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Top Five: Most Intimidating Athletes August 18, 2007

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charles-barkley.jpg5.  Charles Barkley- Oh sure, you may think that Charles Barkley is just your average NBA analyst with an opinion on everything, but back in his heyday, Barkley was one of the meanest players in the NBA.  Standing 6’4” and weighing 252 pounds, players rarely got in his way when he came through the lane. Sir Charles has also been known to get into scuffles on and off the court.  Barkley once threw a man out of a plate glass window during a bar fight, and is the only man in NBA history to actually pick up Shaq and slam him down.


albert-belle.jpg4.  Albert Belle- By far the meanest, most intimidating player ever to put on a MLB uniform, Albert Belle was not to be messed with.  Standing 6’2” and weighing 225, he defiantely intimidated pitchers when he stepped to the plate. Some of his most famous incidents include throwing a baseball and striking a fan who was heckling him, chasing after a fan in the stands after the fan shouted a racist remark, and chasing vandals during Halloween in his car after they threw eggs at his house.


ray-lewis.jpg3.  Ray Lewis- Don’t let the photo fool you, Ray Lewis is the most feared man in the National Football League.  Running Backs choose to run out of bounds when Lewis is near and Wide Recievers dare not go through the middle when he’s  playing the pass in zone coverage.  Regarded as one of the hardest hitters in the NFL, offensive  players are constantly aware where Lewis is at all times.  His intensity can not be matched by any other player in the league. Standing 6’1” and weighing 250 pounds, Lewis always makes his presence known.



UFC 73 Results July 8, 2007

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My predictions for UFC 73 were mostly accurate. All of the fights were very entertaning.  The surprise of the night came from the bout between Ortiz and Evans, ending in a draw.  You can read a full recap of all the fights here.  Here are the quick results of the fights on the main card:

Anderson Silva wins by Technical Knock Out at 4:50 in the first round

Kenny Florian wins by Technical Knock Out at 4:30 in the first round

Draw between Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans

Sean Sherk wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 5th round

Antonion Rodrigo Nogueira wins by Unanimous Decision at 5:00 in the 3rd Round


UFC 73 Predictions July 7, 2007

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ufc-73.jpgUFC 73 Stacked should be one of the most exciting main cards for UFC enthusiast.  Stacked is no understatement, as the main card will have two championship fights. Anderson Silva will defend his middleweight title against Nathan Marquardt and Sean Sherk will defend his lightweight title against Hermes Franca.  In addition to the championship fights, there will be three other fights scheduled on the main card.  Kenny Florian will go against Alvin Robinson in a lightweight bout.  Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira will make his UFC debut against Heath Herring, and arguably the most anticipated fight on the main card, has Tito Ortiz taking on The Ultimate Fighter 2 Winner Rashad Evans.  The event takes place tonight at Arco Arena in Sacramento, California.  Here are my predictions for the main card.

Florian vs. Robinson: I would say Robinson is clearly outmatched in this fight.  Kenny Florian is an experienced fighter with great jiu-jitsu and has the ability to take the will out of a fighter when he gets them on the ground and strikes with the elbows.  I just do not see Robinson having anything in his arsenal that will take Florian by surprise.

Winner: Florian by Submission

Nogueira vs. Herring: Anyone who is a fan of Pride Fighting knows Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.  Nogueira is a submission specialist who has faced the best in the world.  Nogueira and Herring have fought once before in Pride with Nogueira winning a very close fight.  Nogueira is a very experienced fighter and I expect him to pick Herring apart.  Herring is a worthy opponent however, who backs down from no one.  With this being Nogueira’s debut in the UFC, this is one fight I am really looking forward to.

Winner: Nogueira by Unanimous Decision

Ortiz vs. Evans: Evans seems to get better and better every fight.  Once seen as just a wrestler, Evans has expanded his fighting skills with better striking and improved grappling.  He remains undefeated at an amazing 15-0.  However, Ortiz will be his toughest opponent he has faced.  Ortiz has years and years of experience and has amazing strength and conditioning. Ortiz continues to state that he is in his prime, but it is safe to say that he is slowly declining.  This is a make or break fight for both fighters and whoever wins will be seriously considered for a title shot.  This is an extremely tough fight to call but as much as I like Evans, I think Ortiz will come away with the victory due to his experience.

Winner: Ortiz by Split Decision

Sherk vs. Franca: Sean Sherk is in a league of his own when it comes to training for fights.  I think that Sherk will easily come away with a victory due to his will to win and intensity.  Franca has really good jiu-jitsu but mentally, it is hard to say where he will be.  Sherk will destroy Franca in my opinion.

Winner: Sherk by Technical Knock Out

Silva vs. Marquardt: Anderson Silva is an amazing striker with underrated ground skills.  He is the current middleweight champion having gone through Rich Franklin to get the belt.  Marquardt is well rounded in all areas and has the heart and will to contend with anyone in the UFC.  Both are in phenomenal shape and it should be a great fight tonight.  I have to go with Silva in this bout. Silva is by far one of the best strikers in the UFC.  I think Marquardt will get caught up in the hype of the fight and will try to stand up against Silva, which will result in Silva picking him apart.

Winner: Silva by Knock Out

This is a great main card and the fights should be very entertaining.  All of the fights could be main events.  I think my predictions will mostly be correct, but anything can happen in the UFC.