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All Talk on All-Star Saturday February 17, 2008

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All-Star Saturday is something I always look forward to, mostly because of the Dunk Contest and 3-Point Shootout. 

Shooting Stars Competition

San Antonio’s David Robinson, Tim Duncan, and Beckey Hammon were named the new champions of the Shooting Stars Competition.  I thought this team was the least likely to be victorious for the simple fact that they had two 7 footers on their team.

I was shocked to see that the Detroit team of Chauncey Billups, Swin Cash, and Bill Lambier didn’t repeat.  I had them repeating, but they were just off last night.

Skills Challenge

The Skills Challenge is something I think should be replaced with something like horse or one on one.  Seeing these guys go through the course half speed just isn’t exciting to me.

Utah’s Deron Williams won the skills challenge beating Chris Paul, Jason Kidd, and Dwayne Wade.  Williams set a new record, completing the course in 25.5 seconds, beating New Orleans Chris Paul in the final round.

3-Point Shootout

I was rooting for Cleveland’s Daniel Gibson to come away with the upset on this one.  Gibson hit 11 3-pointers in the Rookie-Sophomore game Friday Night, but came up short on Saturday.

The defending champion, Jason Kapono was once again victorious.  Kapono tied a 22 year old record set by Craig Hodges, shooting a 25 in the final round.  Kapono once again proved that it’s okay to be one dimensional as long as you can shoot.

Was it just me, or was Dirk and Peja surprisingly off this game?  Dirk shot an air-ball, and Peja hit the side of the backboard.

The Dunk Contest

Apparently, it is okay to sleep on Jamario Moon.  His first dunk was kind of nice though. Not sure why he had Kapono throwing him the pass on his second dunk.

I was very disappointed in Rudy Gay’s performance. I thought he was going to do something special last night. Magic Johnson made a good point about Gay. He said he’s a great in game dunker, but not so special  in a dunk contest.

Gerald Green’s Birthday Cake dunk was innovative and creative.  At first, I wasn’t sure that he actually blew the candle out, but after viewing the replay, he somehow pulled it off. Green should have got more props from dunking without shoes on.  Just running on hardwood makes my feet hurt.

The Birthday Cake


Dwight Howard  had an amazing run of dunks last night, and won the contest hands down. That was the best run of dunks since Vince Carter’s performance in Oakland.  He did dunks no one has ever seen before, and what made it even more spectacular was a guy that big being so agile.  His Superman Dunk was one of the best dunks I have ever seen. It almost looked unreal. 




DO NOT Sleep on Jamario Moon February 11, 2008

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With the NBA Dunk Contest coming up on February 16th, most NBA fans have no idea who Jamario Moon is, and why he’s in the dunk contest.  I must admit, I was asking myself the same question.  I found a video of him practicing for the upcoming contest, and the dunks he did in the beginning were good, but not great.  Then, the last dunk he did in the video had me thinking… Who’s going to take second this year?

If only his teammates didn’t move the camera.  Hopefully, he’ll attempt the dunk on February 16th.


Fill in the Blank: Shaquille O’Neal February 7, 2008

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Shaq going to the Phoenix Suns is                               .

Shaquille O’Neal

Chris Paul Has Got My Vote for MVP January 29, 2008

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Chris PaulNew Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul is hands down the MVP this year.  Not only is he leading the league in steals, but he’s averaging a double double with 20.6 points per game and 10.5 assist per game. 

On Monday, Paul led the Hornets to their ninth straight victory, defeating the Denver Nuggets 117-93.  Paul nearly recorded a triple double with 23 points, 17 assists, and 9 rebounds.  He has recorded double digits in assist in nine straight games, which is the second longest streak in team history.

Thanks to the amazing play of the third year point guard out of Wake Forest, the New Orleans Hornets are in first place in the western conference with a record of 32-12.  This is a far better improvement from last year’s record of 39-43. The sole reason for the turnaround is Paul simply makes his teammates better.  Just ask Tyson Chandler.  The two have connected for the most alley oops than any other duo in the league.  

Paul has the ability to create for himself and create for others.  He’s is by far this season’s MVP.  I just hope the NBA gets it right this time.


