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All Talk on the Jags January 6, 2008

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports.

Jacksonville JaguarsWith the Jacksonville Jaguars defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC wild-card game on Saturday, the Jags proved that they are going to be a handful match-up wise for any team that faces them in the playoffs. Thanks to the play of David Garrard, Jacksonville defeated Pittsburgh 31 to 29. The last time the Jags won a postseason game was in 1999, when they defeated the Miami Dolphins.

I really like the makeup of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Their run game is the second best in the league, thanks to the thunder and lighting combination of Taylor and Jones-Drew.  Taylor is having an amazing year, and ran with great power against the tough defense of the Steelers.  Jones-Drew is steadily becoming one of the most dynamic players in the league. He has the speed to gain yards on the outside, but also possesses the power to run inside the tackles.  Jones-Drew is tough to contain on kick off returns as well. 

While their run game deserves a lot of credit, their quarterback David Garrard can not get enough praise. Garrard stole the show from the run game, as he led the team in rushing with 58 yards. 32 of those yards came on a crucial 4th and 2 late in the game, that ultimately lead to a Jacksonville touchdown, giving them the lead for good.

Although the Jags did blow an 18 point lead against the Steelers, it was a great game with a great finish, with the better team coming out on top.


Redskins Make a Game of It, but Fall Short Against Seahawks January 5, 2008

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports.
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Through the first three quarters of the NFC Wildcard Playoff game between the Washington Redskins and Seattle Seahawks, it looked like the Redskin’s season of perseverance was going to end with the Redskins not even making a game of it.

By the end of the third quarter, the Skins found themselves trailing the Seahawks 13 to 0.  The Skin’s offense couldn’t get anything going, mostly due to the Seahawk’s defense, constantly putting pressure on Washington’s QB Tod Collins.  Redskin’s running back Clinton Portis was unable to get it going on the ground as well.

The momentum suddenly shifted however, when Washington scored their first touchdown early in the fourth quarter, with a 7-yard pass to Randel El.  After a interception by safety Laron Laundry, the Redskins scored yet again, with a 30 yard pass to Santana Moss, leading the Seahawks 14 to 13. 

After a missed 30 yard field goal by the Redskins, the Seahawks responded with a 20 yard touchdown pass to DJ Hacket.  Seattle then went for the 2 point conversion making the score 21 to 14.

With a 50 yard kick off return by Rock Cartwright, the Redskins had all the momentum in the world, but an ill-advised deep ball thrown by Washington’s Todd Collins intended for Santana Moss, led to a interception return for a touchdown by Seattle’s cornerback Marcus Trufant. With the Seahawks leading the 28 to 14 with 5:38 left to play, the game was pretty much over.  Todd Collins threw another interception late in the game, making the final score 35 to 14. 

The Redskins gave all they had against a team that was obviously better than them.  I wanted them to go as deep in the playoffs as they possibly could.  You have to take your hat off to a team that showed so much perseverance after tragically losing safety Sean Taylor.  Despite the loss, the Washington Redskins had a great season, one that will always be remembered by NFL players and fans.


Brady Wins MVP, But Who Voted for Brett Favre?! January 5, 2008

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports.

New England Patriot’s Quarterback Tom Brady was named the NFL MVP, after a record setting season with the New England Patriots.  Brady, who threw for a record 50 touchdowns this season, led the Patriots to a record setting season with a 16-0 record.

“I have always been a huge football fan and will always have great respect for the history of this game,” Brady said. “I am flattered to join such an esteemed list of players, many of whom I consider the greatest of all time. I hope that I can set as great of an example for kids around the world as the previous MVPs did for me. “

A total of 50 media members who cover the NFL, voted for this year’s MVP.  49 of the 50 members voted for Brady, with one member voting for Green Bay Packer’s quarterback Brett Favre. 

Now, Favre had an amazing season himself, leading the Packers to an amazing record of 13-3, after a disappointing season the previous year.  However, how could anyone in their right mind not vote for Tom Brady?! He had one of the best seasons in the history of the NFL.  What could that one media member possibly say Brett Favre did better than Brady this year?  This by far should have been an unanimous choice for Brady to win the MVP.

Regardless of that one media member, Brady got the award that everyone else in the world thought he deserved.  Hopefully, Brady and the Pats can put a perfect ending to this season by winning the Superbowl.

