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Muhammad Ali’s Recipe for Life February 28, 2008

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Parents, Are You Obsessed With Your Child Playing Sports? September 16, 2007

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It’s one thing to show your child support and encouragement when he or she is involved in sports.  It’s a completely different situation however, to be obsessed.  Here are the top 10 clues that can help determine if you are a parent who is obsessed with your child playing sports.

10.  You make it a point to be the team mom or dad.

9.  It is an absolute must for you to attend every practice and stay to the very end.

8.  You attend games and only cheer for your child.

7.  You feel like a failure when your child has a bad game.

6.  When conversing with other parents, you find yourself constantly bringing up sports no matter the setting.

5.  You’ve become very good friends with the head coach and constantly give him tips on how to make the team better (the tips usually involve drawing up more plays for your child).

4.  You pick your child’s highschool based on sports and not academics.

3.  You’ve never talked to your child about the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and having fun when playing sports.

2.  When your child is academically ineligible, you don’t scold your child, but rather blame the coach and the school policy for not letting them play.

1.  No matter how bad your child is at sports, you feel that he or she should get a full ride athletic scholarship, and if they don’t, you blame the coach for not pushing them to reach their full potential.


The Art of Talking Trash September 13, 2007

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Some do it every now and then, some refrain from it, and some live by it.  In sports, trash talking is the norm and can be heard at almost every sporting event.  There are many different forms of trash talking as well as different types of trash talkers, but one thing is certain, trash talking is truly an art.

The idea behind trash talking is to take your opponent out of his game by constantly insulting him or reminding him of a great play you made against him.  Your opponent becomes more concerned about the trash talking than focusing on the actual game.  When done correctly, it is a beautiful thing to witness. This should be a player’s #1 goal when talking trash.

There are many different types of trash talkers.  The most common types are the loud mouths. They often forget the objective of trash talking. Loud mouths don’t talk trash to gain a competitive advantage, but rather do it because they simply just like to hear themselves talk.  Players that use this method include Terrell Owens, Gary Payton, Reggie Miller, Shannon Sharpe, and Chad Johnson. Users of this method never seem to shut up.  They talk trash to opponents, teammates, and sometimes to themselves.  Although loud mouths talk a lot, they are usually good players, and back up everything they say.

Others use a more subtle approach when trash talking. They’re called the quite trash talkers.  This type of trash talker comes across as a player that would never talk trash, but will say things under their breath just loud enough for you to hear it. This can be very aggravating to the opponent, especially if it continues throughout the entire game. Larry Bird was a master at this. He would make a great play and literally come up to his opponent and whisper in their ear, reminding them how great the play was.  This method proved to be very effective for Bird, as he provoked the great Dr. J to take a swing on him during a game.  David Eckstein also uses this method.


Top Five: Most Intimidating Athletes August 18, 2007

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charles-barkley.jpg5.  Charles Barkley- Oh sure, you may think that Charles Barkley is just your average NBA analyst with an opinion on everything, but back in his heyday, Barkley was one of the meanest players in the NBA.  Standing 6’4” and weighing 252 pounds, players rarely got in his way when he came through the lane. Sir Charles has also been known to get into scuffles on and off the court.  Barkley once threw a man out of a plate glass window during a bar fight, and is the only man in NBA history to actually pick up Shaq and slam him down.


albert-belle.jpg4.  Albert Belle- By far the meanest, most intimidating player ever to put on a MLB uniform, Albert Belle was not to be messed with.  Standing 6’2” and weighing 225, he defiantely intimidated pitchers when he stepped to the plate. Some of his most famous incidents include throwing a baseball and striking a fan who was heckling him, chasing after a fan in the stands after the fan shouted a racist remark, and chasing vandals during Halloween in his car after they threw eggs at his house.


ray-lewis.jpg3.  Ray Lewis- Don’t let the photo fool you, Ray Lewis is the most feared man in the National Football League.  Running Backs choose to run out of bounds when Lewis is near and Wide Recievers dare not go through the middle when he’s  playing the pass in zone coverage.  Regarded as one of the hardest hitters in the NFL, offensive  players are constantly aware where Lewis is at all times.  His intensity can not be matched by any other player in the league. Standing 6’1” and weighing 250 pounds, Lewis always makes his presence known.



Classic Sportscenter Commercials August 9, 2007

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Here are some classic Sportscenter commercials.   These commercials are hilarious.   Sportscenter should just put them all on DVD.  People would buy it.


Hopkins defeats Wright July 22, 2007

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The fight between Bernard Hopkins and Winky Wright was more exciting than I thought it would be.  I credit that to the events that took place at the press conference the day before.  I really thought Wright was going to win this bout though.  This would have been another big victory he could have added to his belt.  Unfortunately, Hopkins just had his number that night.

Wright came out a little more aggressive, and in the eyes of most of the fans it was a close fight. The scorecards said different, scoring the bout 117-111, 117-111, and 116-112 all in favor for Hopkins.

While there was some controversy regarding whether or not Hopkins was head butting Wright intentionally, overall it was a clean fight.

At the age of 42, Hopkins has no plans of slowing down as he plans to fight super middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe who remains undefeated. After defeating Wright however, I don’t see too many fighters getting in Hopkin’s way.

Vargas and Mayorga Fight at Press Conference July 12, 2007

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At the press conference for their upcoming fight, Vargas and Mayorga got into a brawl after Mayorga kept insulting Vargas.  Unlike most brawls at these press conferences, this was real.  

Mayweather is Still #1 July 12, 2007

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floyd-mayweather-jr.jpgESPN writer Dan Rafael released his top ten pound for pound fighters today, and it’s no surprise that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is at the top.  Mayweather remains undefeated with his most recent victory being against De La Hoya.  De La Hoya didn’t make the top ten but came in at #12. 

Reports have surfaced that Mayweather is coming out of retirement to fight Ricky Hatton after Hatton has been talking a lot of trash about the welterweight champ these days.  Many think this will be a fight that will end with Mayweather winning hands down, but will be a fight that many will pay to see.

Many have also wondered why Mayweather hasn’t shown any interests in fighting Sugar Shane Mosley, who is another fighter that has had some bad things to say about Mayweather.  This seems to be the fight the fans would want to see more and would probably give Mayweather a bigger payday.

Whoever Mayweather fights in the upcoming months, I see Mayweather being unchallenged by both Hattan and Mosely, and once again proving that he just can’t be beat.