Shaq Should Be in Those MasterCard Commercials January 26, 2008

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Shaq’s Monthly Expenses:

Vacations: $110,505

Gifts: $60,417

Clothes, Dry Cleaning, and Laundry: $23,950

Child Care: $46,500

Gas: $24,300

Food: $12,775

Mortgages for three homes: $468,345

Spending all this money, and it doesn’t even put a dent in your bank account…



All Talk on the Miami Heat January 25, 2008

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The Heat Aren’t Even WarmThe Miami Heat are by far the worst team in the NBA.  On Thursday, they lost their 15th straight game, losing to the San Antonio Spurs 89-90. With a losing streak that began on December 22nd, I only see things getting worse for the Heat.

I’ve always been a fan of Shaq, and I never thought I would see the day that he wasn’t dominating, but it looks like that day has arrived. I went to a game last month when the Heat were playing the Golden State Warriors, and Shaq barely played!  He’s out now with a leg and hip injury, but as a fan, I hope he comes back strong and in shape.

To make matters worse, the Heat have a horrible supporting cast. You know you’re in trouble, when your fans wish Antoine Walker was back on the team.  They lost Alonzo Mourning to an horrific knee injury, and he was arguably their best defender.  Beside Wade and Shaq, Ricky Davis is their next scoring threat, which presents a problem within itself. With Jason Williams  as their starting point guard, Wade often has to play both the point and shooting guard.  They acquired Smush Parker, but apparently he’s not even allowed near the team facility.

I have to give credit to Dwayne Wade.  You can tell that he isn’t at full strength, but he leaves it all on the floor.  My only concern is his health. Other than Allen Iverson, I can’t think of another guy who takes more of a pounding every night. A few weeks ago, Pat Riley gave hints that Wade is hurting more than people think.  The Heat can’t rely on an injury riddled Wade to carry the entire team on his back, although he has most of the season.  Wade needs help quick or his career is going to be cut short.

It’s a wrap for the Heat this season.  I was never a really big fan, but I can’t help to be dissapointed at a team that won the NBA championship two years ago.  Hopefully, next season they can rebuild the team and become contenders again, because that flame on the logo has been put out by the rest of the league this season.


Grant Hill Expected to Miss 2 Weeks January 9, 2008

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Phoenix Suns Forward Grant Hill is expected to miss 2 weeks, due to an emergency appendectomy:

Suns forward Grant Hill’s best run of good health in years took a surprise interruption today when it was learned he would need to undergo an appendectomy this evening.

Suns General Manager Steve Kerr said Hill likely is expected to miss about two weeks of play.

Hill, mired by acute injuries in the past eight years of his career, had started all of Phoenix’s 34 regular season games, his longest run of consecutive games played since he was in Detroit in the 1999-2000 season. Hill is averaging 15.9 points, 4.6 rebounds and 3.5 assists and is shooting 50.7 percent from the field.

Hill came to US Airways Center this morning feeling ill and was sent to the hospital by Phoenix head athletic trainer Aaron Nelson because he was not showing any of the usual flulike symptoms. At the hospital, it was determined Hill would undergo an appendectomy.

Source: azcentral.com

Jamal Crawford Makes Kirk Hinrich Look Like a Fool January 9, 2008

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Not sure what Hinrich could have done to stop this, but Jamal Crawford abused him on this play.  Is it me, or does this type of stuff happen to Kirk Hinrich a lot?

The Last Nike Air Jordan Shoe? January 9, 2008

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Pictured above is the Nike Air Jordan XX3. This is the 23rd edition of the Nike Air Jordan shoe, which is set to come out this month.  For years, there have been rumors that the 23rd edition of Air Jordans would be the last shoe to be released and the shoe line would be “retired.”  Jordan and Nike have yet to confirm this, but knowing MJ, even if he does retire the shoe line, there is always a good chance that there will be a comeback.

Image via Air-Randy.com

A Reminder for All You Hecklers Out There January 8, 2008

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After Chris Bosh’s girlfriend and cousin caused the Toronto Raptors to lose against the Cleveland Caviliers on Sunday, I urged all the hecklers out there to learn from Spike Lee and stop talking trash to the opposing team’s superstar.  I’m sure many hecklers have failed to learn from Spike, so I decided to post a constant reminder.