Michael Vick to Only Serve 12 Months? January 5, 2008

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports.
Michael Vick

Good news for Michael Vick supporters, the Altanta Falcon QB may only serve 12 of the 23 months he was given on December 10th.  The following is an excerpt from yahoo.com:

“Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick could be getting out of federal prison much earlier than anticipated after applying for a prison-monitored drug rehabilitation program and evidently being moved into the program in Leavenworth, Kan.

The program could have Vick out of prison by the end of this year and perhaps back in the NFL by the 2009 season.

A source confirmed to Yahoo! Sports on Friday that Vick has applied to the program, which is run only at the federal facility at Leavenworth. An official with the Federal Bureau of Prisons said Friday that Vick was being transported to Leavenworth.

Under the program, Vick could be released after serving only 12 months of the 23-month sentence Vick was given Dec. 10 in Richmond, Va. It’s unclear exactly when Vick would be released because it’s unclear whether the 12-month term starts from when he voluntarily began serving his prison term in November or whether it starts from when he enters Leavenworth.”


All Talk on the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and Capital One Bowl January 2, 2008

Posted by Marquis Chapman in College Football, Football, Sports.

The three bowl games I was most interested in watching were the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and Capital One Bowl. Here is All Talk on the three bowl games.

Rose Bowl

Call me crazy, but for some reason, I really thought Illinois was going to make a game of it.  USC has struggled with scrambling quarterbacks in the past, and Illinois’ Juice Williams is as mobile as they come.  However, USC dominated this game winning 49-17, which happens to be the third largest margin of victory in a BCS game. The Trojans also managed to set a Rose Bowl record of 633 total yards.  The Trojans were doing whatever they wanted to do against their opponent, forcing turnovers and turning them into touchdowns.  Overall, it was a decent game.  I thought Illinois could possibly make a game of it, but USC was just too good.

Sugar Bowl

After watching this game, I really wished Georgia could have played USC in the Rose Bowl.  It would have been a much more exciting game, and definitely not so much of a lopsided victory for the Trojans.  The Georgia Bulldogs dominated the Hawaii Warriors, much like USC did to Illinois, with a score of 41-10. Georgia’s defense really stepped up, sacking Hawaii’s QB Colt Brennan eight times. Three of those sacks belonged to Georgia’s Marcus Howard. Howard, who was named the games most outstanding player, also forced two fumbles, and returned one for a touchdown.  While Howard had an amazing game for Georgia, Hawaii’s Colt Brennan played horrible.  The Heisman candidate completed 22 of 38 passes, and threw for only 169 yards.

Capital One Bowl

The Capital One Bowl was very exciting to watch. I was rooting for Michigan because I wanted Lloyd Carr to go out with a victory.  Michigan stepped up to the challenge, defeating the Florida Gators 41-35.  As expected, Florida’s Tim Tebow had a good game, racking up 154 yards, and throwing three touchdowns.  Tebow also had 57 yards on the ground and a touchdown.  The real story however, is Michigan’s offense. Michigan’s QB Chad Henne had is way in the air, throwing for 373 yards, and three touchdowns. The run game wasn’t bad either.  Although he had a couple of fumbles, senior RB Mike Hart had two touchdowns, totaling 129 yards on the ground.  It was a great game, and even a greater moment to see such an outstanding coach go out with a victory.

Overall, the Sugar Bowl and the Rose Bowl were good games if you like lopsided victories, but the Capital One Bowl more than made up for it, with an exciting game between Michigan and Florida. 

Bob Sanders Gets a Well Deserved Payday December 29, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports.

Bob SandersOn Friday, Indianapolis Colt’s safety Bob Sanders signed a five-year, $37.5 million contract extension, making him the highest paid safety in the NFL. The safety is expected to receive $20 million in guaranteed money. Sanders is the machine that drives the Colt’s defense and is the main reason why the Colts are ranked #1 in the NFL against the pass. 

Standing only 5’8”, Sanders more than makes up for his height with his hard hits and explosiveness against the run, and has shown improvement against the pass.  Players are starting to fear him, and his style of play rubs off on his teammates.  Although he may not regarded as the best safety in the NFL hands down, it’s only a matter of time.

All Talk on the NFL October 15, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports.

With one more game to go on Monday between the New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons, it’s been a pretty exciting and shocking week in the NFL. 

  • The battle between the unbeaten New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys wasn’t all that surprising.  Tom Brady played great, throwing 5 touchdowns and passing for 388 yards.  Brady got everyone involved as Moss, Stallworth, and Welker all had touchdowns. How can the Patriots be stopped?!

