February 16th, most NBA fans have no idea who Jamario Moon is, and why he’s in the dunk contest.  I must admit, I was asking myself the same question.  I found a video of him practicing for the upcoming contest, and the dunks he did in the beginning were good, but not great.  Then, the last dunk he did in the video had me thinking… Who’s going to take second this year?

If only his teammates didn’t move the camera.  Hopefully, he’ll attempt the dunk on February 16th.



1. Real Talk TC - February 11, 2008

that was well behind the free throw line..

2. Ick - February 11, 2008

WOW!!!! *looks around for Jordan*!!!! This gives me some hope for the upcoming slam dunk contest!!! Great video find Marquis!

3. fouledout - February 11, 2008

yep, well behind the free throw line. If he pulls this one off, he’ll be the winner no doubt.

4. Sportsattitude - February 12, 2008

I might actually have to check All-Star Weekend out after this baby.

5. fouledout - February 12, 2008

@ sprotsattitude
haha! jamario moon used to play for the globetrotters so i guess he has rockets on his feet. jamario can really JUMP.

6. Ick - February 16, 2008

It’s to bad he missed the tape he put down on the floor.. Man Moon can jump!!

7. fouledout - February 20, 2008

too bad moon lost. he was my favorite to win the slam dunk contest.

8. Shea - March 13, 2008

It looks as if this was a stunt–you know, just to draw interest in Moon or the contest. Nobody could dunk a full foot from the free-throw line! By the way, what team does Moon play for?

9. fouledout - March 16, 2008

@ shea
toronto raptors man.

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