  • Adrian Peterson pretty much played a real football game as if it were a game of Madden.  Against the Chicago Bears, Peterson had 224 yards on just 20 carries, and also scored 3 touchdowns.  His longest run was 73 yards.  Peterson by himself, has out rushed every team he’s played this season.  Peterson definitely shut up the critics with his performance on Sunday.  Thanks for the Fantasy Points Adrian.

  • Brett Favre and the Packers are 5-1.  Although Favre set the all time interception record, the Packers still got the win against the Washington Redskins.  Speaking of the Redskins, I don’t know what’s going on with one of my favorite players Clinton Portis.  He just hasn’t been able to get going this season.

  • It looks like Jaguar head coach Jack Del Rio’s decision to make David Garrard the starting QB is paying off.  The Jags have won four straight with their win over the Houston Texans.

  • An often frustrated Ladanian Tomlinson scored 4 touchdowns against the Oakland Raiders.  LT had 198 yards and some nice runs, as the Chargers defeated the Raiders 14-28. Glad the running game is fixed, now if only we can get the QB problem fixed.

  • Kansas City Chiefs’ Tight End, Tony Gonzalez broke the all time touchdown record for Tight Ends Sunday.  Gonzalez recorded his 63rd touchdown against the Cincinnati Bengals, breaking Shannon Sharpe’s record of 62.  Gonzalez has been so consistent throughout his career.  He’s definitely one of the guys I would like to see win a Superbowl ring.

  • The Saints have finally won a game, defeating the Seattle Seahawks 28-17. Drew  Brees played well for the first time this season, throwing for 246 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Most importantly, he didn’t throw any picks.  Reggie Bush had a good game rushing, carrying the ball 19 times for 97 yards. Keep it up Saints, maybe my prayers helped after all.

  • Vinny Tesaverde is back! Testaverde stepped in for the injured David Carr and led the Carolina Panthers to victory over the Arizona Cardinals 25-10. At the age of 102 (he’s really 43), Testaverde is showing the league that he still has some skills.


Who’s the Best Team in College Football? October 14, 2007

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The question above isn’t so easy to answer with USC being upset by Stanford last week, and the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the country being upset this week.

No. 1 ranked LSU found out that their running game can actually be stopped as they were upset by No. 17 Kentucky in triple overtime. LSU still had a chance to win it late in the game after a touchdown and a failed two point conversion  by Kentucky.  However, the Tigers couldn’t get a first down after attempting four straight running plays, and came up a yard short on 4th and 2. 

The California Golden Bears, ranked No. 2 in the nation, faced the Oregon State Beavers at home. The Bears were led by redshirt freshmen Kevin Riley who played fairly well, considering it was his first collegiate start. It was Riley however, who cost the Bears the game, as he attempted to run instead of throwing the ball away, which kept the the clock running and didn’t allow enough time for Cal to set up for the game tying field goal to send the game into overtime.

With some of the best college teams being upset by some of the most unlikely opponents,  this is has to be the hardest question to answer in sports…  Who is the best team in College Football?

Kimbo Gives Ray Lewis a Run for His Money October 13, 2007

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If you’re an avid youtube viewer, you’ve probably heard of Kimbo.  Kimbo is  a legend in the brutal sport of street fighting.  Apparently, Kimbo isn’t just a great street fighter, he’s also pretty good at delivering some hard hits on the gridiron.  The clip below shows a man taking a $100 bet to take a tackle from the 6’2”, 265 pound Kimbo.  After watching this clip, I’m not sure I would do this for a million dollars.

Terrell Owens No Longer Talking Trash October 11, 2007

Posted by Marquis Chapman in Football, NFL, Sports.

Your read it right, Terrell Owens is no longer talking trash.  When reporters came to Owens’ locker to question him about the highly anticipated game against the New England Patriots, they didn’t see the talkative, trash talking Cowboy’s receiver, but instead found a note of all things, posted on his locker.  Here is what the note said:

Dear Reporters,

Due to the magnitude of this week’s game and high volume of questions for the Original 81 about the other 81. I will be taking all questions immediately following Sunday’s game.

Sincerely, (followed by Owens’ signature)

P.S. Getcha Popcorn Ready.

Alright, so maybe Owens isn’t talking trash, but he’s kind of writing trash. However, if the Cowboys win Sunday’s game against the Pats, I expect the “original 81” to throw the post-it notes in the trash, and go back to his usual loud mouth ways.